These aren’t the most gorgeous or the most well-known porn stars. They’re not the girls-next-door or even the average-looking amateur with bedhead. We all know what to expect from the models at Hustler, Archangel, and even amateur studios like Homegrown Video. Big boobs, perfect skin, big cocks, drama on social media, long, silky legs, xanax prescriptions — it all begins to look the same after a while.

While this is by no means a complete list, go and browse the collective mania that is our WTF category to find further transgressions. These are the odd, the peculiar, and the downright strange who all show a sexual prowess that might inspire more frenzied curiosity than arousal. Even so, these oddballs will still leave a piquant taste on your tongue just the same!

What's our criteria for this list of unusual performers? Well, cumming is known to make you sleepy, but you probably won't be sleeping after jerking off with these models. Instead, you'll be opening up your search engine and desperately trying to find any information you can (I certainly did!)

We chose these models because there’s a certain poetic perversity in their performances. In today's world, shock value may be as dead as irony, but here are five of the most unusual performers that can be found here on HotMovies…

Libby Ellis - The Late Bloomer

Libby is a real-life British grandmother. She didn't begin performing until she was in her 60s. She lives near Bristol in the United Kingdom and is proud to have an active family life with her children and grandchildren. Still performing with a notable and expanding fanbase, Libby always cums for real on camera. Now at 80 years young, we can only hope to have half the commitment that Libby has in doing what she loves. Not sure whether to believe Libby's claim that she cums every time she's on camera? Check out Libby's scene with handy Dom Pascal White in Television X's Older and Bolder, and see for yourself.

Lola - The Third Dragon Rider

Lola (sometimes referred to as Gidget) is a sprite-like little person from Budapest. She’s done more then a few eye-opening scenes with studios like Heatwave and White Ghetto. Lola usually does gangbang, lesbian, and scenes with fellow little people; this plump little munchkin always looked enthused (and a tad confused) even when the director and other performers seem bored. Not a lot is known about little Lola, or if she continues to perform. Don't miss Lola in White Ghetto's World's Smallest Gangbang.

Candy - That Other Manson Girl No One Talks About

Hollywood, California is the only alien world in this universe that could birth a vampy, transgender cougar like Candy. Candy struts, slurs, and stares down the camera as she sucks cock for has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed scenes from amateur studios like Randy De Troit and Hollywood Wildthings. Candy could be easily mistaken for a lost Manson girl. Andy Warhol would have LOVED her, as would all the Andys — from crazed, amateur filmmaker Andy Milligan to crazed character-actor Andy Griffin. Candy might not know at any given moment exactly where she is, but her raw commitment and willingness to suck any cock put in front of her makes her aloofness and left-it-on-my-face-and-slept-in-it makeup all the more appealing. But, more importantly, where was Candy the night Sharon Tate was murdered? While you ponder that, don't miss Candy as her best in Candy Gets An A+.

Long Jean Silver - The Whole Package

Long Jean Silver is a beautiful blonde star of yesteryear born sans a fibula and pinky toe. Her lower portion of her left leg was amputated when she was around 2 years old. The remaining stump, extending several inches below her knee, is little more than bone covered with flesh. News about her reached the Mitchell Brothers, the renowned filmmakers and theater-owners in San Francisco, who flew her out to join them, and there she appeared in her own show and starred in Alex De Renzy's classic film, Long Jeanne Silver. Jean Silver performed in live sex shows at the Melody Theater in NYC in the early 80s. Late in 1982, she changed her performing name to Jean Silver, no longer showing off stump on-camera, and in 1985 retired from adult cinema altogether, having only appeared in 20 movies. See that saintly pervert Jamie Gillis give Long Jean Silver a kinky examination in the sleazy 70s classic, WaterPower.

Jenny Densuke - Geppetto's "First Try"

Besides Jean Silver, Jenny may be the most well-known performer on our list. Jenny is also a latex doll with shark eyes. Jenny hails from the Uncanny Valley, where she got her break as a commercial model. In 2009, Jenny traveled to the West Coast to join Marie Madison as Maddy G Productions' first contract performer and the title character of her first feature film, Regarding Jenny, which earned her a 2010 AVN Award Nomination for "Most Outrageous Sex Scene," making Jenny Densuke the first inanimate polymer doll in history to be nominated as a performer for a major adult industry award. Jenny has established herself as a bona-fide star in adult entertainment, with groundbreaking performances in Inside Marie's Play Place and Lil' Stella's Really Short Stories. When she's not on set, Jenny Densuke still does modeling work and no, Jenny does NOT one day dream of being a real girl!

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