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Alec Knight has become a staple male star in the adult industry with hundreds of films and over a decade of work under his belt. Knight is best-known for his feature and parody scenes, but he had a career in the entertainment industry long before joining porn. HotMovies had the pleasure of sitting down and becoming acquainted with Knight as he explained his journey from Family Guy cartoonist to a multiple AVN-nominated porn stud.

HM: Doing some research on you and I see that you’ve been nominated for several awards, but the only one you won so far was the XBIZ Non-Sex Performance, correct?

AK: Yes, that’s correct.

So, you’re like the Leonardo DiCaprio of AVN awards, right?

Exactly! But, he won finally.

Well, I hope that means you will too. But, I guess my question is – so obviously everyone recognizes that you’ve got some serious acting chops. So, is this something you stumbled into, or did you always want to act?

It was something I completely stumbled into. Porn wasn’t really anything I ever thought about doing. I actually worked in mainstream as an animator for many years. I moved to Los Angeles in 1997 after I finished art school. I wanted to be a comic book artist for the longest time. And, comic books, unfortunately at that time, mid 90s, they were hurting. Even Marvel went bankrupt. I was showing my portfolio around, and I got a lot of feedback saying I should be working for companies like DC and Image Studios, but nobody was really hiring at that time because everybody had to cancel books. So, I cleaned up my portfolio after school and ended up landing a gig at Sony Pictures working on a carton called Extreme Ghostbusters. That was my first gig out here. I had to ship out pretty quick from New Jersey, which is where my art school was. It was called Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art (now called the Kubert School).

Was that up in North Jersey?

Yeah, pretty close to New York. I used to go to New York a lot… So, moved out here, worked on that show for a bit, and while I was working in animation I was working from production to production. So, if you’re lucky enough to get picked up on a new season, that’s great, but there’s always a bit of a hiatus while you’re waiting for that next season to start. I moved around a little bit from Sony to MGM. I think I went to Nickelodeon for a bit after that and worked on CatDog. After Nickelodeon I started on Family Guy for their very first two seasons, and then we got cancelled. Long story short, I went from different animation studios at that time. After Family Guy I worked for Stan Lee… I designed Stripperella for Pamela Anderson…

Did you get to meet Stan Lee?

Oh yeah. He had a nice office, but for some reason my office had his wardrobe. He had the same exact outfit, nice khakis and loafers and shirt. He had a few of those in there. It was around that time that I met Mika Tan. She was already an established porn star. I met her at a party, which is interesting because when I think about it, I wouldn’t be in porn right now if I hadn’t decided to go out that night.


Yeah, when I met her I told her what I did and she hired me to draw her for her website. She wanted to do a website with a cartoon drawing and I said sure. So, we just kinda hooked up and got together, dated, and then eventually got married. We were married for about eight years. We split up in mid-2008. She was still doing porn, I was doing graphics. I did box covers and posters for mainstream movies. And, it was up and down work, so on a longer hiatus she talked me into doing porn with her. So, that’s how it started. From there, I did my first scene in 2002 and I’ve just been doing it ever since. As far as acting goes I did some features, but mostly gonzo. Started getting into some bigger feature roles and found out I really enjoyed some acting in it. And for this AVN Awards (2017), I did a few skits for the teleprompters, so I enjoy that part a lot. I’m up for Best Supporting Actor for Sex Machina.

Do you still do design work just to keep your chops up?

Yeah, I still doodle here and there and did a few things for Mika when we were still together, but I think Axel Braun was one of the first people to hear about my history. He hired me back when he did the first Batman parody, the 70s one. He hired me to do the animation sequence from the beginning of the old cartoon thing. From there I did a few things for Vivid and Spread Eagle. They wanted some comic in-lay drawings in the middle of it. Box covers... I did Axel’s Star Wars cover and his Avengers box covers. X-Men, Barbarella, but the most amount of box covers I was doing was for B. Skow at Girlfriends Films. I did a lot of his covers. I haven’t done any recently, I gotta get another client to do that. So, in between shooting it was kind of nice to have as a side job.

Yeah, because obviously it’s something that you love so it’s nice you can continue to do it.

I enjoy it. I’ve done banners and logos for girls. I’ve actually got a couple girls I gotta do a banner for, but I put a lot more time into it than most people they may hire to do it.

That’s great! You’ve had a slew of great roles, both supporting and leading. Which ones stand out in your mind the most? Afterwards, I’ll tell you which one of your roles is my favorite.

My favorite so far, off course, Breaking Bad. I got to play the lead on that one. David Lord directed that. I had to shave my head for that one. I loved doing Elvis for Axel. I think I was nominated for Support on that one.

I loved In the Flesh. That one was killer.

Oh that one, yeah that was a B. Skow movie. It was funny. I was supposed to have a few sex scenes in that, but I guess they got nervous having a Jesus-type character having sex, so the day before they canceled my sex scene.

Is that right? So they were worried about the sacrilege, were they?

I think they were worried about a possible backlash on that.

