We all love to see cuckolds like Jimmy Broadway and Marcelo cry. Marital cheating is a tale as old as time – but for these women with an edge, making a husband feel gutless, small, and inadequate is just their life's calling. They're the meanest cuckold stars around, and that's why we love them.

Humiliation is hardly binary for a boner, but we'll keep it simple (like the wee-dicked husbands who have been victims of our domineering starlets). There’s physical and emotional cruelty – some on our list are expert cuckolders, and a few have only dipped their toes in the water, but brought such an edge they’ve left a lasting impression (and emotional scars). Who are the women that LOVE humiliating man-babies with micro-penises? A condition who do not take lightly here at HotMovies. So just who are the meanest cuckold stars in fetish videos? Let's take a look:

My name is Stony Rubble. And I have micropenis.

Let’s put our cocks and clits away for a moment to dissect these delicious tears. Let’s take a look at some of the meanest cuckolders and some examples of their sexy cruelty.

Garbage Husbands - Aiden Starr

Let’s start with the Femdom icon that used to tie boys to trees as a kid. That would be the lovely Aiden Starr. In Kinky Cuckold 2, she blindfolds her hubby Jimmy Broadway and rides him like a crippled pony while barking out orders to wash the dishes and take out the garbage. Thing is, I think Jimmy did remember to do the dishes; perhaps he left a spot. Aiden puts her palm over Jimmy’s mouth and nose and squeezes. She fucking HATES his Honda Civic. This isn’t cruelty, just common sense, but then her hubby ends up caged like a pangolin on the black market while she fucks a gorgeous black man, shouting insults at her stupid husband at every thrust. Nobody hurls verbal abuse like Aiden Starr. Nobody screams at a man to take out the garbage like… the great Aiden Starr.

Hail Satan! - Carmen Rivera

If you’ve ever been penetrated by a dildo the size of a fucking aircraft carrier, then you understand the physical cruelty of Carmen Rivera. Her newest release on HotMovies, Cuckold 666 has her binding and blinding a helpless cuckold as he listens to Carmen’s taunts and the moans of his lonely wife as she gets fucked by Carmen’s mouthy friend. Of course, it couldn’t end without Carmen donning a strap-on and fucking the poor cuckold’s anus until it’s as sore as a bruised pear. Carmen’s brand of cruelty is all about the pain. This is a very mean cuckold film that just needed a little more Satanic sacrifice. I do believe I saw Carmen Rivera sprout leathery wings and horns in the final seconds. She still looked sexy as… wait for it… HELL.

Mean In The Streets, Mean In The Sheets - Sara Swirls

Sara Swirls has been cuckolding her real-life hubby since her early 20s! She has a genuine love and enthusiasm for the lifestyle. Here is one of her films at her absolute meanest: Creampie of the Century. Taking an internal cumshot from a big cock and taunting your husband while doing it is something Sara Swirls also does in everyday life. Sara REFUSES to stop shoving this creampie into our faces. Yes, we pay her bills, we put a roof over her head, but nobody’s gonna cum in her EXCEPT this stranger she picked up off the street. Thank you, Sara, may I have another?

Sausage and Sin in Sin City - Alura Jensen

Alura Jensen grew up in New Jersey and served in the armed services. The Jersey influence shouldn’t be ignored, but it’s Las Vegas that seems to feed that mean streak of hers. In Las Vegas Cuckold, Alura taunts her husband with a "surprise." Of course, dumbass believes she’s referring to dinner, and there’s a giggly frivolity to Alura’s mean appeal that may seem to soften her edges – but she has a plan! She tells her husband that they are having sausage today. At which her hubby starts to suck Jimmy Broadway’s cock while Alura pleasures herself with kitchen utensils. Thank you for your service to this country Alura, and thank you for coercing husbands to suck dick!

Kurt Lockwood Destroys Your Self-Worth With His Big Dick - Veruca James

There is just something intrinsically cruel about fucking Kurt Lockwood in front of your husband. Look at this guy. He’s a self-esteem killer for pudgy husbands going through a faux-life crisis if there ever was one:

Any housewife who’s cucked her husband with Kurt could make this list, but today recovering Catholic Veruca James makes the cut in Mean Cuckold. After her husband fails to get a big promotion, Veruca binds him to a St. Andrews cross, taunts him, then fucks Kurt Lockwood in a business suit while hubby whines and feels inadequate. Talk about rubbing salt in a wound. No doubt, if hubby had a physical wound, Veruca would order Kurt Lockwood to stick his cock in, all the while reminding hubby of his middle-aged male mediocrity.

BONUS: The Meta Cuckold - Savanna Samson

Savanna Samson hasn’t done much in cuckold porn, but she is the original "meta-cuckolder." This beautiful blonde icon started her career by writing to Pan the horned God himself, Rocco Siffredi, wishing to be filmed having sex so her boyfriend at the time (and later husband) could watch it. Talk about sweet, sexy humiliation. Lucky cuckold got to watch his significant other fucked by a Euro-porn god the same way the rest of us did – from behind our screens. What do you think his buddies thought? (All these years later, I still wish I could high-five him.) And the cherry on top, this nasty little request began the career of a porn megastar. And you can see it all right here: Rocco Meats An American Angel In Paris

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