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Marica Hase is an international porn star from Tokyo, Japan, who began working in the adult industry in her home country in 2010. Eight years into her career, Marica Hase is living and working in the United States, represented by the top modelling agency in the industry, and is easily one of the most recognizable Asian stars currently working in adult. Marica Hase's global fanbase loves how her style, social media presence, and even her scenes depict a uniquely beautiful woman embracing American culture and sexuality, all while Marica remains true to herself and her cultural roots. HotMovies got the opportunity to speak with Marica Hase before the kickoff of our annual Porn Star Tournament (in which she will be competing), and Marica opened up to us about her love of BDSM, her stuffed pig/manager, Buusan, and more. Get to know more about this interesting, stunning star in our interview below!

Marica Hase for Jules Jordan

HM: Congratulations on being chosen for the 2018 HotMovies Porn Star Tournament! What would you like to say to fans who are coming to the site daily to vote for you?

MH: Thank you so much for accepting me to American porn industry. I love you guys. Thank you for voting for me and all your support always.

You’re the first successful overseas porn star from Japan and the first Japanese Penthouse Pet (January 2013). Do you think your accomplishments and successes have opened the door for more Japanese porn stars to come and perform in the United States?

I don’t think the door has been opened that much since there’s really not any other girls coming from Japan. Maybe I should open the door wider. I love our industry and it’s always great to welcome new sensational Japanese girls to come here.

What are some major differences between shooting porn in Japan as opposed to the United States?

Most of American guys think strong ladies are sexy. So, many award-winning female performers try to be strong. But Japanese guys think weak and tiny lady/kawaii is sexy. In Japan, many of the top stars try to pretend they’re weak. And pussy and dick can’t be shown in Japan.

Marica Hase for Brazzers

What qualities about yourself do you feel allowed you to be so successful in this highly competitive industry?

I am still the process of being "successful." I always try to be the first trying everything. I continue to challenge myself and never forget to smile.

You started feature dancing somewhat recently. How do you like dancing compared to performing in movies?

I start dancing because I wanted to get the total American experience. We don’t have same type of dancing gigs in Japan. I’m still trying to figure out/learn how to enjoy my features and be the best I can be onstage and entertain my fans who come to see me.

You've done a few BDSM shoots for studios like, Deviant, and Assylum where you are in the submissive role. Do you enjoy being submissive in your personal life? Do you have any interest in dominating someone during your career?

My secret on a submissive shoot is that I’m very comfortable because they give you a ball gag and I don’t need to speak any English. Also, my personality is submissive so I really enjoy these types of roles. I did some of super hard dominating shoots when I was in Japan, and they were fun. So for me being submissive is nice, comfortable, and it’s easy to orgasm, but being dominant is also very fun.

Marica Hase Training of O

What types of porn or sex acts excite you the most?

Anything BDSM – it’s my favorite.

Marica Hase Sadistic Rope

If you could change anything about the porn industry in 2018, what would it be and why?

Social media: I really love communicating with my sweet fans. But, at the same time, I want to try to focus on creating 24 hours a day, like a Zen master or painter. I spend a lot of time on my YouTube channel doing videos and editing them, as well as being on set, memorizing my lines for movies that require more acting, doing tradeshows, and feature dancing.

What is the most important advice you would give to new performers?

Porn is a lot work more than you think it would be. Being a porn star and naked on camera is weird at first, but eventually if you love it enough, you will get used to it. Some girls and guys will stop after just a few scenes, or they are in it just to get some quick money. The fans don’t like that. If you really love being in the industry, you should stick with it.

You've been performing in the industry since 2010. Are there any performers or directors you're still looking to work with?

Everybody! In 2010 when I started, my English was really bad and I had a hard time communicating with people I was working with. After a few years, my English improved and I’m still working on it. So, I’d love to work with everyone again because I know it will be an even better experience.

Marica Hase

What fantasies have you not yet lived out on camera?

I’d love to be someone’s pet.

What goals do you have for yourself, both in the industry and in life in general?

I just love performing and doing scenes. So I want to keep performing as long as I can. I think it will be difficult to just be a porn performer forever. But I don’t want to stop being creative in life – that’s my goal.

Your skin is absolutely flawless. Do you follow a strict beauty routine or a type of diet to help achieve that?

I keep my skin happy with good beauty products.

You’re a big-time foodie, and we know you love Japanese cuisine, but what are some of your other favorite dishes to eat?

All foods are my friend!

You share a lot of your DIY projects on social media. What are some of your favorite crafts/projects you've done?

I just knitted a rug. It’s so pretty so I am making two more to give my mom and grandfather on next my trip to Japan.

Talk to us a little about your YouTube channel. In some of your videos, you seem to be doing some everyday-type things like going to Costco, other times you go on trips to Universal Studios, and you always have a little piggy sidekick with you. What inspired you to share your off-set life with your fanbase in this way?

The piggy called Buusan is my manager and he has his own Twitter (@buusan_marica). Anyway, the main reason that I started my YouTube channel is because so many Japanese people are interested in my life. I’m the first overseas Japanese porn star in the USA. I started my YouTube channel to share my American normal life with my Japanese fans. But I really love my USA fans, too. So, I am trying to make subtitles on them.

Marica HaseMarica Hase

How can your fans best support you?

It’s my pleasure to make my fans happy and social media is one way to keep them happy. Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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