Jacky St. James

Jacky St. James

Jacky St. James' Porn Star Biography

Jacky St. James is a director, screenwriter, and publicist for the studio New Sensations. She is also one of the few women directors in the porn industry that has not performed in XXX films. At age 27, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre with a concentration in Film, James moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the mainstream entertainment industry. She worked as an actress in films and television and has directed mainstream projects, as well. She also worked in online advertising for over 13 years.

Taking Chances

It was a clip of "The Wedding Day" from the New Sensations Romance Series that lured James into the adult industry. After researching The Romance Series and discovering that New Sensations was doing a writing contest for the series, James submitted her script, "Dear Abby," and won the contest. "Dear Abby" became James' first film and launched her career in porn. New Sensations is known for their story-driven porn and James liked the idea of making porn that couples could watch together.

James took the leap from writer to director with her first series of vignettes called "Power and Control." "I absolutely loved directing - and I'm a huge fan of vignettes because they are like mini-movies with dialogue and sex without all the responsibility and stress that comes with features. Directing has always felt natural for me. I studied directing extensively in college, studied film, and also have been acting for over 30 years. I view myself more as an actor's director, but am working hard at becoming more adept at the technical and visual aspect of the craft, as well."

Porn for Women

James has her finger on the pulse of "porn for women" - a genre title that she doesn't particularly care for. Porn for women is not for all women, and many elements of it appeal to men, too. James' goal is to write and direct films for couples who want to watch porn together, and for women who might be a little intimidated or fearful of porn. Her goal is to help women enhance their sexual desires and give them a deeper appreciation for the male and female form. Films like "Torn," "The Temptation of Eve," and "The Submission of Emma Marx" are examples of her romantic, plot oriented work.

But James also recognizes that not all women want to watch romantic porn - James herself is into hardcore porn that includes elements of mind manipulation. Understanding that women have all different tastes in porn, James directed an all-sex release called "Power and Control" that is all about the mental aspects of one partner having something over the other. Eager to include more hardcore, taboo movies to her repertoire, James began working on the "Swinger Series" and the "Erotic Stories Series." While these series are also geared toward couples who watch together, they are designed for those couples looking for porn that is a bit more taboo. James also directs for Digital Sin's Tabu Tales, a line with plots featuring sex between stepfamily members.


Many people have asked James if she would consider performing in one of her films, but sadly this word temptress is not interested. She is much more interested in writing and directing films that bring couples together and change the way we view pornography. "My hope is to change women's views on sexuality and help them embrace the normalcy of dabbling in the XXX world from time to time. There should be no shame in our sexual desires no matter how deviant they might be...and the more open we are about our base needs, the more we can begin to positively shape society's views on female sexuality."

Porn Awards

2012 AVN Award for Best Screenplay for "Dear Abby"

2013 XBIZ Award for Screenplay of the Year for "Torn"

2014 Feminist Porn Award for Steamiest Straight Movie for "The Temptation of Eve"

2014 Feminist Porn Award for Steamiest Romantic Movie for "The Submission of Emma Marx"

2014 NightMoves Award for Best Director - Feature (Editor's Choice)

2014 XBIZ Award for Screenplay of the Year for "The Temptation of Eve"

2014 XRCO Award for Best Director (Features)
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