Steven St. Croix

In a business where most male performers are often considered to be no more than a mere stunt cock, industry powerhouse Steven St. Croix has managed to build an illustrious 25-year career with more than 750 titles to his credit, a laundry list of awards, and an ever-growing and always loyal fan base. What has always set him apart from of his contemporaries are his acting chops – his ability to bring a genuine, well-developed, and carefully-crafted character to the screen that has, on more than one occasion, turned him into the centerpiece of the scene. It’s this talent, in fact that has allowed him to do what few porn stars have been able to: crossover into mainstream and build an impressive resume of appearances in both movies and television.

While the talent did come naturally to St. Croix, he wanted to better his performances once he entered the industry and began studying with two of Hollywood’s premier acting coaches, Sandy Meisner and Stephanie Feury. The move was not intended to make him a “better porn actor,” St. Croix says, but “to be able to tell a story through a character that makes you believe what he’s saying. I want people to forget they’re watching something; I want to move them. I’ve always said, ‘you’re paying me to act – the sex is free!’”

St. Croix attributes this unique success to more than just raw talent and the desire to better himself, however. According to St. Croix, stepping back and taking breaks from performing to remain fresh, having developed solid business and interpersonal skills at a young age, and his penchant for exploring outside interests have all contributed to his remarkable achievements. He added, “I have a thirst for interests other than fucking. I love to discover new music, art, cities, and culture. I read fiction and non-fiction, I love art house/independent cinema, I’m curious about physics, and history, and this small planet spinning in the universe and what we are and why.”

Steven St. Croix

This boundless curiosity may just come as a by-product of St. Croix’s very religious, strict, and stifling childhood. Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness by a rather devout family, many of life’s most common experiences were just out of reach or off-limits. This denial of knowledge and understanding may very well be the tinder that sparked his passion for ceaseless information and sent him on a very important mission – a mission to discover, absorb, and master as much of the world as he possibly can. Years of segregation and alienation from his peers, as well as being deprived of many of life’s important milestones and lessons that mold your average adolescent, seem to be the driving force behind his quest to see, try, taste and experience everything the world has to offer. After decades of indoctrination that instills the idea that “you are to be no part of this world,” it’s no surprise that St. Croix wants to be a part of ALL of it.

When asked how his religious upbringing affected his views on sexuality, the impact of the religion on him was clear. After two decades removed from practicing, he was still able to virtually quote scripture and verse. This man has clearly forgotten more dogma than most people will ever learn. St. Croix explained:

My mother was a member of the Watchtower Society/Jehovah Witness religion, so I was forced to attend their services as a child without any choice of my own. In their doctrines, they subscribe to the Old Testament beliefs that sex without marriage is a sin in God’s eyes, sex outside of marriage is also a sin, and masturbation is a sin. Of course they couldn’t explain why King David, Solomon and other Israelite kings were allowed concubines.

Any social situation that would allow members of the opposite sex to be alone and tempted to engage in sex was regulated and discouraged from happening, i.e., dances at school, parties without adult supervision, going out on dates (without adults present). So with all the pressure to be chaste, what does a teenager with a growing sexual desire think about? Sex. And any way to see a woman’s naked body or to see sex is the most important thing on the mind. My interest was piqued and it wasn’t until I was 18 that I had my first sexual experience. Laura G., thank you!”

Steven St. Croix Artwork

While some of the characteristics St. Croix attributes his success to are a direct result of the religion (According to many former Jehovah’s Witnesses, the ability to interact with just about any personality and the development of strong interpersonal skills at a young age, are among several of the positive benefits that can be extrapolated from the religion’s method of training its members to participate in “field-service,” its form of evangelizing. Public speaking, which St. Croix has also clearly mastered, is another skill that can be directly linked to this same training.), its influence overall had the exact opposite affect on St. Croix as intended. It did, however; provide him with a perspective of child-like wonder and appreciation for the world around him, as well as an insatiable drive to prove himself…to himself. As a disciplined perfectionist, he brings these qualities to everything he touches, and this can be seen in all forms of his creative expression.

St. Croix’s artistic abilities branch far beyond acting, as he is also a writer (he penned the very well received exposé, Porn Star: Everything You Want to Know and Are Afraid to Ask), director, photographer (digital and film photography), producer, guitarist, and an accomplished painter. While taking a break from the industry in 2009, St. Croix spent several years living in Cannes, France, where he spent his time running an art gallery where he displayed a number of his works. With a modern and edgy, yet classy and elegant feel, his paintings were inspired by “music, the weather, other works of art, textures in nature, and photographs.” He lists “Expressionism, Clave, Picasso, Gerhard Richter, Modigliani, and DeKooning” among his favorite artists and movements that may have impacted on his own personal style.

Steven St. Croix Artwork Steven St. Croix Artwork
Steven St. Croix Artwork Steven St. Croix Artwork
Steven St. Croix Artwork Steven St. Croix Artwork

Find out more about the complex and multifaceted actor by reading the rest of our exclusive interview below, where St. Croix talks industry trends, Measure B, his undying love for bacon, and the most embarrassing item you can find on his iPod!

HM: What was the best sex advice you were ever given?

