Everyone has seen the 1982 classic film, Annie, right? It’s the story of an adorable redheaded orphan girl who lives a hard-knock life in a rundown orphanage, run by an abusive, alcoholic woman. She eventually gets rescued by Daddy Warbucks and taken away to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of her charmed life. There are plenty of seedy characters that parade in and out of little orphan Annie’s life, but she is ultimately unscathed by the end of the film. The redheaded scamp with the big heart is rewarded with a real family of her own. It’s a heartwarming family film.

And then there is the new release from Pure Taboo; a parody of that 80s feel good film with a lecherous twist. Anne - A Taboo Parody is a dark and disturbing film, sure to make you forget the original and make this your new favorite version. Following closely to the original storyline, this 2018 XXX version features surprisingly good acting, incredible direction, and deliciously seedy characters that make the film so much fun to watch. Written by the talented Bree Mills, and co-directed by Bree Mills & Craven Moorehead, Anne has dangerous undercurrents and a seedy underbelly that is pure cinematic gold. At just over four hours long, it requires a little dedication to watch in its entirety, but let me assure you, it is well worth it.

The main character, Anne, is played by Eliza Jane, and boy oh boy does she play sweet and innocent perfectly! Mistreated in the orphanage, harboring a tender delusion that her parents will one day find her and take her home, poor little Anne is a sad girl. Now 18, Anne continues to live at The Hands Transition House For Wayward Girls, an unsavory place run by Mr. Hands (Tommy Pistol), a terrible man who preys on the young girls’ vulnerabilities and uses them to fulfill his own devilish desires. He forces them to do topless webcam work in return for food and shelter. But some of the girls are much more eager to please, and do whatever it takes to gain Hands’ attention. Anne’s only friend at the Hands House is Sally (Kristen Scott), a handicapped girl who Anne tries to protect from Mr. Hands and the other girls in the Hands House. But it would seem that Anne is the one who needs to be protected.

Scene One: Eliza Jane, Ashley Adams, Whitney Wright, and Tommy Pistol

Whitney Wright and Ashley Adams join the cast as the bitchy girls of the Hands House. Eager to please Mr. Hands, they’re constantly taunting the other girls and insulting them. When a fight erupts in their small shared room, Mr. Hands busts in to see what all the noise is about. (Picture Miss Hannigan bursting through the door and little girls scattering everywhere!) Annoyed that his bratty boarders are causing such a fuss, he demands to know who started it. Wright and Adams immediately point a finger at Anne – cute little virgin Anne. Timid and scared, Anne insists she did nothing. Thinking only of themselves and what they can get, Wright and Adams begin to put on a show for Hands, kissing and fondling one another in front of him. Eventually they pull out his dick and take turns sucking him, right there in front of all the other girls. Hands taunts them as his dick is sucked, telling them this is how to be a good girl, how to get special treats. It’s sordid and incredibly erotic to watch the two cock-sucking bitches lavish the creep with attention.

Tommy Pistol in 'Anne - A Taboo Parody'

Being devoid of a moral barometer and lacking in basic human kindness, Wright and Adams begin to taunt poor Sally, teasing her about her handicap. They bring her into their tawdry threesome, putting her onto the bed and then laying top her while Hands fucks them from behind. Anne tries to help Sally, attempting to get her off the bed, but Hands insists she stay there. Anne watches from a distance, desperate to help, but unable to. Wright and Adams are incredible in this scene! When they aren’t sucking a dick or rimming Hands, their mouths are spewing venom. Their taunts are cruel and their appetite for cock is voracious! And Hands can’t get enough of them! He fucks them both hard and fast, switching from one to the other, back and forth. He fucks them doggy style, lays down so they can ride him in cowgirl position, and laughs with evil glee as the girls continue to taunt Anne.

Scene 1 in 'Anne - A Taboo Parody'

After almost an hour of non-stop fucking and cruel taunts, Hands finally shoots his hot load on the upturned faces of Wright and Adams. The girls kiss and swap the cum, enjoying the fruits of their labor. Hands tells Anne it’s no big deal, everyone has fun and pulls their weight around there. But Anne is disgusted and vows she will never fuck him! Furious, Hands rips Anne’s necklace from her throat and tells her she is worthless and nobody wants her. Supposed to have been a gift from her absent parents, the loss of the necklace devastates Anne. She falls to the bed sobbing.

