Casual sex has never been easier with dating apps like Tinder, so of course porn had to adopt ways of parodying this social phenomenon for you to get off to. With sites like Bryan Gozzling's Hookup Hotshot turning "swipe culture" into its own porno sub-genre, I realized that anonymous sex has really reached a whole new level of excitement and ease for people. I mean, it doesn't get much easier than downloading an app and swiping for pussy... so, in celebration of everyone getting laid via their smartphones, here's eight movies on HotMovies utilizing that basic premise!

1. ATK Virtual Date With Marley Matthews

ATKingdom proudly brings you on a virtual date with the incredibly sexy Marley Matthews. 120 minutes of this hot little number catering to your every whim, this video is busting with XXX pleasures. This complete date experience is POV heaven, with Marley fucking and sucking the night away to a satisfying creampie finale. Give yourself a virtual date and let Marley take you to ecstasy and beyond!

2. Perfect Match

In the distasteful and complicated dating realm of lame pickup lines, one-night-stands-gone-bad, meaningless booty calls, borderline-psychotic nymphomaniacs, and creepy men: hesitant young singles Sarah and Eric are on the search for something with more substance. Despite their friends' protests that internet dating is an act of desperation, they decide to go ahead and give it a shot. Will Sarah (Katie Morgan) and Eric (Masterson) find that online dating is just as bad as the more traditional ways of meeting other singles, or will they finally find the true love they've been searching for?

3. Internet Date

Rita and Martin meet after connecting on the internet. Rita invited Martin in for a night cap after their date and the chemistry sparking between them took off. They took turns making sure the other knew just how much the evening meant to them. Rita and Martin had a real love connection through their internet date, witness just how much in this explicit video from Dane Jones amateur erotica studio.

4. Internet Hook Ups 5

It's a brand-new world of courtship, and these couples are about to show why online dating really works. Karmella is so wet for her online beau that she immediately comes over to fuck him. Alexandra is just as hot for blonde haired Lance, and doesn't mind being direct in telling him she wants to fuck. Betty, with her long blonde hair, is eager to get this lucky stud's cock in her mouth. He returns the favor and cums all over her sweet ass. Last is Megan, who needs her man to come over right away. She opens her legs for him to go down on her and they fuck in every position before he cums all over her tits.

5. E-Dating Exposed

When graduate student Julie Smith (Jessie Andrews) decides to uncover the naughty secrets of online dating for her thesis, she gets some happy and sexy surprises. With her willing subjects too happy to oblige, Julie documents the current trends in sexting, internet dating, and just plain hooking up. Join Julie and her friends for a sex-filled journey of discovery... you just might learn a thing or two!

6. Jesse Jane Online

Jesse Jane finds herself infatuated with a budding online relationship, but as the requests become kinkier and stranger, she begins to worry if she really knows the man on the other side of the keyboard. From Digital Playground and director Robby D. is a dark, sexual exploration into the world of Internet dating, where people aren't always who they seem to be. Jesse's cyber-beau Scott asks her to do everything from pleasuring one of his friends, to picking up fetish items. Though worried, Jesse will do anything to satisfy him.

7. Hardcore Sexting

Cutting-edge director Bryan Gozzling masterfully implements modern-day dating apps to meet adventurous, young sluts seeking good dick! Hookup Hotshot: Hardcore Sexting features four oversexed cuties that love trolling the Internet for new fuck buddies!

8. Net Skirts 8.0

Girlfriends Films present Net Skirts 8.0, featuring Internet-savvy ladies getting acquainted and hooking up! Some high-quality girl-on-girl action is no more than a click away!

For the Kinksters: Femdom Dream Date

Femdom Dream Date

Dating these days is so difficult, especially if you are kinky. Dominik Kross figures out that if he doesn’t get out there and try to meet some like-minded kinksters he will die alone. Well, nobody wants that, so he goes online to find the perfect kinky mate. However, some of these “dates” are more terrifying than the idea of masturbating alone for eternity... will he find his one true Femdom love?

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