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With our exclusive Bad Wives title from the amateur pioneers at Homegrown Video, we at HotMovies decided to compile a list of amateur studios from around the world that are laying their claims and making their marks in the industry. You can easily find yourself falling down a glorious rabbit hole when searching through our amateur category, and there’s no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for and a few surprises along the way, but to lighten your load a little, here are some great places to start!

Homegrown Video

You can’t start a list without the people who started the niche, and with over 1,000 titles on the site, Homegrown Video has no shortage of amateur titles sure to fit everyone’s needs. I suggest starting with Bad Wives since it’s the latest from them, but you can’t go wrong with Handjobs Across America and Housewives Unleashed, two of their most popular series.

CentoXCento Italia

CentoXCento features some of Italy’s hottest amateurs, and one thing that stands out is their authenticity. With Cento you get the complete amateur look and feel, with everything from straight gonzo to homemade orgies. Quest Me Le Trombo lo! Is my current go-to for this studio and not a bad place to start. One chick even wears a mask to hide her face…

DBM Videovertrieb

I don’t think any amateur list would be complete without DBM Videovertrieb. When it comes to showcasing what Germany brings to the amateur table, DBM goes above and beyond the call of duty, making sure to leave you pleased, entertained, and maybe even a little puzzled by the end of it all. Sahne Maulchen will always live near and dear to my heart because I’m always amazed at how much jizz German men unload and how these ladies are anxious to catch it all, but wherever you start with this studio is going to be a good place.

Sappho Love Films

Sappho Love Films specializes in real European amateur lesbian adult content, and with over 30 years of experience under their belt it’s no wonder series such as The Girls Of Roxy Club and Lesbian Italian Kisses have garnered success. Being a fan of kissing (I like girls, what can I say), I suggest Kiss Me My Girl 13 as a jump-off spot. The tender kisses and caresses will make you feel right at home!

Nerd Pervert

Nerd Pervert is the ultimate feel-good studio! Paul Taylor, a self-described nerd, travels around Europe getting laid by some of the hottest girl-next-door types you’ll see. Plus he features himself on every box cover which I think is pretty cool, since guys get minimal love when it comes to showing off their bodies in porn. Nerd Pervert Volume 39 is my favorite just because of the cover in fact. Look at him being all hilariously un-sexy up there. You know you want to click on that picture every time…

Mike Nasty

Think of Mike Nasty and his self named studio as Paul Taylor’s older brother (and possibly inspiration). Mike is a freak, and he lets it be known in the beginning of most of his movies. He’s another one with sexy girl-next-door types flocking from all over America to fuck him, and he has definitely mastered the art of dirty-talking amateur style, as evident in Jackie Returns.


Pink’O, another Italian amateur studio, likes to sprinkle a little glam and glitter throughout their catalog, but always stays true to the amateur side of things with titles like Dilettanti Belle, Brave e Vogliose. Jam-packed with one name stars, opening interviews, masks, and downright nasty sex, you’ll feel like you’re banging the hot chick from the mall in your living room! features young women who are new to the camera and usually haven’t performed in the adult industry before. What I love most is the natural look most of their performers have as far as pubic hair and the lack of makeup. The sex is genuinely amateur with a playful side attached that allows the actors to explore positions and acts as if the camera wasn’t there at all. You can’t get much more relatable than AbbyWinters, and while we have over 300 titles, I suggest starting with something from their Private Moments series.

WestSex Brazil

I couldn’t forget about all those beautifully shaped and tan amateurs of Brazil, and that means mentioning WestSex Brazil studio. Something about Brazilian women gets me every time (usually it’s the ass), and I love WestSex’s Reality XXX series. I just finished Reality XXX 6, and the cover model had me considering a move to South America ASAP!


EPR finds sexy horny women across Europe who are willing to live out some of their sexual fantasies for the first time on camera. That’s what amateur is all about! Amateurs Exposed is their biggest hit series, but I like Showtime slightly better. The concept is the same for both, but in my opinion Showtime has more of a playful, carefree feel while maintaining that amateur relatability we all love.


I love Safado because I like watching everyday people get crazy freaky on camera, and everything about Safado from their box covers to their actors screams freaky! I’m currently stuck on Le Martyrobus, and I suggest you jump on the train!

If you’re an amateur-lover like us, and can’t get enough of watching people like you do what you like to do, then check out these studios and our amateur category.

Follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and @HotMovies! Until next time freaky nation…