Fast forward two weeks and Hands is enjoying some “quality” time with the girls when someone suddenly arrives. Hands is noticeably nervous as he opens the door to a stunning woman. Victoria Farling (Casey Calvert) is the personal assistant to a rich businessman, Mr. Westfield (Derrick Pierce). Farling is there on behalf of Westfield; he is interested in sponsoring one of the young woman at the Hands House. Hands tries to steer her away from a window overlooking the common area where the girls are located, but the woman sees the orphans and takes matters into her own hands. She enters the room and peruses the girls for one she likes. She lands on Anne and decides this will be the girl the rich businessman will sponsor for one week. She asks Anne if she would like to go and promises to help Anne find her parents. With a promise like that, it’s no surprise Anne agrees.

Scene Two: Eliza Jane and Tommy Pistol

As soon as Anne’s angel of mercy leaves, Hands’ true nature reveals itself once again. He is furious that Anne is slipping from his grasp! He manhandles her into his office and begins to break her down. He tells her that nobody wants her, she will be there with him forever, and nobody will help her. She begs him to let her go, but he continues to deny her. Finally, desperate to go in hopes of finding her parents, Anne gives Hands the only thing she has to offer – her virginity. She agrees to fuck him if he will allow her to leave. Realizing he’s finally gained the upper hand with her, Hands takes the opportunity to taunt Anne before he fucks her. He takes her necklace from his pocket and teases her with it. He pushes her to her knees and pulls down his pants. He holds the necklace against his cock, watching as Anne engulfs the chain along with his cock. She deepthroats his dick, choking and gagging on it, strings of spit spanning the distance between her mouth and this member each time she comes up for air.

Scene 2 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody'

Done for now with her mouth, Hands bends Anne over his desk and pulls down her panties. He takes his time, licking her pussy, nibbling her ass cheeks, teasing her. He knows that he disgusts her and he takes great pleasure in tormenting her. When he finally enters her it’s from behind, Anne spread over his desk as he drives his dick deep inside her virgin pussy. She cries out in surprise, gripping the desk tight as Hands begins to pound her hard. He fucks her like this for several minutes before bringing her to her knees again to suck his dick. Wet from her pussy juices with her necklace dangling from it, Hands’ cock is devoured by Anne once again. He taunts her while she sucks his dick, telling her how humiliating this is for her. She grimaces in mental anguish, forcing herself to deal with it so she might have some hope of finding her parents. Hands lifts her up and lays her on the desk, fucking her missionary style now, driving his cock in and out of her with a speed and intensity that is shocking.

Scene 2 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody'

This scene is incredibly intense. Hands demands that Anne look him in the eye as he fucks her, using her body. Anne is disgusted by Hands, but she is also human, and the pleasure she begins to feel makes her grunt in frustration. Hands enjoys her discomfort, going down on her and watching her face, her hatred for him and the pleasure he gives her flashing in her eyes. He sits down next and Anne squats over him on the chair as he pummels her pussy from below. He’s like a jackhammer, pounding mercilessly. Anne hops down and Hands crams his cock down her throat and face fucks her, gagging her with his dick. She chokes and gags on his cock until finally, Hands erupts on her face.

Finally having gotten what he wanted from Anne, Hands tells her to get dressed. He tosses her necklace into his safe and tells her he’s keeping it. Frantic, Anne screams that they had a deal. But Hands is a man of low moral character, dear friends; he is a bad man indeed. He wraps his arms around Anne from behind and practically carries her from the room. He opens a door and pushes her inside. Anne pounds on the door from the other side, desperate to get out.

Later that evening, when Hands is snoring in his room, Sally hobbles to the door and releases Anne from her dark prison. Clever Sally copied down the address of the wealthy businessman without anyone knowing. She also filched Anne’s necklace from Hands’ office! She hands over the address and the necklace, and urges Anne to hurry. Anne promises she will be back for her best friend and then she slips out into the night. The next day Anne arrives at the address and is met in the driveway by two swarthy men who each take an arm and escort her into the house. She is met by the Bruno, the butler (Mick Blue), who looks her up and down and tells her, “You’re the most beautiful orphan I’ve ever seen.” Then, in quick succession, she in introduced to various other members of the staff, all while being escorted through the house. She’s being taken to meet “Daddy,” the super-sexy moniker that a certain wealthy businessman goes by. All his staff call him that.