Well, it was a great role. You did a really great job on that one.

Oh, thank you.

Jesus telling people to go fuck themselves. I love stuff like that. Also, Daddy’s Girls. You were great in that. You didn’t get nominated for it, but you definitely should have gotten an award for that. Those were really well done.

Another B. Skow, yeah that’s a favorite of mine too. The first one did so well he did a sequel. He was talking about doing a third one. I haven’t heard from him if we’re doing it. But, that was my first one with Evan Stone and Riley Reid and Maddy O'Reilly. They all came back for the next one, well except Evan. He died in the first one so they couldn’t bring him back in the second.

I felt like the performances, the acting really sucked you in. Because I’ll be honest with you some of those family fantasy movies kinda – I find them a little bit “iffy”, but that one, the story just sucked me in. I’ve been doing this job for 13 years, so I’ve seen every kind of porn there is. So, something that sucks me into the story – that tends to stick out in my mind.

Now that I’m not shooting as much as I used to, which is kind of good. I’ve been working with an old buddy recently who kind of put me on the map early in my career, Jack the Zipper.

Yeah, I’m familiar.

He’s been doing some custom shoots and fan site companies for girls and I love his work. We’ve been discussing doing some things together. He’s got some ideas for some very interesting movies and we’re hoping to partner up. I just love his work. He’s completely different than anybody else around right now.

Yes, he does some out of the ordinary stuff and puts some heart and thought into it.

He’s a real artist. I love the way he shoots visually. Last night we were discussing some ideas that we’d like to come together and do some shoots with. Because of the way the market is with selling movies it’s hard to put trust and money into [a project] if it’s just gonna get swiped and put online. For the artwork of it, I want to do it for the fun of it. But, to put money into it I gotta see some return on it. Ultimately, we’d like to do it. I’d like to get behind the camera. Like I said before, when I worked for Family Guy and other places I knew how to storyboard, how to lay out a scene. I would get a script and I would draw it out.

That’s another one of my questions. I was wondering why hadn’t you done any directing yet? I figured you would have that background. You probably know better than a lot of people how to put that together.

I’ve had a few scripts, but it’s pretty much the same reason. I don’t want to put my own money into it. I’m too nervous to do that. If someone would believe in me enough to know that I have the ability and talent to do that and they would take the money to do so… for a company, I would be more than happy to do that. But, I think it’s one of those things where until someone sees it they’re not gonna know. I might do something like call some friends up in the industry and see if they could work on spec or something so I could get something out so people can see what I can do. I’d really like to do it though.

I hope you do! That would be great. So, who are some of your favorite directors to work with? You’ve said B. Skow, and you’ve said Jack the Zipper…

Axel, of course. I really like working with Jacky St. James. I’ve done some really fun stuff with her. Mostly just scenes, but I really like working with her. She’s an amazing director. David Lord. Graham Travis, who did Portrait of a Call Girl. I actually got a Best Actor Non-Sex award from XBIZ for that movie.

Yeah, and you were just at the beginning and the end of that movie.

I just bookended that movie. I was kind of shocked. I did get nominated last year for another non-sex role in Gardener. I didn’t have many lines in that either.

That one was neat, a little trippy, but neat.

It was trippy. He does some dark stuff. I am hoping to do some dark stuff with Jack the Zipper, that’s right up his vein. I was talking to Kat Dior about an idea for a movie and it’s pretty dark too. So, we’re hoping to shoot that by ourselves on spec with maybe Jack.

We’d be looking forward to getting that! So, are you and Kat an item? I was doing a bit of research and there’s not too much out there about your personal lives, and frankly I don’t think there should be. It’s your business and nobody else’s, but I did see that you were doing a Dom/sub thing for a little while with September Reign last year?

Kind of. Well that didn’t work out. I’ve seen this become more prevalent with the newer girls that come in [to the industry] that want a “daddy” figure.

They want someone to look out for them?

Exactly, but Kat is different. She’s established and doing well. She doesn’t need me to propel her in any way. We’ve been an item for a little bit.

The reason I was asking was to see if this was like a lifestyle thing. Did you get into this after [you joined the industry] or…?

Afterwards, and I wouldn’t really say I’m hardcore into it.

Just dabbling?

Yeah, just dabbling. But, we’ve been off and on a little bit. This industry can be very difficult to have relationships in. Just being secure in yourself enough to know that they’re out here going to work. As long as you don’t bring it home with you, you know, communication and honesty, it’s possible to have a good relationship. There are a lot of people that we know who have been in the industry for a long time and have had relationships for a long time. If you’re secure, open, and honest it shouldn’t be a problem.

So, when you get in the industry you really have to adopt that kind of mentality and be more open about those things?

Yes. I was with Mika for eight years and work was work. I felt like I was more helping to propel her until we separated and then I realized I should start concentrating on my own career. But, I prefer being the guy behind the scenes. Of course, I like the accolades too, but that came with time. I guess, what, 14 years now.

That’s not a bad thing either. Maybe more people should be open-minded along those lines. Do you think?

