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HotMovies had the pleasure of sitting down with multiple award-winning performer and sex position innovator Prince Yahshua to get to know the man behind the Timberland boots and knee pads. Yahshua didn't hold back when it came to how he broke his penis on set, why he hates California, and the persistent problem of racism and double-standards in the adult industry. The story behind how he got his porn name may surprise you, but what doesn't surprise is Yahshua's unending passion for the industry in which he works and his desire to leave a lasting impression, both with his performances and his production company, Silver Back Entertainment.

HM: Happy Black History Month! Are you doing anything to celebrate?

PY: I celebrate Black History every day, because I’ve been black for 46 years now. I don’t need a particular month even though I honor it very much. I live it every day, so every day I honor black history.

Are there any black Americans who inspire you, in or out of the industry?

Definitely. The people that inspire me actually are not in porn at all. Actually, it’s family members, my mother, who we call The Queen, who actually isn’t here. She hasn’t been here for the last six years.

I’m sorry to hear that.

Oh it’s not a problem at all. The Lord had different plans for her and took her on her journey, so with that I’m okay. The teachings and the blessings that she gave me as a youth, as well as my father, The Big Prince –

The King?

Exactly! Who showed me right and wrong and how to navigate through life, those are the people that I particularly look up to.

Is there anything in particular that they taught you that comes to mind and that you carry with you?

Real love. Real respect and real honor for the next man or woman that stands with you or next to you.

Where does your porn name come from?

Actually my porn name is not really a porn name at all. Believe or not, it actually… it’s crazy. That actually happened on accident. My mother and father, once again, have been calling me Prince since the day I was born. When I got old enough to ask them why, they said, “Well, in days past we roamed this earth as kings and queens. If they were kings and queens back in the day, what does that make you? It makes you a Prince.” So that’s what they’ve been calling me since the day I was born.

The Yahshua part came much later. When I was in my 20s, one of the guys that I knew very well from my neighborhood in Chicago was a Hebrew Israelite. And he said, “Hey, you should really come with me to one of my classes.”

I said, “I ain’t got time for this shit. You got the wrong guy. I don’t got time.” But I ended up going. After talking to me a few times I went, and the elder there kept on talking about the name Yahshua. As soon as I heard the name it really captivated me. It really touched me in my soul. So afterwards I was like, “Yahshua, Yahshua, what does this name mean?” It’s Hebrew. It means “Jesus” in Hebrew. So after the class I went up to the elder, who had to have been about 89 years old, but this man was about as healthy as me. I said, “Excuse me Elder, can I speak to you?”

He said, “You sure can, son.”

I said, “That name ‘Yahshua,’ I’m captivated by it. Would I be wrong if I wanted to take up that name?”

And he said real brief, real easy to me, “Look at that real quick. ‘Yahweh’ in Hebrew is who?”

I said, “Well, that’s God.”

He said, “Exactly. So ‘Yahshua’ is who?”

I said, “Jesus.”

He said, “That makes him who to you?”

I said, “My brother.”

He said, “Exactly. So how would you be wrong taking up your brother’s name?” So from that day forth, if you called me anything other than Prince Yahshua I wouldn’t even respond to you.

So what happened was when I first got my deal in California, naturally I brought a lot of people out from Chicago to LA. Everywhere we went they were, “Oh Prince Yahshua, Prince Yahshua, you’re doing it big, man!” It just got associated with porn. It just went on and I would try to correct people. “No no no, it’s just Prince!” “Oh yeah Prince Yahshua!” So I just said fuck it.

What brought you out to California in the first place? Was it just porn or were you doing other things?

Absolutely not. I actually hated California and had no aspirations to come to California. I owe my whole career to a black girl in Chicago, God bless her wherever she is, by the name of Malibu. I used to do photography when I was in Chicago and she would come over to my place on the lakefront and I would take pictures of her. She told me, “Hey, I really want to do this porn thing.”

I was like, “Yo, we’re doing this on a very small scale in Chicago. Fuck California! You wanna go somewhere with fucking brown leaves? Hell no.”