Suddenly, Anne finds herself surrounded by the good-looking staff. After listening to a list of house rules, Anne asks her host(s) when Mr. Westfield will be able to help her find her parents. The response is swift and definite – in this house, you must always call him Daddy. It is the most important rule. And because all the staff are so eager to please Daddy, the girls take it upon themselves to bathe little orphan Anne. It’s during this sudsy soak that Anne finds out she’s to be a surprise for Daddy. Farling, Daddy’s personal assistant, has chosen Anne to please Daddy. Anne finds this out while she’s being seductively bathed by Farling and a maid (Elena Koshka). Uh oh… it seems as though Anne has gone from one sordid situation to another!

Scene Three: Eliza Jane, Elena Koshka, Casey Calvert, Seth Gamble, and Mick Blue

Scene 3 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody'

Soaking wet in the tub with the maid and Daddy’s #1, Anne is effectively seduced by their kindness, soft caresses, and gentle approach. They woo her into submission with promises of pleasure, and they make good on those promises tenfold! While Farling (Casey Calvert) goes down on Anne, the maid (Elena Koshka) is caressing Anne’s breasts. The women take their time pleasuring young Anne, giving her a sexual experience far more beautiful than her first with the hateful Mr. Hands. Whey they finish, the ladies lead Anne out into the living room and Anne is surprised to see two of the male staff she met earlier, upon arrival. The limo driver (Seth Gamble) and Bruno, the butler (Mick Blue) get up when the ladies enter. They ask Anne if they can make her cum. Anne is clearly hesitant, but Farling gently encourages her. Anne, her heart on her sleeve and shining from her eyes, looks at Farling trustingly and says, “You promise you’ll help me find my parents after?” Farling coos, “Yes, of course.” Anne agrees and Farling says, “Okay, on your knees.”

Anne drops to her knees and she is presented with two stiff pricks. She is directed to open her mouth and it is filled with meat. She goes from one dick to another, slobbering on each and taking every inch. Before you know it, everyone is involved in the fun! The maid, Farling, the limo driver, and the butler are all going to enjoy the taste of the new girl’s flesh! The sound of slurping is suddenly very loud as the driver and the butler get their dicks gobbled up by ravenous women. Anne licks her first pussy when Farling directs her to eat her pussy; Anne dives right in, seemingly at ease in this group of strangers as they fondle and fuck one another. Annie is fucked doggy style while a dick is crammed in her mouth. She eats Farling’s pussy and kisses the maid when she’s being fucked. All three women take turns riding the men cowgirl style, their breasts bouncing as their pussies are pounded from below. When no more fucking can be done and cocks are about to explode, Anne is face-fucked and left with a hot facial for her efforts. With Anne still gasping for air, Daddy’s #1 says, “Thank you staff, you’re all dismissed.” She snaps her fingers and they all leave the room, Anne on the floor, her stunned face dripping cum. Welcome to the house, Anne!

Scene 3 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody'

We next see Anne in the dining room, clad in a cute little red dress that brings to mind a certain little redhead from this film’s namesake. She is joined by the butler, the driver, the maid, and Farling – the whole crew is there for her big moment; she’s finally going to meet Daddy! And then suddenly, he’s there! Daddy bursts noisily into the room, barking orders into his phone as he strides to the dining table. He sits and barks for the first course, not even noticing the extra guest at the table. He brusquely asks Farling to go over his week’s itinerary and as she is doing so, Daddy notices Anne at the table. He interrupts Farling and demands to know who Anne is. Farling explains that Anne is the orphan he’s sponsoring for the charity, and then gives Daddy a few well-thought-out reasons he should agree, and he reluctantly does.

There are a couple of tense minutes where Anne tries to talk to Daddy, but she’s nervous and he’s moody, so it doesn’t go well. Before you know it, he’s gone. Anne is obviously upset! If Daddy hates her, how will she ever get help finding her parents? Farling tries to calm Anne with encouraging words, and comes up with the idea for the two of them to go upstairs and wish Daddy a good night. Anne is happy for the opportunity to make a good impression on him!

Scene Four: Eliza Jane and Derrick Pierce

Standing outside Daddy’s door, Farling reminds Anne how all the staff helped her to relax and feel welcomed into her new home. She continues, “… that’s just how Daddy likes it.” Anne is hesitant, but Farling opens the door and ushers her inside. Daddy is furious when he sees her in his private space. He insists that she leave immediately. Anne is nervous, but she stands her ground, apologizing and telling him she would be the perfect orphan for his charity work. He is terse and dismissive, telling her it was just supposed to be a photo-op, he doesn’t want a daughter, she needs to leave! But Anne has no interest in being his daughter. She begins to beg him, insisting that they would be great together, she can love him like no other, they can have a life together. “Please just let me in, just let me stay!” Anne’s pleading pushes Daddy into a rage; he throws her onto the bed and leans over her with his hand around her neck. He holds her down as he explains that she would be nothing more than property, another pretty thing he owns and does with as he pleases. There would be nothing more. Anne is willing to take anything he has to offer.

