Jessy Dubai in Stockings and Lingerie

Labeled the “Sophia Vergara of Porn,”Jessy Dubai is currently the hottest sensation in transgender modeling and performing. With the recent release of her self-titled feature, Jessy Dubai TS Superstar, Dubai’s career has reached an entirely new level. sat down with Dubai to discuss her immigration to the United States, her transition, her career, and what’s next for the industry’s hottest rising star!

HM: How did you break into the industry?

JB: I guess we can say it was when I did my first scene for TS Seduction. That opened the doors for all of this great success.

HM: In a previous interview, you mentioned part of the reason you made the move into porn was because you were unhappy with the options out there. What bothered you about it and what changes did you want to see?

JB: I guess what bothered me was the porn that I was watching, there was no chemistry between the models, no connection; it looked f*rced. I would love to see more original reactions. I love when I am watching a movie and I forget that it's porn.

TS Jessy

HM: What has your best experience been within the industry thus far?

JB: You had to go there...That is a hard question to answer. So far, all the experiences have been awesome. Everything that I am living is somewhat new to me, so when I think that this is the best thing, something even more awesome is around the corner.

HM: Who is your favorite performer to work with?

JB: I know it's going to sound cliché, but everyone that I have worked with always turns out to be my favorite. I only work with or fuck people I like, and with those that like me. I think that's why every performer turns out to be my favorite at the end of the day.

HM: Who would you like to work with most one day?

JB: Oh, honey I can sit here and give you a whole list.

HM: What scene that you’ve filmed are you most proud of?

JB: My gang bangs, both with Kink and Devils Films. Fucking so many people at once is fun, but it's a challenge–and I love challenges.

HM: What type of scenes do you enjoy filming the most?

JB: I love hardcore scenes. And gang bangs-I wish I got hired to do more of those. A few gang bangs would make my resume very interesting, don't you think?

HM: Where do you get your inspiration for your fabulous costume designs?

JB: My friend Alex Moreno and I come up with the designs, but one thing I can't do is dresses. He is my designer back home in Colorado. A lot of the dresses that you guys will see me wear this year for the red carpets will be designed by him, with my special touch of course.

TS Jessy

HM: What was it like filming Jessy Dubai – TS Superstar?

JB: Filming Jessy Dubai–TS Superstar was a huge project for me and it was a beautiful experience. Between the long days of shooting, spending time with all the models, planning the movie, and putting the story together under Nica's direction, it was amazing. I learned so much from that experience.

HM: Everyone has a different transition experience. Could you tell us about yours?

JB: My transition was easy. I knew I wanted to be a girl since I was 14. I felt strongly about how I wanted to be a girl. I moved to a different school and I started living as a girl, that's why my transition was easy.

HM: Do you have any advice for those that are currently in the process of transitioning?

JB: I didn't have any help when I started my transition and I know that a lot of girls go through the same thing. Not knowing where to go, how to start, even the basics. My advice would be to find a friend who's been through this situation, ask her for help or advice. Go to the doctor when you want to start your hormonal processes. Don't put stuff in your body that you don't know what it is, or what it can do to you. If you need a hand, or you need help, I am here to help anyone who needs it. Just shoot me an email and let me help you become a beautiful transsexual. Let me help you bring the woman in you.

TS Jessy

HM: When did you come to the United States? What was it like growing us as a transgender person in Mexico? Is there a difference in the support system for transgender people between the US and Mexico?

JB: I honestly don't know what it is to be a transgender woman in Mexico because I've been here since I was 14, but from what I've heard from friends, I know it's not pleasant.

HM: What are some of your interests outside of the industry?

JB: I feel like I already have a name. I feel like people know who Jessy Dubai is, I think I did my job. I feel the need to help other girls break into the industry and get the success that I had. I also want to start an organization, or affiliate myself with an organization, for the transgender community in Colorado. Let's say I want for my death stone to say more than just "Jessy Dubai, Porn Star." I want to really focus myself on helping others.

HM: How did you select the name Jessy Dubai?

JB: Jessy came to me from Jessica Rabbit. I always thought she was sexy and my name was Jessica, but then people just started calling me Jesse, and I changed it to Jessy. Years ago, I was nothing but a shy boy. Years ago, Dubai was nothing but a desert. Now Dubai is one of the richest and most beautiful cities in the world and now my heart is full with riches, to me, I'm the most beautiful girl in my world. I consider myself a Dubai. Besides, I have always being attracted to the Middle East and I am a great belly dancer.

TS Jessy

HM: What would your “dream” project be to work on?

JB: My dream project at the moment is to launch my magazine to help other girls and women in general. I also want to start traveling around the country helping girls achieve what I have achieved.

HM: What’s up next for you?

JB: Next on the agenda for me this year: I have many trips and special appearances at different night clubs. I know I will be attending the eXXXotica Expo fan shows. I am starting to produce and direct my own movie. My star will be Savannah Thorne. We will tell the world how we met, and turn a sad love story into the most beautiful friendship story ever. I will also be helping Savannah Thorne push her career to get to the level to where I am. As well as involving myself with programs and campaigns to try to stop piracy in porn because it's affecting us real bad.

HM: What would you like to say to all of your fans and supporters out there?

JB: To all my followers and fans out there, I know this will sound cliche, but I really mean when I say thank you so much for all your tweets. For all the letters and emails that I receive, thank you so much for everything. All the gifts that I get in my PO box. But best of all, thank you to all my real friends for actually purchasing my porn and not falling into the piracy game.”

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