Born: 1963-04-29 / Taurus
Birth Place: Auvergne, France
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: European
Height: 6ft 1in
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Pierre Woodman’s Biography

Pierre Woodman has been working in the entertainment industry since the late 80’s. Before that, when he was just 17 years old, Woodman joined the Army and later became a policeman. But in 1986 his true calling as a photographer and all around creative mind was realized when he started a career as a fashion and TV photographer. 1989 had Woodman taking part in the launch of the magazine Hot Video as a reporter. But it was in 1992 when he began working with Private Media Group that Woodman’s career in the adult industry began.

Woodman started working on his “Casting” series for Private in 1992, recording behind the scenes footage of ongoing projects for the studio as well as they now typical couch scenario that has become so popular. These films present a scenario where the actresses pretend they don’t know what the director does and after being showed x-rated material they are invited to do something similar. The series was released in 1997 titled “Casting X” and has since released over 100 titles, making some of the starlets famous from their performances.

In 1999 when the gonzo genre was becoming so popular, Woodman began producing the “Superfuckers” series for Private, which ran to 12 chapters. At the end of the year he received an invitation from Hustler magazine to create a series similar to the “Castings X” series that had been created for Private. Woodman signed a five year contract with LFP and began Chapter 13 of “Superfuckers.” But LFP spent little on advertising and when his contract was due to expire, Woodman, disappointed by the lack of promotion of the products, refused to sign a new contract for LFP.

Having begun his work in the entertainment industry with mainstream media, Woodman had little trouble maintaining those business relationships once he began working in porn. In 2004, after playing himself in the big-screen Spanish film “Yo Puta,” Woodman did several photo shoots for various fashion magazines, including Vogue and Blast. But the adult industry wasn’t done with Woodman just yet.

Berth Milton, head of Private, asked Woodman to return to work for him in 2005. Woodman began working on the trilogy “Sex City” in 2005. It was filmed entirely in high definition with a budget of 540,000 Euros. The first part was released in 2006 and after five weeks became the best selling film in the history of Private, even taking the lead in sales in the U.S. in June, 2006. Nevertheless, Woodman announced his departure, for the second time, from the Private Media Group. He also announced the undertaking of his own production and distribution company, Woodman Entertainment, based in Barcelona.

With his new production company in hand, Woodman directed a mega-production, a remake of the film “Excalibur,” with a budget of 800,000 Euros. This film, titled “Xcalibur,” was released in 2007 and possesses an exceptionally large cast of 75 actors and 250 extras, a first in the world of porn. Woodman has since gone on to produce a number of titles with his production company and continues to be a highly recognizable producer/director in the adult industry.

Over the course of his career, Woodman has been the creator of more than 65 films, more than 2,000 hardcore scenes, around 1,500 photo shoots and more than 7,000 castings, many of which launched the careers of porn stars in the industry today. He also continues to work in the fashion world, doing photo shoots for big-name magazines and discovering fashion models from his castings. One of his biggest discoveries became a finalist for Miss Hungary in 2005.


1997 Hot d'Or Award winner - Best European Director (The Pyramid)

1997 Hot d'Or Award winner - Platinum Movie 1997 (The Fugitive - Private)

1998 Hot d'Or Award winner - Best European Director

2001 Hot d'Or Award winner - Best Director (Madness)

2003 Special Award of the Ninfa Organization winner

2004 Ninfa Lifetime Career Award winner

2007 Ninfa Award winner - Best Director (Public)

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