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Since arriving in the adult industry in 2014, studio Desperate Pleasures is known for two things: great fauxcest content and outstanding female talent. Hear it from the man himself, JW Ties (director, producer, and proprietor of Desperate Pleasures),

“What can I say? My regular girls are like family... Hell, they ARE family, and with all the fun we have together, every now and then we get some really hot rivalries. That’s why we have some of the most realistic fauxcest scenes on the net!”

Porn is obviously a star-driven business, and a good portion of Desperate Pleasures' success can be attributed to their outstanding, homegrown female talent. It's time to familiarize yourself with some of Desperate Pleasures' best!

Hope Harper

The 2017 HotMovies Porn Star Tournament champ is also a mainstay for Desperate Pleasures. The petite beauty with the sweet smile is well-known for her family fantasy roles and specifically, with her “daddy,” JW Ties. Of her relationship with the director, Hope says,

“He is an amazing director and producer. He is very easy to work with and knows exactly what he wants. The other amazing part about working with him is he is always down to try new stuff. Plus there is never a dull moment – we’re always laughing!”

Camille Black

Camille shot her very first scene for JW Ties. By the way, her first shoot was an anal scene with "grandpa" (John Noble). Since then, the former dancer and cam girl has amassed plenty of fans with her great “alt” look, her love of videogames and comics, and her anal and creampie talents! And there’s a reason why she loves working for JW Ties –

“I’ve been working with him since 2014, and he likes to say I am the Pinky to his Brain. He knows there’s no option for failure so he gives 110% into every scene he does and tries to make it as authentic as possible. He works really hard to keep his ideas and scenes unique to his brand and that’s my favorite thing about his work. This is probably the nicest thing I’ll ever say about him, because I like to tell him that I don’t even like him very much, lol. This should surprise him.”

Olivia Kasady

Olivia Kasady is JW Ties' braces-wearing blonde star known for her roles in a wide variety of Desperate Pleasures' titles. One of daddy's favorite stepdaughters, Olivia is both a very good and a very bad girl.

Olivia Kasady Olivia Kasady

Zoey Carter

The spunky and frisky Zoey got her start and has shot almost exclusively with JW Ties and Desperate Pleasures. Like many Desperate Pleasures stars, she’s a regular in fauxcest titles. Personally, we love her hair and "alt"-inspired look.

Akira Shell

Akira got her start with Desperate Pleasures back in 2014 and the pretty, green-eyed brunette has made a name for herself by playing the naughty step-sibling in some of Desperate Pleasures' most popular titles. We're big fans of Akira's – you should be too!

Anastasia Rose

Anastasia is the definition of a “budding” star. Add her to the impressive list of Desperate Pleasures' talent. The young super star has displayed a lot of versatility, and she’s impressed Desperate Pleasures fans with her obvious skills in the bedroom displayed in their family-fantasy scenes.

April Dawn

April is a young, beautiful, and busty brunette who made her XXX debut with Desperate Pleasures in 2016. Clearly, JW Ties has a real eye for talent – April Dawn is a future star, and we can thank Desperate Pleasures for the fantastic introduction!

Stefania Mafra

Stefania Mafra is a notable starlet on JW Ties' roster for her 20+ appearances in his taboo titles. The versatile, doe-eyed cutie knows how to keep daddy cumming back for more every time!

Stefania Mafra Stefania Mafra

Bambi Brooks

Bambi Brooks is a pocket-sized cutie who made her industry debut with Desperate Pleasures in 2016. Bambi has to be one of the cutest girls to ever be discovered by JW Ties. That's a fact!

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