French-Canadian beauty Savana Styles has been showcasing her XXX talents since 2015, and this year the sultry MILF star began filming for her very own production company, Alpha Females. Savana was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview, dishing details on her marriage to porn stud Lexington Steele, her expert deepthroat blowjob techniques, and how she learned to love dominating men. Learn more about Savana Styles below!

Savana Styles

HM: You were chosen to compete in the 2018 HotMovies Porn Star Bracket Tournament that just ended. What charity did you compete for and why?

SS: The charity that I selected was the Nature Conservancy because they are relentless in defending natural resources, protecting endangered species, and preserving nature. Their work helps to promote biodiversity on a global scale.

You've been in the adult industry for a few years now, how has 2018 been treating you so far?

This year has been the most challenging of my life because I gained my independence within the industry; taking charge of my productions, essentially becoming the sole proprietor of my company, Alpha Females.

You're married to Lexington Steele. What are some of your tips to maintaining a happy and fulfilling relationship in the adult industry?

It is important to spend time together. We like to go hiking, spend time at the beach, go to the movies, or simply just kick it at the pad. You must take the time to show your partner how much you care about them, and that can be done through kind gestures or by saying "I love you."

Lexington Steele and Savana Styles

How did it feel to go from being a big fan of Lexington Steele, to meeting him, dating him, joining the industry, and eventually becoming his wife?

It was entirely unexpected. I was swept up in the fantasy that became reality. My roots were a bit humbler. To be where I am now feels like I am in a dream. Sometimes I pinch myself to prove that I am really here. I am extremely grateful and appreciative of all that I have been allowed to accomplish.

How do you and Lex like to relax at home when neither one of you are shooting?

Since I have launched my company Alpha Females LLC, I honestly have not really any time to relax. There are constant demands as the sole proprietor of my company, whether it be directing, acquiring investments, producing, or editing.

It’s no secret prejudice is unfortunately still alive and well in America. Have you experienced any stigma being in an interracial relationship?

Yes, unfortunately there are still people that still make derogatory racial comments on my social media pages, which indicates that prejudice is still too prevalent in our society today.

Lex is known for being incredibly well-endowed, and it can't be easy taking a penis of that size on a regular basis. Do you have any tips for women on how to navigate their man's large member when giving a blowjob?

I have a confession for you. Before I became an adult movie performer, blowjobs were not very enjoyable for me to do. I can’t really explain why, but I remember that one of the cause was the cramps in my mouth after few minutes. But fortunately, the XXX industry made me change my point of view on that. I had to learn how to open my mouth wide to be sure I don’t bite the cock. (LOL) Also, I learned to control my gag reflex and take the cock deeper and deeper in my throat. Then, I use my hands correctly, put a lot of saliva on them, look at the guy in the eyes, and talk dirty while he’s having his pleasure. And finally, because I’m a giver, I realized that being good at it is worth it, because I love the fact that I can give a lot of pleasure to men with my mouth. And I can tell women who want tips that the best way to learn is to practice, and if you have different partners, it’s very important to ask every new guy how he likes a blowjob. It’s surprising how a certain man will like it one way and another man will hate it. So always ask!

Savana Styles, Lexington Steele & Veronica James

You might have one of the best asses in the industry. Do you have a fitness or diet routine you employ to keep your phenomenal body and booty looking great?

I have always been an active person and enjoy swimming, horseback riding, and gymnastics. Also, I worked out at the gym for ten years, did three fitness competitions, and, in addition to being a nurse, I was schooled as a personal trainer and nutritionist. To keep the shape, I follow those rules: I drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables, eat a lot of protein (shakes, meat, eggs), and finally, I take multi-vitamins and omega-3 every day. I avoid carbs as much as I can and don’t drink alcohol because it makes me bloated.

You speak English, but your native tongue is French. Which language do you prefer dirty talking in, and why?

When I began fucking, I did so in French, so ultimately, I believe it is easier for me. My vocabulary is greater in French and I feel I can give a better description of things in that language. But I like the fact that I have command of both languages, so I can go back and forth between English and French.

You've done professional domination in your past and shoot Femdom content for studios like Meanbitch Productions. What is it about dominating men that you enjoy the most?

I confess that in the beginning, when first introduced to Femdom, I was a bit uncomfortable because I don’t really like to hurt people. Gradually, I learned to enjoy controlling men when I realized how much they enjoy it, and even I can say they need it. Those men are not losers, and they’re usually very powerful in every sphere of their lives, because happiness is about balance. They need someone who takes control over them sometimes to reestablish this balance. So, knowing that fact, Femdom becomes much more interesting and pleasurable for me.

Savana Styles for Meanbitch Productions

Although you're typically in a dominant role, we did see you submit to Xander Corvus in MILF Bound. Was it difficult giving up control? Do you plan on shooting any more content where you're in the submissive role?

I don’t particularly prefer being dominated because I feel like it squashes my personality, but I have no problem giving up control. It is very easy and fun. Typically, because of my stature, I am cast into the dominating role, so it is rarer for me to have to be the submissive.

Your tattoos are flattering and beautiful, and you've had some of them a long time, but the industry isn't always accepting to tattooed performers, which is unfortunate. What do you say to companies, directors, and fans who are biased against tattooed models?

I have lost many scenes due to my tattoos. It’s very frustrating to be categorized and judged because I elected to display art on my body. Tattoos can be beautiful and it’s unfortunate that so many people are narrow-minded.

Savana Styles for MyXXXPass

You've directed multiple movies (The Riders happens to be a personal favorite of HotMovies staffer, Authentic Lezz). What is it like for you being behind the camera?

I love to see everything unfolding, and – in my head – I have a picture of what I would like to see. It’s lovely to be in control of who the actors are, what their costumes will be, and have my fantasies materialize before me. I like having the extra responsibility and, of course, the control!

You recently directed a movie called Interracial Playground, which features a softer take on gangbang-style group sex. What made you want to film these kinds of scenes in a less conventional manner?

The name of my company is Alpha Females, and there is no way that I am going to depict females in a derogatory light. Words like bitch, slut, and whore have no place in my films. Choking, spitting, and hitting are demeaning to females, and I refuse to perpetuate this attitude towards women.

How can your fans best support you?

Buy my DVDs, buy individual scenes on my website: I’m working very hard these days on my YouTube Channel. So, it makes me so happy every time I see a new subscriptions or comments there.

Savana Styles for Brazzers

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