She said, “Well, take a few pictures of me and we’ll send it to all the companies out there.” No problem. If you wanna waste your time, you can do that. So I took about a hundred, two hundred pictures of her. I put my camera on a tripod, and at the end of the pictures we ended up having sex right there, and my camera was rolling this whole time. It was about fifteen minutes worth of footage and I sent it out to all of these companies. I just thought that this would be extra added on for her so that they could see what she can do. So I sent it out, and I went to the movies that night. I got back late that night and before bed I went over to my computer to check my email. To my surprise, almost every last one of these companies hit me back.

At that time that’s when super powerhouse companies like Vivid, Red Light, all of these big companies were still around and they were all hitting me back. “Beautiful girl, but unless she’s here in California we can’t use her, because duh, it’s California, we get beautiful girls all the time.” So I appreciated all of these companies for hitting me back.

But the last one was from West Coast Productions, and the general manager said pretty much the same thing, but at the end of it he said, “PS. Who the fuck was that dude in the video fucking that girl?”

So I hit him back with, “Yo, that dude is me, Prince.”

He said, “Do you have a number that I can contact you?”

I gave him my number and I said, “How can I help you?” He said, “I think I can help you.”

I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”

He said, “That was you in that video with that girl, right?”

"Yes, what’s the problem?”

He said, “Well listen, I’m the general manager of West Coast Productions and I would love to fly you out here to California. If you can show me what you can do, what I’m looking at you do right now in this video, I think I have a job for you.”

I said, “Did you say you will fly me out there?”

He said, “Yeah.” Yo, let’s do it! Three days later they had me in first class, up in the Hilton. They put me on a seven day trial. After the third day, the owner James Alexander signed to my first $100,000 contract. So like I said, it actually happened on accident.

It‘s interesting that you were in Malibu’s first video and that you filmed it. It sounds like you were kind of like a director from the beginning of your career, and I know that you’re directing now. Do you enjoy directing or performing more?

I share both of them equally. Performing is definitely a passion because I bring everything that I have to it. Directing is something that I definitely love because I get to to see my vision through the eyes of other people, so both I hold in high regard.

Do you ever plan to quit performing and just focus on your studio?

Absolutely! It has been without a doubt an amazing ride, especially a guy like myself from the slums of Chicago. I knew I would be on TV one day. I always knew that. I thought it would be America’s Most Wanted honestly. But to actually turn it around, as well as my life, and do a whole 360 and now be recognized from here to Brazil to Indochina is nothing less than amazing, a true blessing from God. So with that I’m honored. But at the same time because I’ve pretty much (thank you Jesus) been great from the start I really don’t want to do what a lot of people do, and that’s overstay their welcome. So I’d rather retire from the industry before the industry retires me.

Go out on top, right?

Absolutely. I know there’s going to be somebody better than me out there one day. That person is not here yet, but... [laughing]

I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’m sure he’s looming somewhere.

So you’ve broken your penis on the job now twice I believe.

That is actually a very false statement. I actually broke it once. That’s when I broke it and almost died. If we would have waited for the ambulance, the doctor told us, if I would have gotten there five minutes later I would have died from blood loss.

Oh god!

Yeah. The second time I needed to go under the knife it wasn’t because it was broken at all. It was because I had built up so much cartilage from using it all over again, so they had to go back in and clean everything out.

Thank you for correcting me, I appreciate that.

Not at all! When I see people talk about that, I’m like, “If I actually broke this twice it would be time to fucking leave porn. I’ll see you guys later! It’s time to go!” [laughing]

I’ll make sure everyone knows the truth.

The scar tissue from my first surgery built up from me working again so they just had to go back in and get rid of it all, that’s it.

But you’re all good now, right?

I am a man reborn.

You’ve admitted in past interviews that you’ve got a foot fetish. How do you like to incorporate a girl’s feet into your foreplay?

