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  1. Silent Providence 6
  2. Men On Edge - Online Date Goes Horribly Right With Surprise Bondage
  3. Drake's Snake
  4. Toonez
  5. Teen Twink 4
  6. Real Men 12
  7. Street Mexicans 2 Part 2
  8. Teen Twink
  9. Nathan Black
  10. Billy Smoke & Fleshjack!

Whoever thought watching a girl “jerk it” would be so hot? These studios sure did, producing some of the top rated films in this category: GPicasso Productions, Sticky Studios, and LL&L Video Productions.

Portraits Of Youth Volume Two - Straight Boys & Gay Boys

Video: Portraits Of Youth Volume Two - Straight Boys & Gay Boys

69 Ratings
Release Year: 2005

We assembled twelve of the hottest guys to stroke their cocks just for you! Introducing . . .


Above & Beyond Pt. #1

Video: Above & Beyond Pt. #1

84 Ratings
Release Year: 2008

A collection of 40 guys from 26 titles...and 65 of the most amazing cumshots!


. . .


Str8 Shots

Video: Str8 Shots

62 Ratings
Release Year: 2004

Only award-winning director Chi Chi LaRue could convince these beautiful men to strip, . . .


Got Milked 2 - Str8 Loads

Video: Got Milked 2 - Str8 Loads

136 Ratings
Release Year: 2006

The straight studs enjoy their time, they've never experienced before - a handjob . . .


Donovan's Dudes Volume 1

Video: Donovan's Dudes Volume 1

161 Ratings
Release Year: 2008

The popular online series of hardcore gay videos finally comes to DVD. Donovan's . . .


Out-Takes #1

Video: Out-Takes #1

39 Ratings

This man is an unbelievable one-man show! This remarkable self-sucking extraordinaire . . .


Handheld Rockets

Video: Handheld Rockets

64 Ratings
Release Year: 2007

These hot 'n horny young guys get a little helping hand jacking off and they shoot...well...rockets . . .


Got Milked!

Video: Got Milked!

60 Ratings
Release Year: 2005

100% fratboy handjob action is for the handjob purist! Hot stroking handjob action . . .


Portraits Of Youth Volume 1

Video: Portraits Of Youth Volume 1

53 Ratings
Release Year: 2004

Corkscrew Media Group has a special treat for you! Are you ready to indulge in 12 . . .


Happy Endings! 2

Video: Happy Endings! 2

59 Ratings
Release Year: 2009

Hugh gets his first massage from a gut, and his cock just starts growing when I massage . . .

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