Jade Nile

Jade Nile

Jade Nile Porn Star Biography

Jade Nile is a popular all-natural starlet whose career in the adult industry began in 2014.

Early Life

Jade Nile was raised in Arizona, but shortly after graduating from High School she decided to travel across country. She enjoyed hiding out in the woods, being in nature, and finding her spirituality. She returned to her home state and began working as a delivery girl for a local restaurant.


She got her start in the industry after the car she used for deliveries needed work and she couldn't afford to pay the bill. She decided to give camming a chance and found she loved the work! It was during her third performance that an agent logged on and made her an offer. After researching the agency, she found him reputable, and the next day he booked her on a flight to Los Angeles.

Interesting Facts

Nile states that she loves unique experiences, and in her free time enjoys yoga, hiking, and meditating. She has a penchant for blessing crystals and giving them to loved ones. She lists her favorite author as Chuck Palahniuk and her favorite books as the Harry Potter series, which she loved so much she had a lightning bolt tattooed onto her back.

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