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Latex sex movies. See beautiful women climb into their second skin of latex and rubber.

Touch her. Let the fetish take hold. Feel the taught rubber as it grips her body and accentuates her every curve, every dip, every long, sexy line.

The latex fetish and rubber dolls are unbelievably sexy and erotic.

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Release Year: 2002
Premium Title

2003 AVN Award Winner for Best Film AVN Top 500 2013 XRCO Hall of Fame Inductee . . .

856 Ratings
Release Year: 2005

2006 AVN Award Nominee for Best Specialty Release - MILF Twisted sex in suburbia! . . .

224 Ratings
Release Year: 2008

Get ready for lipstick, buggery, slippery and the rubbery. There are giant toys . . .

301 Ratings

He was captured, crated up and shipped directly to Miss Lexi, just like she ordered! . . .

331 Ratings
Release Year: 2009

What guy doesn't want to have sex with a hot MILF? Latex MILFs brings you four of . . .

118 Ratings
Release Year: 2004

A naïve, young girl, Aurora Snow, becomes immersed in a world of desire, fantasy, . . .

187 Ratings
Release Year: 2005

Hardcore XXX MILF Action!! These "Latex Soccer Moms" have more things on their mind . . .

270 Ratings

A twisted journey that caters to those who savor the wrath of a sexy Dominatrix. . . .

127 Ratings
Release Year: 2003

Latex and black women go together. Hot black bodies encased in slick, cold latex. . . .

99 Ratings
Release Year: 1995

1996 AVN Award for Best Video of the Year AVN Top 500 In his groundbreaking films . . .

107 Ratings

It is the dream of many of those with fetishes to be feminized by an adorable rubber . . .

73 Ratings
Release Year: 2007
Premium Title

2008 AVN Award Winner Best Threeway Sex Scene 2008 AVN Award Winner Best Group . . .

136 Ratings
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