Carmen Valentina is a sultry, all-natural MILF who's been working in the adult industry for a decade now, appearing in dozens of gonzo and feature titles from top-of-the-line studios. The Florida native has harnessed quite a loyal fanbase that carried her to victory through six rounds of voting in the 2019 HotMovies #Pornament. As the reigning 2019 HotMovies MVP, Carmen will receive $2,000 and a $500 donation to a charity of her choosing. HotMovies got the opportunity to speak with Carmen about her MVP status, why she chose to donate to Charitable Smiles, and how she's managed to stay humble and focused in an industry with such a high turnover rate. Learn more about Carmen Valentina below!

Congratulations! How does your win feel?

I'm still shocked that I won it. In the beginning when I saw all the beautiful porn girls who I thought were much more popular or prettier than me, I literally didn’t think I had a chance, and now that I've won, I'm still a bit speechless. I just never thought I be able to win the contest!

What do you think attributed to your success?

I was bombarding so many friends and family and co-workers with texts to vote for me, and for them to retweet the link to my posts. I also asked all my amazing fans on all my social media posts to vote as well. It was amazing seeing everyone helping me out with voting every day, it showed me how unbelievably incredible they are, and I am so grateful to have them in my life. I think offering a fan appreciation pizza party and free autographed pics to those who voted (which I'm mailing out this week) to my fans helped too!

Carmen Valentina

Why did you choose Charitable Smiles as your charity?

I chose this charity after watching Netflix’s Queer Eye show, from the episode of the Jones sisters. These were two women who took care of everyone around them and never took care of themselves because they wanted their loved ones to succeed and be taken care of. One of the sisters never smiled because she had damaged teeth from an accident from when she was a child, and was very self conscious about her smile. Her whole life she never had it fixed, so they went to the dentist and gave her a brand-new smile. This woman, throughout the whole episode, never cried tears of joy from the new business makeover, the new wardrobe, or bottling up their BBQ sauce… not until she looked in the mirror to see her new fixed smile. It was so life-changing for her, it gave her the confidence she was missing.

This made me realize that there are many other people out there who go through life with low self-esteem, who are losing job/life opportunities due to dental health problems that they are unable to financially fix. I think many people overlook how important it is to have healthy teeth and how much they can effect your life and health from the inside out, like not having tooth pain, or being able to eat normal foods, and to not have people judge and make fun of them.

Here is the part of the episode of the Jones sister going to the dentist:

What are you going to do with your $2,000 winnings?

I really want to throw a fan appreciation pizza party for my fans. I feel like so many girls take their fans for granted, and they don’t realize how much these fans are there for them. Our fans help us porn girls pay rent by purchasing our movies, requesting us to their favorite companies to hire us, buying custom videos/Skype shows, buying our merchandise at conventions or online, traveling hours to see us feature dance, etc. I've had fans drive 4-7 hours to see me feature dance before.

I love my fans because they have been there for me no matter what, they are the ones who helped me win by voting every day for me, and they are the ones who made me who I am today with my online presence.

So what better way for me to thank them: with a pizza party of course! So, I'm going to start looking up future locations of where to hold the event and once I confirm a place, I will let everyone know on social media where the event will take place. The rest of the money that is left over from the event, I am planning on donating the remainder to charity.

Carmen Valentina wins HotMovies 2019 Porn Star Tournament

If you hadn't competed in the tournament this year, who would you have been rooting for?

Nina Elle! She is just so gorgeous and she has such an amazing personality. Anyone who meets her for the first time will just fall in love with her when they see how kind and sweet she is after talking to her. Plus, she’s also a crazy cat lady like me =)

Now that you're a MILF, what advice do you have for the younger generation?

Be kind and professional, because there’s always another girl out there who will replace you in a heartbeat, who will want it more than you.

This industry has a high turnover rate, and girls come and go. So, if you want to have a longer career in this industry, then you need to be kind to your fans, show up to work on time, not be rude to others on or off of set, not getting an ego, and always being humble.

…..and most important of all, ignore the haters. Don’t engage with them. Every girl will have some rude guy making obnoxious hurtful comments about their looks online, so don’t get worked up about it by getting depressed, because they are one just asshole person versus thousands of amazing fans that do support you and love you because of who you are, which is hot and amazing as fuck. (Hey, I once had a rude guy online say I looked like an inflated pancake... not kidding… lol)

Is there anyone in the biz who you haven't worked with yet who you're dying to get your hands on?

I always wanted to do a scene with Kendra Lust. She’s just such a kind, sweet person, and she is just so HOT! I still get shy and quiet when I’m talking to her, maybe cause I’m fangirl’n so hard for her.

We're having a sale on your scenes in honor of your win. Are there any scenes in particular that you think your fans should watch?

MILF Fidelity Volume 5, because I had such a fun time filming it, and it is filmed so beautifully while I'm being fucked like a naughty little dirty-talking slut by James Deen who creampies me in the end. I just love how this scene came out when I watched it later.

Carmen Valentina & James Deen in MILF Fidelity 5 Carmen Valentina & James Deen in MILF Fidelity 5
Carmen Valentina & James Deen in MILF Fidelity 5 Carmen Valentina & James Deen in MILF Fidelity 5

What projects can we look forward to seeing from you this year?

I'm trying to creating a new vlog series. I'm currently finding/recording topics to discuss and later upload online for viewing. I've always wanted to create this series as a way for fans to get to know me more on a personal level, as well as them learning things they never knew about me or the industry.

Is there anything that you'd like to say to your fans?

I want to say thank you! Thank you for voting for me, thank you for masturbating to me, thank you for buying my videos/merch, thank you for following me on social media, thank you for coming to my feature dances, thank you for requesting me for porn companies, and just thank you for being there for me when I need you guys. Without the fans, porn girls wouldn’t be where they are in their career. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Carmen Valentina

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