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Back in early March, I had the privilege of speaking with super star Misty Stone on the phone and let me tell you, that woman is on the roll! Now I’m no neophyte when it comes to Misty’s movies or her activism and leadership in the industry, but I couldn’t have imagined just how insightful she is and how much she would open up during our conversation. And, as a bonus, she clued us in on the highly anticipated Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures movie Ethni-City.

HM: You’ve been in the industry for a long time. What is a typical day for Misty Stone like? What’s on the TV or radio? What’s for lunch?

MS: I get up, I do my chores because I’m really OCD. Even if there are no chores to do there’s always something to clean. I clean up after my dog, brush my teeth, wash my face, and take my dog out for a walk. Today I decided to take my friend and my dog to one of my favorite restaurants and have brunch.

Your entire look is incredibly inspiring to women of all races everywhere because you’ve managed to show that you can go outside the box of norms and still be beautiful, sexy, appealing, and successful. How did you arrive at your look and what made you stick with it?

I used to have this mentor, Vida Valentine, and Vida was like, the wig queen. She could just wear a bunch of wigs and look so good in them, and one day I was like, "I need a new look." She took me to a wig shop, this was back in 2006, and I’m like man I don’t really want to wear a wig, but I tried them on just for fun and eventually one stuck with me. It was a curly one and I liked it. She told me to try it out on set and if they like it keep it, if not find a different one. I tried it, they loved it, I murdered the set, and it ended up being my signature look because the day I came to set without it they were like, "Oh my god Misty, where’s your hair?" So, that’s where it came from. I was like, okay this is what they like, I’m just going to keep it this way.

What directors or studios seem to be hitting the spot for you every single time lately? I’m absolutely obsessed with everything Shine Louise Houston and Bree Mills put out right now. Who is doing work you admire right now?

BRAZZERS! Brazzers is ridiculous. They constantly feed me, and I appreciate them. Shout out to Brazzers (laughs). They take good care me and everything I do for them is amazing. The last one that came out with me and Keiran Lee got over a million views after the first few days, we did very well.

What is it about Brazzers?

I think it’s just the scenarios they put me in. They know me so well and they know how to write a script for me and set up the whole thing, like where I’m a superstar and giving an autograph on his cock, the lipstick and everything. It was just a really good scene. You’ll have to check it out. They know who works well together and they’re a team. You can’t do it by yourself. I tried and it’s very difficult.

You tried to start your own production company?

I did. I still have the movie, don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I got it (laughs). It’s just difficult when you don’t have a team or a lot of money behind you.

Porn stars are athletes, and I don’t think there’s any question about that when you look at all the physical aspects that entail just one week on the job. Do you work out to keep yourself physically prepared and able to perform as much as you do?

Honestly, I probably should, but I don’t. I usually just make sure that I’m smelling good and looking beautiful on set. I don’t really worry about everything else because I have a very high metabolism, so I don’t work out, sorry. But when I was younger I was very active. I used to lift a lot of weights and play basketball and do a lot of different sports, so I feel like maybe that’s why I’m still very fit. It just never went away. This is just how God made me.

So, I take it you’ve never been injured on the job?

No, no never been injured (laughs). Fortunately, that has not happened to me thank goodness.

Everyone knows you’re a huge activist and leader in the adult industry, specifically for African American performers. What do you do to promote that throughout the year and keep the conversation going?

We have meetings, and recently there was a big meeting about racism in particular and they had me speak on the panel, so every time that I get the opportunity when we have panels and we’re educating some of the new stars that are coming up, or the fans, or the photographers, or whoever is willing to listen to us, I just make sure I show up and am always ready to go. I know they don’t pay us for this, but the younger generation needs the knowledge and I’m always there to lend a helping hand.

What type of insight do you provide to them?

