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The story of seduction continues from the Scott family to the McBride's, where mother and son, brother and sister, father and daughter enter a world of perverse pleasures.

Barbara Scott (Kay Parker), still luscious, is now living with the voluptuous Gina. She lusts for absent son Paul until a chance meeting with his friend, Junior McBride. Then throbbing with desire, she succumbs to the boy who reminds her of her own son.

From there, Junior seduces his mother and his sister (the luscious Dorothy LeMay).

After this chain of sexual dominoes, crowned by an orgy including a wet and dripping daisy-chain of unbridled lust, Sherry seduces her own father. TABOO II brings you on an all-star cast plus a bevy of new and beautiful nymphettes.

Stars: Bambi, Bambi Lee, Brooke Bennett, Cara Lott, Dorothy LeMay, Honey Wilder, Juliet Anderson, Kay Parker, Linda Shaw, Craig Roberts, David Cannon, Eric Edwards, Jack Mason, Kevin James, Ron Jeremy, Rod Diamond ]]> Pretty Peaches Sat, 29 Sep 2018 21:00:00 -0400 Video: Pretty Peaches
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
XRCO Hall of Fame Movie
AVN Top 500

Restored in 2k from 35mm archival elements

Alex De Renzy considered this dark comedy as one of his best films. After attending her father’s wedding, innocent Peaches crashes her jeep in the forest only to awake with complete amnesia. She is quickly rescued by two manipulative men who hope to sell her back to her family for a hefty ransom. Their adventures introduce Peaches to a crazy doctor with very unusual treatment methods, a sleazy sex show promoter and more, but nothing helps. Poor Peaches doesn’t know what to do...until she remembers Daddy!

Stars: Desiree Cousteau, Eileen Wells, Flower (ii), Holly McCall, Juliet Anderson, Kathy Kaufman, Lisa Sue Corey, Liza Dwyer, Mimi Morgan, Ming Jade, Nancy Hoffman, Phaedra Grant, Sharon Kane, Blair Harris, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Ken Scudder, Paul Thomas, Turk Lyon ]]>
Taboo Thu, 21 Dec 2006 15:07:16 -0500 Video: Taboo
Watch This Video! Studio: Standard Digital
Remastered DVD
XRCO Hall of Fame Movie!
AVN Top 500!

TABOO is a landmark adult film. It is the first adult film to have seriously focused on the subject of taboo love and presents it with "serious passion and excitement," according to Adam Film World. In 1983, it also scored another first when it received an unprecedented nod from the prestigious Video Software Dealers Association. This recognition was considered by many as a turning point in the acceptance of adult entertainment by the mainstream video industry. Finally, due to its overwhelming popularity, it was the first adult motion picture with numerous sequels in release.

Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, leaving her and their son to fend for themselves. In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job. After her boss makes an uncomfortable pass at her and she falls into the divorcee's role of meaningless parties and blind dates, she becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion for the young Paul.

Stars: Brooke West, Dorothy LeMay, Holly McCall, Juliet Anderson, Kay Parker, Lisa Loring, Miko Yani, Sarah Harris, Starr Wood, T.J. Carson, Tawny Pearl, Don Fernando, Gary Eberhart, Jeff Scott, Jessie Adams, Ken Scudder, Lee LeMay, Michael Morrison, Mike Ranger, Turk Lyon ]]>
Come Under My Spell Mon, 15 Oct 2018 09:00:00 -0400 Video: Come Under My Spell
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
The sexually desperate Fernando is a foreign exchange student taking classes in hip 1970’s San Francisco. Surrounded by sexy swingers and even in the free love mecca of Berkely, he is still unable to get some action. His best friend Dave uncovers a cheap, used book about sexual spells for a lark, but Fernando reads it cover to cover and finds he can use it to fulfill his every desire.

Stars: Anita Grimes, Brigit Olsen, Connie Peterson, Cris Cassidy, Jesie St. James, Kathy Kaufman, Liza Dwyer, Mandy Ashley, Marlene Munroe, Sharon Kane, Vicky Lindsay, Blair Harris, Carlos Tobalina, Don Fernando, Fernando Fortes, Ray Wells ]]>
Sweet Young Foxes Wed, 19 Sep 2018 23:31:34 -0400 Video: Sweet Young Foxes
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Remastered and Restored restored in 2k from 35mm camera negatives.

