Lesbians always get the question, "How do you have sex?" Truth be told, when you're a woman loving another woman, any position where you're pressed up each other's soft, aroused bodies is a winner – whether toys are involved or not. If you're still curious what this might entail, look no further than award-winning lesbian porn studio, Girlfriends Films' scenes for some stunningly beautiful girl-girl sex positions. Below are three outstanding scenes of Sapphic passion featuring some advanced lesbian love positions.


Secret Lesbian Diaries 6 - Scene 3

How hot is Katrina Jade? Hot enough to dream about and fantasize over? You’re damn right she is! So, leave it up to Kissa Sins to have a strange but intensely erotic dream about a pixified, winged Katrina Jade! Kissa wakes up from her nap and sees Katrina frolicking outside. Kissa manages to get Katrina to talk to her and eventually brings her inside the bedroom. It seems like Katrina is a super hot being from another world or something, but even she can understand the universal language of sex. Inevitably, the women do bump n grind their mounds in the heat of the moment. In a way, their tribbing was symbolic of their physical, animalistic desire for each other!

Tit-to-clit rubbing

Women Seeking Women Volume 148 - Scene 3

Elsa Jean is in search of her first real lesbian experience. The problem is, she’s a little shy! But, Lauren Phillips was handpicked to help break in and deflower the beautiful, petite blonde! While hanging out in Elsa’s room, Lauren starts going through her underwear drawer and has Elsa try on some sexy lingerie. Though she may not be “experienced,” Elsa Jean makes up for it with plenty of enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. Lauren instructs Elsa to sit on her chest and rub her clit against Lauren’s big breasts. The slight and gorgeous Elsa looks like she’s in heaven as she carefully rubs her pussy and clit strategically on Lauren’s impressive and pretty breasts!


Please Make Me A Lesbian Part 15 - Scene 2

Pristine Edge has been in a relationship with her man for a while, but when the sensational Lena Paul wants you to run away with her – you don’t question anything – you just freakin' do it! They’ve devised the perfect plan, so they can run off and be in lesbian relationship together! Obviously, madly in love with each other, their intense passions carry over to the bedroom too! And when it comes to intimate and powerful position in the lesbian sex dictionary, face sitting is at the top of the list! Just think about being trapped in between a smooth, sexy pair of thighs, while the woman’s pussy touches down on your waiting mouth and tongue, practically forcing you to eat her! After giving Pristine’s pussy some much needed attention, Lena instructs Pristine to lie on her back, while she carefully sits on Pristine’s face! Lena’s reaction says it all, as her eyes practically roll towards the back of her head and her moans of pleasure echo through the scene.

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