Let’s be honest. There is a reason why the adults would shoo the kids out of the room to watch those R-rated movies back in the day. It was guaranteed that there would be a steamy love scene with just a hint of side-boob, or somebody flashing their buns of steel to get our undivided attention. Maybe the way a pair of daisy dukes molded themselves to a pear-shaped bottom would send you to the nearest quiet corner to play “whack-a-mole” over and over again in the angsty days of your youth? We have all experienced that moment where it didn’t matter if it was partial or full nudity; all that mattered were nips, tits, and if you were lucky enough to catch it - the 2.5 seconds of SEX! Like the catfight that turns into a steamy lesbian liaison between Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly in Bound. And who didn’t love it when Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous figure was on full display in the video biography Gia, or the lusty, wet & wild threesome Neve Campbell had with her co-stars in Wild Things?!

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No longer do you have to wrack your brain to find a playlist of celebrities who didn’t mind getting their close-ups done while in their birthday suits! Mr. Skin has gone to the movies (yes, even the XXX-rated ones) to compile some of the most memorable nudey scenes and put them together just for your viewing pleasure! Here are 12 of some of the raciest and raunchiest from Mr. Skin, straight to you for your solo satisfaction session!

Skin Classics In High-Def

Skin Classics In High-Def from Mr. Skin

Remember when Sharon Stone crossed her legs in Basic Instinct and had those poor detectives drooling and panting like they'd just run a marathon? This is just one of the many classic scenes that has been remastered to give you a crystal-clear, HD view of her trimmed taint while playing the hell out of the femme fatale role she's so well-known for.

The Greatest HBO TV Nude Scenes

The Greatest HBO TV Nude Scenes from Mr. Skin

Before there was such a thing as "Netflix & Chill" or "Firestick & Fuck," HBO was the forerunner for nudey scenes on cable (other than Skinemax, that is) and Mr. Skin is showcasing some of the greatest scenes from this TV channel so that your cock is the only thing rising, not your cable bill!

Big Boob Celebrity Scenes

Big Boob Celebrity Scenes from Mr. Skin

Where are my massive mammary lovers at? This one's for you. This compilation features nothing but starlets who have been blessed in the chest and don't mind baring it all for the cameras. This Skinfinitive collection features nothing but the best of bountifully breasted babes showcasing their TITanic talents.

Natural Redheads Who Prove It By Bearing Bush

Natural Redheads Who Prove It By Bearing Bush from Mr. Skin

If someone EVER told me they didn't like a Ginger, I would lose all respect for them. I mean seriously, who doesn't love a Carrot Top?! But I'm not talking about auburn locks from a bottle; these babes are official redheads! And there is NOTHING better than when the carpets matches the drapes. Mr. Skin has taking on the endeavor of taking all the guesswork out of it for ya, and compiled scenes featuring just that in Natural Redheads Who Prove It By Bearing Bush.

Cheeks That Fell Between The Cracks

Cheeks That Fell Between The Cracks from Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin showcases his cheekiness and goes international with this compilation of lesser-known stars to bring your attention to some of the greatest ass-scenes that you might not known about. Who needs a strip club when you have celebrities baring their tight little derriere's on the big screen for your viewing pleasure?

Nude on the Phone

Nude on the Phone from Mr. Skin

A woman who exudes confidence is a sight to behold. However, a woman who's comfortable in her own skin; now that's downright deliciously decadent! Cum take a look at these debutantes lounging around while sharing gossip over the phone in the buff. Even though we're sure you won't be paying attention to the dialogue, we're sure the action is tit-a-lating enough to bring out the voyeuristic horn-dog in all of us.

Flexible Females

Flexible Females from Mr. Skin

These ladies have the moves and the flexibility to enthuse, entertain, and send tingles to your main vein. If you like seeing nude chicks do the splits and bend like a pretzel, you're really going to enjoy this playlist.

Women In Prison – Babes Behind Bars

Women In Prison – Babes Behind Bars from Mr. Skin

Being locked-up behind bars makes these perps realize exactly what they took for granted. Their freedom to go where they want, when they want, but most importantly the sexual touch of another human being. Even though they're by themselves, that doesn't stop them from shucking that orange jumpsuit to show off that hard body to get what they crave.

Chicks With Strap-Ons

Chicks With Strap-ons from Mr. Skin

Things are about to get rubber-tastic when these starlets get nude to strap-up! It doesn't matter if it's with another female during a lesbian love scene, or lay the pipe before lover-man arrives on set! This compilation of strap-on copulation and fornication is sure to not just get you off, but with one of the best ejaculations!

The Greatest Stripper Scenes

The Greatest Stripper Scenes from Mr. Skin

You've seen them walk the red carpet in 6" or higher heels (a.k.a. "stripper" or "fuck me" heels), but I bet you never thought you'd see your favorite celebrity actually playing a stripper and shaking that ass like they needed carfare to get home. When sexy celebs gripping the pole, there is bound to be a spectacular finish. Join bump-and-grind babes like Jessica Biel, Marisa Tomei, and more in the Greatest Stripper Scenes.


Skinterracial from Mr. Skin

Love knows no bounds, nor does it have limits, a fact Mr. Skin wanted to share with us all. Settle in to skinjoy Mr. Skin's Skinterracial playlist, because once you go rack, you'll never go back!

The Best Money Shots

The Best Money Shots from Mr. Skin

The money shot. The cock vomit. The goof juice. The baby batter. It's what we're all waiting for when we sit down for some good old-fashioned adults-only audiovisual entertainment, and Mr. Skin has collected a spray-worthy collection of explicit money shots. This playlist features everything from avant-garde arthouse movies, to SKINtage scenes from the Golden Age of Porn, to the cutting-edge of mainstream-cable TV. A lot of dick-sucking in this one, folks!

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