A group of young Southern California coeds spend their days and nights on the prowl looking for ways to satisfy their red hot passions! Laura (HYAPATIA LEE), Maggie (Cara Lott) and Kimberly (Cindy Carver), are the three luscious lasses whose lives are going through tumultuous changes. They decide to descend on a rollicking party to remedy their loneliness.

At the party Laura meets a former schoolmate, giving old torches a reason to light up and burn fiercely. Meanwhile the virginal Kim enters full womanhood at the hands of a dashing young man bent on satisfying their mutual lustful craving. Finally, Maggie finds an intriguing older woman with whom she discovers another side for her sexual hunger. Sweet Young Foxes... ah how sweet!

Stars: Cara Lott, Cindy Carver, Hyapatia Lee, Kay Parker, Pat Manning, Blair Harris, Bud Lee, Carl Lincoln, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy ]]>
Fast Cars Fast Women Sat, 06 Oct 2018 21:00:00 -0400 Video: Fast Cars Fast Women
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Welcome to the erotic world of female race car drivers! These high octane girls know how to rev up everyone’s engine, but when a group of sleazy mobsters begin attacking the girls and their friends, it’s up to their tough coach (Kay Parker) to unleash her own brand of revenge!  

Stars: Carolyn Jackson, Kay Parker, Sylvia Benedict, Al Chiurrizzi, Bill Margold, Dave Thomas (i), Kevin James, Rocky Balboa (ii), Ron Jeremy ]]>
Starship Eros Tue, 02 Oct 2018 21:00:00 -0400 Video: Starship Eros
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Aboard the Starship Eros, the all-female crew have nothing but time to indulge their erotic fantasies, with the help of their robotic servant.

Stars: Becky Savage, Holly Joy, Lily Rodgers, Tara Flynn, Mike Ranger, Quasar ]]>
The First Time Sun, 30 Sep 2018 21:00:00 -0400 Video: The First Time
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

You'll never know how good 'something different' can be - until you try it!

Mimi Morgan stars in this searing sexvid from 1978, playing the long-suffering wife of lazy layabout Joey Silvera. He refuses to look for work, so Mimi decides to help make ends meet by dabbling in porn videos. While shooting her first flick, she meets Jack Wright, a swinging lawyer who rents his house out as a hardcore set. Jack invites Mimi to a swing party, and she brings Joey along for some partner-swapping fun. But what's Mimi to do when she finds herself more attracted to Jack than to her own husband? The action builds to a shattering and surprising finale, as Mimi uncovers Joey's sordid secrets. A blistering blast from the past, 'My First Time' delivers the goods on each and every viewing!

Stars: Mimi Morgan, Sonya Spizer, Suzanne French, Blair Harris, Don Fernando, Jack Wright (i), Joey Silvera ]]>
Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls Fri, 28 Sep 2018 21:00:00 -0400 Video: Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Restored from 35mm negative

This comedy was directed by Bob Chinn and stars the illustrious Candida Royalle, Desiree Cousteau, Paul Thomas and John Holmes

At the most popular pizza parlor in Berkeley, something extra comes with the toppings: beautiful, skateboarding pizza girls that are the classiest working girls in town! John Holmes plays the "pizza man" who is trying to save his business by being a pizza pimp. Also there is a terrible thing lurking at night trying to get a slice of the action.

Stars: Amber Rae, Candida Royalle, Christine Deshaffer, Desiree Cousteau, Laurien Dominique, Vicky Lindsay, Bob Chinn, Carl Regal, Damon Christian, John Holmes, John Seeman, Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco, Spender Travis ]]>
Flesh Pond Wed, 03 Oct 2018 09:00:00 -0400 Video: Flesh Pond
Watch This Video! Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Two men escape from a county jail and hold a group of beautiful swingers in a remote brothel. As sexual chaos ensues, can anyone stop the orgies before it's too late?

Stars: Drea, Kathy Kay, Lina Spencer, Minx St. Clair, Raquel Martine, Rita Ricardo, Rusty Sheldon, Shaun Michelle, Bill Margold, Carlos Tobalina, Helman Tobalina, Jack Mason, Paul Harmon, Reggie Gunn, Tony Leigh ]]>