I just try to make sure that they know how to get into the industry and what the struggle is. I kind of mentor them. I teach them how to survive in this industry being an African American woman and not being able to have the same opportunities. I just want them to understand why and help them to understand how to triumph over that and still make it and be a big star. You just have to work 10 times harder. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. It’s changing in certain ways. I’ve been in the industry damn near 12 years and there used to be times when they didn’t have any black movies. It’s getting better, but one minute it's one girl and the next minute it's another. They never have a whole sea of us. I mean, there’s a whole bunch of us, but I don’t think they know about us or care to know about us. They just pick 1, or 2, or 3 of us at a time, and those are the ones they tend to shoot. I don’t know why it’s like that, but that’s what it is. I want to say it’s changing but I think it’s changing in my eyes because I brought a new black girl into the industry. I brought Chanell Heart into the industry and she became this huge star, she’s doing very well for herself. She’s breaking a lot of barriers and doing things, and those are the things that I did. So, I think to myself maybe it’s changing but it’s really not. It’s just another token black girl. It’s sad but true. So now they’re giving all of it to her, but why can’t they spread it around? What happened to West Coast Productions? What happened to the companies shooting nothing but black porn? That’s what I was trying to do. I was trying to make Misty Stone Productions somewhat of a home for that, where I would only shoot African American porn, but I don’t have the funds. I don’t have anybody backing me up. Alexis Texas is over there with Elegant Angel, and I think Dani Daniels is with somebody. All my friends that I grew up in the industry with are with companies helping and backing them, but for some reason my black ass can’t get the help, so I’ve been trying to do it by myself and I haven’t been successful. It’s very difficult. It’s a lot of money out of my pockets and my Fleshlight check ain’t covering it (laughs). But I don’t mind doing it by myself, and when it does come out I’ll be able to say that I did it on my own and I’ll be the new home for black porn.

I remember when I first started here at HotMovies you did see all-black parodies and features coming from studios like Black Ice, West Coast Productions, and Evasive Angles. Where are all these studios? What do you think happened to them?

The people who watch black porn aren’t buying it. How can they continue to make something that they can’t even sell? If the consumer is bootlegging everything how can we make any money? And that’s how we are. Black people tend to want everything for free, so guess what? We can’t make any more movies for y’all. Y’all have to watch all the shit from 2006, 2007, 2008... all the old stuff. And now, they’re making money off the taboo of it. There’s a new studio called Blacked, where it’s all interracial because that’s the big thing right now and that audience is actually buying it. But the consumer watching black porn isn’t buying it and it sucks because people hit me up on Twitter all the time like, "Why aren’t you doing this? Why are you only fucking white boys?” Because you aren’t buying it and without that support how am I supposed to continue to make this? It’s difficult and it’s scary. It makes me wary of putting out Misty Stone Productions. There’s all my time, effort, and money and you guys aren’t buying it. But if you want new, high quality black porn you’re going to have to come to Misty Stone Productions and that’s the one thing I hold on to.

So, you’re really in tune with the business aspect of it too?

Well I’ve been around so long that I have to be. You have to grow, and if you can’t grow at this point then it’s time to quit. And somebody who I really look up to is Lisa Ann. She is the number 1 business woman in this industry. That girl gets it! She is making that bread, and she knows how. To sit down with her, just to talk to her, she’s very educated with the business aspect of this industry. There are a couple of other girls that I feel like are very in tune with the business too and I’m trying to get on their level. They’ve used some of the royalties and different things they’ve done as far as directing movies and took that money and invested it in apartment buildings and things like that. I mean, there’s one girl that builds houses in Africa, and those things are so beautiful. I want to be on that level.

It’s funny that you mention moving up to the next level because you are one of the black stars out there that has obtained the crossover mainstream appeal because white guys do know Misty Stone and they look for Misty Stone.

And I’m going to hold on to that consumer because hopefully they’re the ones who are going to buy my stuff when it does come out (laughs). And I think they will. I think I have some real diehard fans out there. It’s amazing.

It is, and it’s a testament to all your hard work. How do you feel about being labeled the Halle Berry of porn?

It’s beautiful (laughs), it’s so beautiful. And I think I’m a cougar so it fits me perfectly. I don’t resemble her but the reason they said that, I think Hustler dubbed me the Halle Berry of porn. I don’t remember what year that was (2008, 2009), but that’s when I was doing a lot of parodies so they felt like "Oh my god, she’s an actress." So that’s where that came from. Just in case anybody was wondering, because no I don’t look like her, but I can act like her! (laughs)

Yes girl, your acting is on point! Not the Cosbys XXX 2 and Men in Black are two of my all-time favorites. Is there anything coming up that we don’t want to miss?

