Pristine Edge

Pristine Edge

Pristine Edge Porn Star Biography

Pristine Edge is an American adult film actress from St. Louis, Missouri. She's known for her tight body and high-pitched voice.

Life and Career

Pristine comes from a family of 18 brothers and sisters, and has a twin sister who is not in the industry. She describes her younger self as a "good girl", noting she didn't lose her virginity until she was 19. She was a professional dancer, trained in classical and ballet, for seven years before entering adult film. She began doing webcam modelling, and was approached by a woman online about doing adult film work, and she gave it a shot. She still hasn't made the leap to L.A., and still lives in St. Louis while travelling to shoots. Her own personal preference in porn is narrative/plot driven; as such, she prefers films from the 1980's.

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