Futanari, or "futa" for short, is the Japanese term for hermaphrodites, and pornography has taken and ran with the concept. You can find futanari porn everywhere from anime adult flicks to comedy-themed parodies, and I suggest starting with MissaX and AllHerLuv. Both studios are great at mixing fantasy and sex together in a way that gets you horny while making you think and keeping you guessing, making them the perfect ones to create futa flicks. Now, I know lots of you are new to this genre just like I was, so below is a list of each studios' futanari-themed titles for you to get your feet wet. Enjoy!

Side Effects IV

Missa x Side Effects IV

Side Effects is the first futanari movie I ever saw and I was glued to the screen. Dr. Jay Smooth injects Megan Rain's boobs with testosterone in an effort to enlarge her tits, but after taking the entire dose, she grows a dick instead and desperately needs it touched. Nurse Adriana Chechik is the only one in the room and Megan starts to see her in a whole new light. She dicks Adriana down right there in the hospital room and the acting they both maintain throughout the sex scene is to be applauded!

Puppet Master Portal

Puppet Master Portal MissaX XXX

Reading this movie description will be the best thing you do today, provided you don't save someone's life. You know what, I take that back, reading this description still wins! It's from the perspective of a trapped penis stuck inside Adria Rae pushing it's way out so it can fuck Lyra Law, the girl it fantasizes about day and night. That's right people, the dick has a crush and it cannot be silenced by Adria's stupid girl-body any longer!

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressue XXX

In Peer Pressure, Robby Echo has a load of THC and little sister Riley Mae can't stay out of his stash. When best friend Jillian Janson comes over, the two indulge all without knowing they're being watched by big brother Robby. Turns out he's trying to create something to make women horny and uses the friends as test subjects. When he checks their panties (creep), he notices both are wet, but their clits are also growing. Robby stands in a corner as Riley and Jillian wake up and fuck each other's brains out!

Wrath Of God

Wrath Of God XXX MissaX

Religious shit isn't for me, but Kissa Sins inflicted with the Wrath Of God is something I was not about to miss. Once again it's Adriana Chechik taking the D when all she wanted to do was make some new friends after moving to a new town. Kissa was down for the friendship, but her clitoris couldn't help but grow as she imagined what Adriana's naked body looks like and after that it was a wrap. The Lord wins again!

Predatory Photographer: Futa

Predatory Photographer MissaX XXX

Predatory Photographer is my favorite movie on this list. Adria Rae and Lyra Law are paired up again, with Adria playing an aspiring model and Lyra playing a very successful well-known photographer. Adria flies out to LA and is super nervous for her audition. Lyra doesn't help the matter by asking Adria to pose naked while throwing her complicated compliments like "oh yeah, you've got a fat pussy, I like big clits!" The looks on Adria's face during the photo shoot is priceless! She's obviously uncomfortable, but her panties are wet, her clit is throbbing AND growing, and she's attracted to a woman she considers a role model and powerhouse in the world of photography. This is taboo heaven!


Haunted XXX All Her Luv

Everybody knows you only pull out a ouija board if you're looking to start some shit. You're either going to piss off some ghosts you disturbed or scare the fuck out of your friend who vows to never return to your house. That's why I can't figure out for the life of me why Katrina Jade even entertained August Ames and her crazy witchery ideas! Shit sounds like a setup from the jump to me. As August starts chanting, Katrina can't help but laugh until the planchet moves, and she realizes August didn't do it because she's sitting there terrified to death. See, this is when you're supposed to run out of that damn room, but oh no, not these two. Of course Katrina gets possessed, grows a dick, and fucks August because that's what happens when you play with ouija boards people!

As You Wish

As You Wish AllHerLuv XXX

As You Wish starts out with Aaliyah Love crushing all over her cute neighbor Chad White. Only problem is Chad has a thing for Aaliyah's adopted sister, Penny Pax (so do I, Chad!). Being the great friend that she is Penny decides to help by casting a spell that will make Chad fall in love with Aaliyah. New problem is that while Aaliyah chanted the spell she was starring at Penny's breast because, well have you seen them!? I stare at them all the time too. Penny grows a cock as a result though and bangs Aaliyah silly. Pretty sure everyone forgot about Chad by now.

Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters AllHerLuv XXX

Sofi Ryan says some fucked-up shit to her new adopted sister, Adriana Chechik, and to make up for it she gifts new sis a special necklace. The necklace comes from an evil store with an evil lady owner and Adriana instantly feels funny when she puts it on, but brushes the "silly feelings" aside in the moment. This time Adriana grows the penis and goes to town on Sofi in her bedroom.

Check out these titles and much more from MissaX and AllHerLuv. You will thank yourself!

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