There’s a new one from Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures called Ethni-City, and this is going to win me my AVN award. The AVN award that I’ve been waiting on for 12 years, I’m going to finally get it next year (laughs). I know this is the one because I did a very good job. As far as my acting, yeah I better get that. The trailers are out already, you have to watch it. It’s an all-black movie, it looks like a real movie, and it’s definitely something that HotMovies is going to want to have on the radar. Just the trailer alone will suck you in. Myself, Prince Yahshua, Nat Turnher, he did an amazing job, and Eddie J, he did a good job. Honestly everybody performed well and it makes you feel like you’re watching a real movie. Brad did a great job, he loves us, and I love him for loving us.

What studios or directors do you see going out of their way or do more than the usual to portray black performers in a positive, non-stereotypical light?

Brad and Jessica! Yes girl, Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong over there at Wicked. They go out of their way.

What do they do, how do they go out of their way?

Well, because I’m sure they get backlash about how people don’t want to back it or do it, so the budget is smaller and they get a bunch of no’s. Then they try again maybe 6 months later and get another fucking no. But they’re so persistent that they finally get that yes, and they take that and make sure that we as black actors get noticed, and I appreciate that. I appreciate them putting their time and effort into us when they don’t have to. I mean, they make great movies, and it’s not like I’m a Wicked contract star, but I’m constantly on the covers and for that I love them, both of them. And Jessica is another one that’s a great business woman.

It’s refreshing to hear from someone within the industry that people really are out there trying to make a difference and show us in a different light. In general though, it seems like the taboo stereotypes are what most go for. Why do you think it’s so easy for racism to thrive and benefit the porn industry compared with just about every other profession?

Well, when you look up porn, what do you do? You categorize it. Correct?

Yes ma’am.

Okay, so it’s racist already. You’re already separating it, and they’re already putting you in a box. It’s the way it’s displayed, and it makes it harder for us to get out of that box. It can’t be broader. You can’t just go say you’re looking for hot girls because people want specifics. It's fantasy, so people want Spanish girls or Asian girls and it’s always going to be that way. It makes it to where it’s so easy or it has to be categorized that we do certain types of movies putting us in certain situations because that’s what people want to see and that’s how they look it up. It's society and I don’t know if we’re ever going to be able to change that.

Yeah, I get it. It’s hard to put jurisdiction on a fantasy, and you do have to sell the people what they want at the end of the day.

Exactly! This is a place where people feel they can be comfortable, and if they don’t feel like they can be comfortable in that fantasy, even if that fantasy is racist, then what’s the point, you know? It’s supposed to be a safe zone, but it’s not really a safe zone for us actors because we feel discriminated against. But I don’t know how to change that, baby.

Have you ever personally faced that discrimination head on or face-to-face?

No, not in that aspect. It’s just been me noticing that the people around me are getting deals or showcases or opportunities to direct and go out of the country to do various things, and we just don’t. We’re the last ones to get offered. I’m always the last one on the list and it doesn’t matter how big of a super star I am, and it sucks. But it is what it is, and you have to continue to shine through that. That’s what I try to do. I do the best I can.

You do a great job and it’s evident.

Aww, thank you baby.

No need, you deserve it. Now, maybe I’m just a dreamer, but I always think that the change can come from within the industry itself. If studios put more black performers in their movies without highlighting it as interracial, ghetto, and big booty, maybe we can subconsciously change the way society thinks about it. What do you think about that approach?

I see where you’re going with that and I think it could work. It would take a while and there might be some backlash, but absolutely, it could work. You never know, and it never hurts to try.

So now we have to get people to try.

(Laughs) Yeah, now that’s the hard part right there.

Well Misty, thank you so much for your time, this has been amazing. Is there anything else you’d like to say or let your fans out there know about?

I think we touched all the bases. I just want to encourage people to buy their porn – no piracy – because that’s the only way I can continue to make it for you. And hearing the feedback and support from my fans gave me a little push and more confidence to put my original content out there so thank you guys.

Check out more of Misty Stone here, and be sure to check out Ethni-City!

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