Scene 4 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody'

Daddy dominates their encounter, roughly pulling up her dress to rub her clit as he smashes her lips with his own. He takes out his cock and fucks her face, pushing his dick down her throat and gagging her. Anne spends several minutes showing Daddy just how good her cock-sucking skills are. His staff has taught her everything she needs to know. When she finally gets the cock she craves, it’s in cowgirl position, Anne sliding down onto Daddy’s rigid dick slowly, engulfing him in her moist heat. He thrusts up into her hard, using her body for his pleasure. Meanwhile, Farling is standing at the door watching, rubbing her clit and getting off to the sounds of their fucking. Anne climbs off Daddy’s dick and swallows it once again, taking every inch down her throat. Before long she’s back on top of him, riding Daddy as he roughly slaps her tits and pinches her nipples. He flips her over and fucks her doggy style, pounding her pussy from behind, using her hole harshly.

Scene 4 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

Next, Daddy flips Anne onto her back and fucks her missionary style. He drives his cock deeply into her, over and over. Anne is a slave to his sex, willing to do anything to make this feeling never end. She begs for more, pushing him to fuck her harder and harder. The intensity rises until it can go no higher and with a final thrust, Daddy empties his seed into the hungry cunt of his new property. He lays next to her and rubs her pussy when he’s done with her, the camera coming in for a delicious close-up of his cum pooling just inside her hot, used hole. It’s super hot! But the moment doesn’t last; Farling comes barging in and tells Daddy she always has his best interests at heart, that’s why she brought Anne to him. But now it’s time for Anne to go to bed; Daddy is done with her for now.

Farling takes Anne to her new room and tells Anne how proud she is of her. Farling leaves Anne to get some rest. Laying in bed and thinking over the things she’s done the last few days, Anne speaks aloud to her missing parents. She tells them that everything she’s done has been so she could get closer to them. Determined to find them no matter what, Anne falls asleep with a renewed sense of purpose.

Annie wakes the next morning with Daddy sitting by her side. He calls her princess and gifts her with a necklace that is exquisite, just like her. Those are Daddy’s words, not mine. He’s… what? Wooing her? After his gruff persona from the night before, it’s strange to see him behave in this manner. It looks like the redheaded scamp has gotten to his heart! He promises to do everything he can to find her parents. He wants her to be happy there. Overwhelmed with joy, Anne throws her arms round Daddy’s neck and thanks him the only way she knows how. Sadly, the scene fades to black as Daddy’s hand slides inside Anne’s shorts.

And here we are again, back at that house of ill repute, The Hands Transition House For Wayward Girls. Mr. Hands, despicable as always, has found a new scam to get money. You see, Mr. Westfield (aka Daddy) has offered a one million dollar reward to find Anne’s parents. Mr. Hands promptly calls his sister and together they hatch a nefarious plan.

Scene 5 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

Sarah Vandella plays the role of Mr. Hands big sister. Her dirtbag husband is played by none other than Steve Holmes. The two enter the film and immediately leave a bad taste in your mouth. She with her trashy outfit and even trashier mouth, and he with his disheveled, smoke-clouded, asking to “see the girls” bullshit that pegs him as a degenerate right from the start. But Hands deals with the scum of humanity all the time, so he readily agrees to take Holmes and Vandella to see the girls. It’s uncomfortable from the moment they enter the basement and encounter the girls. Vandella is cruel and taunts the girls, mocking them mercilessly. Even Wright and Adams, the mean girls at the orphanage, cower under Vandella’s verbal assault. And after she hurls her verbal daggers at all the girls, she finally settles on poor Sally.

As the terrible trio hatches their plan, we learn (Spoiler Alert!) that Anne’s parents are actually dead. Anne was dropped off at the orphanage as a baby when both her parents passed away. Hands possess their birth and death certificates, as well as the other half of the locket on Anne’s necklace. Hands implores his sister to “become” Anne’s mother. Holmes, naturally, will play Anne’s father. With the other half of the necklace around her neck, Vandella is sure to convince Anne she’s her mother. But 50/50 on the reward money isn’t good enough; Vandella wants a little something more. She wants Sally. Greedy, mean-hearted Hands agrees to let Vandella use Sally for her pleasure, and the plan is put into motion. But first, Vandella, Holmes, and Sally have a little fun.