I was never really given advice by anyone in particular. I really had to learn about sex by my own trial and error, meaning how to approach girls and talk to them, see the signs that they were willing and interested in being intimate with me, etc. The act of sex came very naturally to me, and the desire to please a girl and leave them tired and cross-eyed with a sore but happy pussy drove me rather than just shooting my load inside a girl, wiping my dick on the drapes, and running out the backdoor.

HM: You’ve been in the industry for 20+ years and are considered to be the “gold standard” of male performers – but is there anyone you would consider to be a “role model” for you within the industry, or was there anyone you looked up to as you were building your career?

I can’t say that there were any role models for me. The only person who I really observed carrying himself in a way that was mature and professional was John Leslie. Even though he was filming adult films, in his mind, it was still his job to tell an interesting story and my job to make the story and character believable and relatable.

HM: When you were a contract star with Vivid, President Steven Hirsch took out a $1 million insurance policy on your cock. Where would you put the value on your dick in today’s market? And did the insurance company pay out anything when you “broke your cock?”

That’s an interesting point. To be clear, the policy was in response to me buying a motorcycle and Vivid not wanting to be stuck after they signed the first ever male contract star who then gets in an accident and has his cock severed from going over the handlebars. The odds were that wasn’t going to happen, but it was a good publicity stunt. After which, when I did actually injure my penis in two different scenes, it wasn’t until after I took a break in 1997 that I realized that it was a serious injury and as the tissue was healing, the scar tissue was pulling my cock to the side, bending it. It’s called Peyronie’s; it’s a condition where damaged tissue bends the penis as it heals. I was kind of upset at first because I had the perfect size and shape penis (at least that’s what the girls would tell me) before, but after the healing, it curved upwards right into the G-spot area, so many girls are happy about that. Unfortunately, in the age of cartoon cocks in porn, it doesn’t look as big because of the curve but it satisfies many of my costars!

HM: To date, which film in your extensive catalog do you personally feel you gave your greatest performance?

Torn Box Cover

I’m proud of the roles that have won me acting awards and at each time in my career, I thought that was the best role. As I’ve gotten older and have studied what makes acting performances by other actors compelling to watch, it is the truth of the scene and seeing the human condition manifested in that portrayal. So, I feel Torn, directed by Jacky St. James for New Sensations was my best performance. She wrote an incredibly human story and drove me to find the truth in the scenes.

HM: What piece of advice would 2015 Steven St. Croix offer 1991 Steven St. Croix?

I would say, "Take your time, slow down, and travel more."

HM: You played Captain Hook in Axel Braun’s latest, Peter Pan XXX. How did you research the role, and did any particular mainstream actor or performance inspire yours?

You know something? I didn’t really research anything. I just had fun with him. I played him as a delusional bully of sorts. I did the accent phonetically instead of moving to London for 6 months. I think Keira Nicole did a much better job than me with the accent. I think there was a little bit of Eddie Izzard in my performance.

HM: Having been in the industry for an extended period of time, you’ve had the opportunity to see trends come and go throughout your career. What changes have you seen porn undergo during your time in the industry, and what do you think the next big trend will be?

I’ve seen the talent pool explode in such a way that anyone with a pulse, four limbs, and a willingness to believe the center of the universe revolves around their genitals is accepted into the industry no matter how boring and uninteresting they are. I’ve also seen technology make the process of making adult faster, but people who make it remain slow and uninspiring. There are incredibly creative people making real films with less money we spend on ours, yet I’ve yet to see that happen in adult consistently. I think the next trend will be faux snuff films.

HM: Measure B, the LA condom initiative spearheaded by Michael Weinstein, recently gained enough signatures to appear on the 2016 CA ballot. What is your take on the law and surrounding controversy, and how do you think voters will respond?

I believe in less government oversight. I’m Libertarian with Republican business leanings. Personally, I feel Mr. Weinstein heads up important work in getting medical aid to victims of HIV. But his failure comes from not truly being a leader. He claims he is doing this for the safety of porn performers (he doesn’t specify straight or gay), yet he has not reached out to the performers and really gotten involved with the actual people who make their living from adult. He doesn’t seem to be authentic in his concern. It plays off as a political foothold for his future political aspirations. I think the voters will be fooled by the language of the measure into thinking they’re doing the right thing.

HM: What holds your interest in your free time? What are your personal hobbies and goals?

Eating bacon.
More bacon.

HM: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Bridget Bardot?

Fuck Bardot, marry Sophia, kill Raquel.

HM: What is the most embarrassing song/item currently on your iPod/phone?

LimpBizkit - "Rollin’"

HM: What are you binge watching right now?

The Pacific.

HM: Besides sex, what would you consider your biggest “guilty pleasure?”

Family Guy reruns….no wait………cheesecake!

HM: What other projects are you currently working on? Anything you would like us to plug?

I’m finishing up a second book, with three more slated for the next three years, a documentary film about the male performers in porn today, and a pilot script for TV series.

HM: Any words for all of your fans here at HotMovies?

Sex isn’t about sticking shit in holes, it’s about connecting with another person. So go connect with someone!

Steven St. Croix Artwork Steven St. Croix Artwork
Steven St. Croix Artwork Steven St. Croix Artwork
Steven St. Croix Artwork Steven St. Croix Artwork
Steven St. Croix Artwork Steven St. Croix Artwork

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