What I do with any woman that I perform with is I talk to them before the scene, and that’s me getting to know you, and finding out where you’re at mentally. Finding out where I can take you physically. So I ask you questions about you, what you like and what you enjoy. Then I call it my “levels.” The levels start anywhere from 2 to 10. If you want it like that today, I’ll take you to a 9 or a 10. But if I feel like you’re really the girl-next-door and you really don’t know what’s going on, I don’t want to be the one to destroy you so I’ll take it down to a 5 or 6. At the same time make you feel, not loved because that’s not what our job is, but give you passion, as well as incorporate certain body parts, like your feet. Because that’s one of the most, I don’t want to say ticklish areas, but the feeling is just so different and so intense. It really works. Now, in women’s defense, not every woman likes her feet to be touched, let alone sucked or kissed, so the ones that I find that actually do, we just explore it very deeply and have fun with it.

It’s all about communication.

Always. When two people are together on camera, it’s like a waltz. We have to move together. When I get guys all the time say, “Prince, I can do what you do!” I just look at them. Don’t get me wrong, you might be King Kong behind closed doors, but when it’s lights-camera-action, it’s a whole different situation.

You always wear knee-pads and Tims in your scenes. Can you talk about that? We love that in our office and think it’s the coolest thing.

[laughing] Another bad misconception! The Timberlands, absolutely. I remember James Alexander from West Coast asked me what would be different about me, Prince, being in the industry than any other people. So asked me to take home a few tapes of other people before me to see what they’re doing. Maybe I can implement a few things that they’re doing. Find my likes and dislikes. A week later when I see him he says, “Did you see the tapes?” I said, “I sure did.” He was like, “So what did you come up with?” I said, “I don’t know what these guys are doing. They’re making love. That’s not what we do in Chicago, we gorilla-fuck and we do it with our Timberlands on."

So in that aspect I knew one of two things would happen. They would either love me or they would say, “Yo, this black dude is crazy and we need to get him back on a plane back to Chicago.” Luckily for me, they loved it and I’ve been here ever since. So the Timberlands are a yes.

As far as the knee-pads, I had bad knees. So before I got surgery done, it was suggested by my doctor that I wear them. I didn’t know that it would become of the biggest fad crazes in adult history. I still do it from time to time, and people love it when I do it. So now that I have my deal with the best company in the world, Jules Jordan Video, one of my lines that I will be bringing out will be called Just Like Me, where the girls also will have on Timberlands and knee-pads.

That’s so cool! We were always watching you with the knee-pads trying to figure out why you would need them, but that makes a lot of sense. And then the Tims, that’s just repping Chicago, right?

Exactly. It’s all a Chicago thing with the Tims. The knee-pads, your boy had fucking bad knees. So after I had my surgery I was out for a month and a half, almost two months, and I didn’t wear them and people were like, “Hey Prince! Where the pads at?” Dude, you thought I was doing that for show? I actually really needed them! [laughing] It caught on so big that I will not disappoint my public, and like I said, I will have them in Just Like Me.

I’m going to switch gears to the more serious half of the interview. There’s been a lot of discussion about racism in the industry, especially in regards to interracial movies and white girls getting paid a lot more than their regular rates to have sex with a black performer. It seems like it’s still seen as this really big taboo. You’ve been in the industry for a while now. Have you seen any changing the tide in regards to that?

Absolutely no change. Absolutely not. I am the biggest spokesman on the racism in porn. Why? First of all, I’m a big nigga, and they know that they can’t tell me what to do. I’m gonna do what the fuck I wanna do. More importantly, I just don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me. My job is my job, but the character in which they try to treat us within the job is a whole ‘nother story. Most companies that you’ve probably never seen me work for or be with it’s because of the things that they do.

For instance, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of I Sucked A Negro’s Dick or I Have A Negro Stepfather, all those kinds of stereotypes? Now, no disrespect to the brothers whose paygrades don’t look like mine; they have to do those types of movies. Myself, I would never degrade myself to ever be part of anything that disrespectful. As far as the women that ask for more, that’s absolutely true. Sadly, it has a lot to do with these fucking punk-ass agents sending girls to these companies. They tell them that they want you to start just doing boy-girl, girl-girl, or even anal or a gangbang before they ever lay down with a black man, because that’s where the big money comes in.

What nationality are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m white.

