Upon first discovering the wonderful world of webcams, I – as a female observer – immediately began thinking of all the ways in which webcamming could potentially go awry for the performers involved. While having never been a sex worker myself, I know plenty of women who have and the risks they face in their various avenues of work. For many young women looking to get into the adult industry, webcamming has become the sensible go-to career choice as it indirectly connects the performer with their paying client. Communicating with and providing service to clients through the safety of a screen and keyboard minimizes much of the potential risks that other sex workers face, but I was still willing to bet that a good portion of webcam clients can be harmful through their indirect interactions too. After doing a bit of research, turns out I was right! Don't want to be one of those creepy clients? Keep reading!

With the latest rollout of HotMovies' live cam girls on the site, you can now use your purchased account minutes to chat with real, live cam girls. If you've never interacted with a cam girl before, or you're interested in brushing up on your webcam client etiquette, check out the following tips below from working cam girls to ensure a positive experience for all involved!

1. Be Respectful

Maybe this seems obvious, but after seeing some of the cyber abuse that occurs regularly in some of these cam girls' chat rooms, I figured it's always relevant to remind people of the golden rule: don't be a dick. If you're asking a model to undress and perform intimately for you, treat her with the same respect you'd treat a woman you're getting intimate with in real life. Remember, just like porn stars, these are real women who are just doing their jobs. Just make their jobs a little easier by being nice!

2. Communicate and Compliment, Don't Spam

When in an active chat with a cam girl, feel free to offer her (reasonable) performance suggestions and compliment how she looks or what she's doing. Until you've paid for a private chat, however, moderation is key. For the sake of the model and everyone else watching her show, keep your comments constructive, few, and far-between. Don't spam up her chat room in the hopes it'll get you special attention – it'll most likely do the opposite.

3. Want a Show? Pay Up!

If you want the performer you're watching to do something specific, be prepared to pay for it. Tipping (generously) and paying for private shows are the best ways to ensure that you get to see the show that you came for, while also making it worth the model's while. Remember, she needs to make a living too!

4. Don't Push for Acts that Make the Performer Uncomfortable

This should be obvious, but if a model expresses discomfort at any of your suggestions, leave it alone. Like anyone you'd encounter in real life, these are women with differently defined boundaries and kinks. Just because the cam girl you watched yesterday put a XXL dildo up her ass, that does not mean they'll all want to. Even though you're paying for a show, be courteous and keep the vibe consensual.

5. Give Feedback

Can you imagine performing naked for a faceless audience that can leave at any time? A lot of cam girls complain of never knowing why people leave their shows – did the client get bored or get off?! A lot of attention and energy goes into making your show special, so the least you could do is offer your performer some feedback. Let her know what she did to send you over the edge so that she can add it to her bag of tricks for next time!

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