Aidra Fox

Aidra Fox

Aidra Fox is a pretty brunette from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She's 5'6" tall and she weighs about 125 pounds. She has perfect 32C tits, a 28" waist and a 34" booty. She joined the porn business soon after she turned 18 years old because she couldn't wait to get involved! She has always been a nature-loving person. She loves four-wheeling around the countryside, going to bonfires and even going fishing. Aidra has three older sisters who all know about her porn career. One is so enthusiastic about it that she moved to LA to become a makeup artist on porn sets to help her sister out.

Before porn she had only with three guys and been intimate to an extent with another two, but she had been with a lot of girls. She loves pussy and feels more comfortable dating girls than guys. She even considered herself an official lesbian for a certain time when she even had a shaved head! However, she returned to boy/girl after a while. She got into porn like many other girls. She started webcamming and then she got an agent. The rest is history. Her second scene was a seven-girl orgy and she felt she was made for this business.

Since then she has come a long way. In the first few months of her career, she was only doing girl/girl but now she does it all, and we literally mean everything. She has done some gangbang type of sessions that even have DP. She said DV was a lot better than she was expecting and she loved it. She expected that it might hurt -- at least at first -- but it actually felt amazing the whole way through. She also tried to do double anal but it just doesn't work right now, so she is going to do stretching exercises for a potential future scene. She also loves to deep-throating dick. She learned how to suck dick by watching porn and her friends, so she was already an expert when it came to actually starring in the porn movies!

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