Okay! If you were like, “Hey Prince! I really feel your movement, the whole Silver Back World thing is really big, not just there but over here in Philly as well. I would really like to work for you.”

If I told you “No” and you asked me why, and I told you “Well, honestly you’re a cracker, a white girl, you can’t fuck with me,” you could get a lawyer and sue me and Silver Back World for everything I have, because that’s reverse discrimination. But here it is, in the industry that’s known around the whole world, where color actually does matter, where someone can say “no” to you based on the color of your skin. Are you kidding me?

To drive this point home, there was a certain woman who I worked with. I won’t give her name because I really don’t like that filthy hoe at all. At that particular time we was cool, and she’s a white woman, a heavy-weight in the business. When I got there they were taking pictures of her. They said, “Hey Prince, we’re glad you’re here, your paperwork is in the kitchen, go fill it out.” No problem. So I went to the kitchen to get my paperwork. When I grabbed my paperwork, hers was kind of overlapping mine. So when I grabbed mine, hers fell to the floor. When I went to retrieve it and pick it up, on the paperwork it showed how much this girl was making. And it said $3,500. So I see that and I went “Huh.”

So I put it down, went back into the front room, and I asked the director, “Hey, what’re we doing today? Because I just thought that we were just doing a boy-girl, me and her. Is this an orgy, a gangbang, blowbang, or something?”

He said, “No Prince, what’re you talking about? It’s just a simple boy-girl. We sent that to you in the text.” I said, “Huh, okay.” I went back into the kitchen and as I was filling out the paperwork, I looked at that number again, and I thought of every black girl that I know in the business that for that amount of money, that that girl is getting just to lay down with me, to do a simple boy-girl scene, and me and her have known each other forever in the business, it would take the average black girl, wow… four to five scenes just to get that same money that this girl is getting in one go. For not doing nothing special. Am I even doing anal with her? No, just regular boy-girl.

The biggest thing is because this porn business has evolved to the West Coast and it’s been here for pretty much ever, it’s not a secret, the West Coast is a racist area. And because it’s here, they’re going to make sure that certain traditions hold fast here. I’ve navigated through it myself with literally almost no problem. They’ve said, “Hey Prince, would it be okay if she called you nigger or negro, just once or twice?” You want that bitch to get kicked in the fucking mouth? “Well no, we don’t want that.” Okay then, as a matter of fact, let me just leave. You find another monkey for the day, because you got the wrong guy.

Yeah, we don’t accept movies where they use the n-word.

Again, look at where you’re at. Midwest, East Coast values are totally different than West. So the girls here that don’t do interracial, that I see when I’m out and about say, “Hey Prince, how are you?” I say, “Hey, how you doing? And I walk away. There’s nothing for me to talk about. I’m gonna be cordial, but there’s nothing for me to talk about. Like I said, that takes me back to slavery days. So if this is how you feel, then there’s no reason for me to communicate with you. Half of the girls actually will go through their careers from the first day to six years, seven years later, now they’re drawn up, fucked up, and out of their minds, “Oh, now I wanna start doing interracial. I wanna work with Prince.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned down women. You went through your career and now that you’re on the back fucking burner and you look like crap and you’re trying to rebuild yourself? Won’t happen.

Interracial is still super popular. Do you think that that genre is still so popular because the industry itself is pushing it, or because the audience demands it so much?

No, the audience has nothing to do with it. The audience doesn’t write the checks. The companies write the checks. It’s the companies and the agencies that push this. Plain and simple. There’s no getting around it, it’s just what it is. Like I said, me working side by side for the company and the man that I work for, Jules Jordan, is a true blessing because he’s also a native from the East Coast. Like I said, it doesn’t go.

Do you feel like you’re relegated to niche content based purely on the color of your skin? Like you’ve been denied certain opportunities in the industry?

Absolutely. I am one of the most recognized men that have ever done porn. Like I said, I never could have imagined that would have happened to me the way it did. Or to pick up the speed in the business that I have. But the awards that I should have been given I don’t get. Definitely Male Performer Of The Year, from the racist people at AVN, who I don’t mind telling year after year after year (XBIZ as well) I’ve done what I’ve done on a consistent basis from the day I got off the plane in California. I almost died on set for this job. Came up, four and a half months later, and right away have been doing it and killing it ever since. Like I said, these awards elude me all the time for some reason. Hmm, let’s think. It could only be one thing: the color of my skin.