Yeah, I think so. I’ve never been about the fame, I’ve just been interested in the work. So, it’s like what you said about acting. I wish I knew that I liked acting. Maybe I would have tried something more mainstream early on. I didn’t know I would like this as much as I do.

Well, were getting more mainstream-crossover lines. We’ve seen plenty of women like Sasha Grey and Jenna Jameson, etc., what about on the male talent side? Besides Ron Jeremy, which isn’t quite that same, why wouldn’t you? I might even be easier for you?

Yeah, James Deen had that movie a few years ago with Lindsay Lohan, so it does happen – for him. I wouldn’t mind it, but it’s still taboo to be attached to porn.

Even for men? Not to sound like a sexist jerk, but I see where people think that about women – it’s not right and I don’t agree with it, and it’s not going to change until people become a little more enlightened, but I think people would be more accepting of a male crossover star.

Maybe? I haven’t seen too much of that happen. I certainly don’t have a problem with it. Over in Europe there’s more of that. People are more open-minded. Rocco has done mainstream stuff. It’s just a matter of time. I think someone called me for a part in Entourage, I don’t know for what scene. I think Tommy did it, Tommy Gunn. I think this was while Sasha was doing the show. It didn’t pan out, I was a fan of the show. I guess I should start doing some mainstream auditions if I want to do that, haha.

You don’t have to answer this, but you were witness to the rampage from War Machine?

Witness? I was involved.

Really? Would you mind telling that story?

From what I can remember, that was 2009 I believe. Yeah, that was Brooke Haven’s party. I was outside having a cigarette with, who was I with? I think it was Phoenix Marie. We saw a fight break out. I remember seeing, I think it was Alanah Rae in the middle between War Machine and whoever he was going after. So, I kind of locked up to try to get her out of there so that she wouldn’t get hurt. But, by the time I got to her he was right up on me. All I remember, I still had a cigarette in my hand. I wasn’t going to fight him or anything. Actually, I didn’t even know who he was. I was just introduced to him that night, earlier, but I didn’t know him. So, I said, “Hey man, we’re at a party. Why don’t you calm down?” I guess he thought I was coming up on him or something, I don’t know. But, basically, he cold-cocked me. I went down. My head hit the pavement. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I got, I can’t remember, maybe five or six staples in my head from hitting the pavement. That’s all I remember. And, I didn’t have any memory of it for quite awhile because I had a slight concussion from it for quite awhile.

You can say you took a hit from War Machine. You stood toe-to-toe with an MMA fighter.

Well, maybe if I thought I was going to fight him I would have tried to get a lick in, but I didn’t think I was going to fight. Honestly, the guy was a hothead. If he had apologized about it I would have been fine, but that didn’t happen. I had to pay the ambulance bill and all that. But, I heard he hit or beat up a few other people [that night]. I think I was the first person to get hit, so I don’t remember what else happened. Good thing he’s put away now after what he did to Christy Mack.

Wow, I didn’t realize all that had gone down before the incident with Christy. It seems to be a good indicator of what kind of guy he is.

It seems to be his routine, I guess.

What else do you like to do? Who is Alec Knight when he’s not being Alec Knight?

I’m kind of boring. I like to hang out with my close friends. Haven’t done it in a bit, but I enjoy scuba diving. I need to get back into that. I play golf every now and then. Other than that, and when I’m not working for someone else I usually have a project that I am working on my computer. I’m either working in Photoshop or sketching.

Keeping busy. Okay, so last thing I’ll ask you is what is a guilty pleasure of yours? For example, what songs are on your iPod right now that you might be a little embarrassed about, but it’s like your guilty pleasure?

Nah, I’m pretty honest and about that stuff. It’s not a guilty pleasure, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Lil Dicky the last few days. He does more of a comedic rapping thing, but he’s really good. I enjoy listening to him.

Cool. Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the fans, or how they can get in touch with you?

I’ve been talking to, again Jack the Zipper and he’s the one who’s been pushing me to do some more website and getting my stuff out there more. He really thinks it’s ridiculous that I haven’t done so. Keep an eye out. I’ll maybe do a website with him. Get that up and going. The best way to get in touch with me is through Twitter. I’m thinking about doing a Clips4Sale kind of a thing. I did have a model house going on here. I was gonna start with the girls here maybe doing a cam house. You gotta keep your fingers in a lot of different pies to make money now a days.

Well, if you start shooting your own content we’d be more than happy to have it.

Oh, great!

Yeah, if you’re going to do something along those lines let me know. We’ll see what we can do to help you along.

Cool! Like I said, I’m in the middle of writing stuff right now. Hopefully, we’re trying to shooting something soon within the next couple months. I hang out with Evan Stone and Katie Morgan a lot and we’ve been talking about doing some stuff together.

I appreciate your time. I don’t want to keep you too much longer, and I wish you great luck at the AVN Awards. Get your Best Actor award.

That would be awesome.

Well, thank you so much Alec!

Thank you for thinking about me for this interview!

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