AVN's reigning Best Male Newcomer of 2017 and powerhouse performer Ricky Johnson has been keeping busy this year, filming for top studios like Blacked.com, Wicked Pictures, and New Sensations. We caught up with Johnson and asked him how he likes life as a porn stud so far, what his upcoming projects he's excited about are, and about the lucky guy's relationship with fellow star Keisha Grey.

HM: Congrats on winning AVN Best Male Newcomer a few months ago! How has your career changed since winning?

My career has picked up a little since winning. I got the opportunity to work with some companies that I hadn't worked with before winning. I think winning just put my name out there for companies who didn't know who I was to give me a shot.

You only started doing porn last summer, correct? It’s a pretty big deal to go from a virtual unknown to AVN Best Male Newcomer in a few short months, especially considering you were up against some stiff competition. To what do you attribute your rise to fame?

No, August of 2015 was when I started. My first year I was in a weird relationship that held me back from really performing. So, I'm coming up on year two this August, and I was in for about a year and half when I won. I attribute it to just being myself and being consistent. I'll have the same personality today as I do three years from now. I'm not one to change and act all high and mighty.

What made you want to get into porn?

It was always in the back of my mind. In college, I was dealing with a lot of things. One day, I decided to just research the industry, and after 4 months of back and forth researching and talking to my friends, I decided to just send my pictures into different agencies. And boom, here I am today with the wonderful agency OC Modeling. Couldn't be happier.

What had been your favorite on-set experience so far?

Any new experience is my favorite. I like porn because you get to play different roles and be different personas and do things in different situations, so anything new is super cool.

Has there been anything about the industry that wasn’t what you expected?

Not really. Everything that has happened so far has been pretty much what I've expected. Nothing has really caught me off guard.

What are your career goals for the next year? Are there any directors or performers that you’re looking forward to working with? Any personal projects that you have in the works?

My goals for next year is to be one of the top male talent in general, not just the top new talent. I'm more so looking forward to companies. I haven't worked for Naughty America yet, and I would like to do some more virtual reality scenes, as well as features, because I love acting. I plan on doing more behind the scenes stuff in 2018. I'm going focus on performing in 2017 and directing in 2018.

Before you got into the industry, were there any performers that you looked up to or admired?

I admire the way Johnny Sins career is at right now. He saved his money, has a beautiful woman, and is very productive, business-wise. I admire the performers who just don't perform forever, but also learn to make passive money.

Recently there’s been a lot of discussions surrounding racism in the adult industry. Is that something that you’ve struggled with? How do you think that performers can change that?

I would say the only way to change racism in the industry is to change it outside the industry. I believe the niches and stuff people like are a byproduct of what society is like. That being said, I think more interracial performers need to get to the point where they can make a difference, as opposed to just taking about it.

If you could bang anyone, alive or dead, on camera or off, who would it be?

My GF. A politically correct answer is always the best answer. LOL. But, there is this celebrity named India Love.

You were recording music with Damon Dice. Can you tell us a little bit about that project?

All I can say is that it's an EP titled “Dice ‘Em Up with Sticky Ricky” and it will be out during this upcoming AVN.

Besides music, what do you like to do when you’re not at work? Any interesting hobbies?

I like to work out and play videogames with my friends. I also like to explore the world and do stuff that I haven't done and experience stuff that I've yet to experience.

You and Keisha Grey are one of porn’s newest power couples. How did you two meet?

We met on a scene. It was for Blacked and was an orgy scene. We favored each other in the scene and caught each other's eye. This past AVN, we hung out and have been ever since.

How can your fans support you?

Follow my Twitter/Instagram @yearofthericky, my Snapchat at climob, and my OnlyFans is OnlyFans.com/yearofthericky.

Any final words?

Look for me in tons of new scenes. I’ve been filming a lot. Make sure to let the companies know on social media or their boards how much you enjoy my performances. I appreciate you taking the time to interview me. Have a wonderful day.

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