But when we had the UrbanX awards show in 2010, 2011, and 2012, back to back to back, I won Performer Of The Year over all of my other peers. How did this happen? Because of what XBIZ and AVN are not doing. XBIZ and AVN have panels within their own companies, to see who’s taking care of them, who’s giving them advertising. Who’s pushing shit for them, so they’re going to push shit for them. They gave me the wrong impression when I first stepped off the plane and they said that you’re judged on your merit, the basis of your content, and definitely your character and your performance. They lied to me. It’s about who’s writing out the biggest check to give these fucking f*ggots to give you an award. I’m sorry, that’s not what I’m about. What the UrbanX awards did is they put it in the people's hands that view us every day. That’s you. That’s everybody in your company, in your office. So you can decide, wait a minute, who do I like? This guy, this guy, or this guy? You know what, all of those guys are good. Yo, Prince killed it. Let’s vote for him. So when you leave it up to the consumers, the people who are really buying this, they see us every day. We don’t know these people AVN and XBIZ. These shows? That’s the only time that we see them. There’s a bad misconception that they are on our sets every day, or that we can’t run without them. We don’t even fucking know these people. These people don’t know us! And that’s what the public needed to know, that that’s not what you’re being told.

I mean, it’s no secret that it comes down to advertising dollars.

Exactly! So that’s what you’re not being told. So does this and other awards elude me? Definitely. I’m an inspiration even to Caucasians, women like you. You know my story. You know where I come from. I wasn’t the guy that lived in West Hills Hollywood, and just happened to grow up in that business. I was a street guy, I was a drug dealer, I’ve actually been to the joint. I came out and wanted to change my life around, and now that I’ve done a whole 360, I’m getting the proper due for it. But that’s okay with me! Why? Because at some point you realize it’s not about the awards. As much as I would love to have it, it’s not about that. When I’m walking through the airport, and someone like you comes up to me, “Oh my God, Prince! Can I have an autograph or take a picture with you?” Which one do you wanna do first? That’s my appreciation. You guys validate me. I don’t need the award.

All about the fans, right?

All about them. They always say I’m the greatest, but I wouldn’t be the greatest without all of you. Only because of you. Porn has been available for visual consumption since the 1920s, okay? Since then to now, me, a black man, brought in moves that the game has never seen, which is the F-150. But if one of my Caucasian counterparts had come up with these moves, they probably would have been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but because I did it, “Oh my god, that’s such a cute little trick.” Fuck outta here. I’m doing something that you’ve never seen.

Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday. Do you have anything planned for that? You got a special lady?

My fiancé is my world, she and my son. My son is actually upstairs sleeping right now, he has a very bad cold so I took off today. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions about us, that we have wild soirees, orgies. I am truly a family man. My fiancé, my son, they mean everything to me. So what I do have planned for them is I will taking them to Cirque Du Soleil. We’ll have a great time, and we’ll definitely go to a restaurant, a steakhouse called 35.

How do you like Vegas over California?

I think it was time for me to leave. After 13 years of being there it was time for a change. Vegas has welcomed me wholeheartedly. For the first four months that I was out here I didn’t pay to eat anywhere because they were like, “Oh my god, it’s really you!” It got to the point that I would call people I knew and say, “Hey, I’m about to go eat, you better come over here!” [laughing] Vegas has been a great experience for me. It’s been a great time. My fiancé just became a real estate agent. We’re just moving in a whole new direction now and I love it.

Do you have anything that you want to say to your fans or anything that they can do to support you?

The only thing that they can do is just keep on doing what they’ve been doing. Be there for me the same way that I’m gonna be there for them. To the most powerhouse company in the business, which is Jules Jordan and Jules Jordan himself, and their whole team, I thank them, I love them, and we’re gonna keep it moving just for you all. You will be dazzled year after year.

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