Scene Five: Sarah Vandella, Kristen Scott, and Steve Holmes

Sally is brought into the room and literally dumped out of her wheelchair. She agrees to do whatever Vandella and Holmes ask, making the smallest of requests in return. She asks only that she not have to do chores for one week, and that she get to watch television. That is the price for this young girl’s flesh. Once she’s alone with Vandella and Holmes, they waste no time getting busy. Holmes pulls out his cock and puts it in Sally’s mouth, fucking her face. Sally catches a glimpse of the necklace Vandella has already put around her neck, the one that matches Anne's, and she knows immediately what it is. She asks Vandella where she got it, but the domineering scam artist is too busy to do more than offer a quick lie. She’s getting off on using poor Sally, taking advantage of the vulnerable girl.

Scene 5 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

After showing Sally how to properly suck a dick, Vandella puts the orphan on the desk, spreads her legs, and dives into her eighteen year-old pussy. She loves how it looks and tastes, exclaiming over it as she licks Sally over and over. Then it’s Holmes’ turn to enjoy the cripple (their words, not mine!) and he wastes no time sliding his dick deep inside her. Vandella puts her tits in Sally’s face and demands she suck on them. Sally may not have liked the idea of this threesome at the beginning, but she cannot deny how her body is responding! Her pussy is soaked, her breasts heaving as she gasps in pleasure… she is overcome with ecstasy. But she is reminded that it’s not about her pleasure; she is placed between Vandella’s legs and told to lick her ass and pussy. She complies and surprises the cruel couple with her oral skills.

Scene 5 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

Next, Holmes lays Sally over the desk. Her useless legs dangle as Holmes fucks her from behind. He lifts one of her legs onto the desk to give the camera a nice shot of him fucking her. Vandella taunts Sally while Holmes fucks her. She forces Sally to say she loves Holmes’ dick, that he’s going to make her cum. But for all her resistance, Sally cannot stop her body from responding and she has an incredibly orgasm, her body shaking violently. When Holmes moves to sit in a chair and Vandella sits on his cock, Sally is instructed to sit below them on the floor and suck Holmes’ balls. But even as she sucked on his balls, Sally was putting the pieces of the puzzle together. After a bit more cock-sucking and playing with his balls, Holmes finally shoots his load onto the face of his little fuck toy, Sally. Done with her and ready to be rid of her, Vandella and Holmes help Sally to her feet, slap her on the ass, and send her on her way. She walks slowly down the hall, cum dripping from her chin.

Several days later, on the day of the big charity event, the Westfield home is visited by Vandella and Holmes. They’re posing as Anne’s parents and the lonesome orphan is overcome with emotion. And so is Daddy. Anne takes her “parents” up to her room to collect her things, and Daddy storms off in anger. But we all know that anger is masking pain, right? Up in Anne’s room, the happy couple are bickering about how soon is too soon for Holmes to take out his cock. Anne walks in on them and they quickly stop, but the weirdness level rises as Holmes gets handsy with his “daughter.” He fondles her breasts and then Vandella strokes her arm softly before leaning in for a wet, totally inappropriate mother/daughter kiss! The look on Anne’s face says it all!

Scene 5 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

Scene 5 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

While Anne is sucking her “father’s” cock upstairs, a hired hand is carrying in Sally. Exhausted from her trip there, Sally struggles to relay the information. She tells them about the plan Hands and his sister have to get the reward money. Daddy quickly runs upstairs and busts into Anne’s room to find her on her knees, a fresh coat of cum on her face, Vandella and Holmes smugly satisfied. Daddy punches Holmes in the face! Security is right behind him and quickly removes the caustic couple from the premises. Sally sits with Anne and explains what happened, telling her that sadly, her real parents are dead.

Scene Six: Eliza Jane, Elena Koshka, Kristen Scott, Casey Calvert, Seth Gamble, and Derrick Pierce

Devastated by the news that her parents are dead, Anne walks downstairs in a daze. Daddy follows her to console her. But his gentle hug is not what Anne needs right now. She wants to feel again, to feel something good, and she begs him to fuck her. He tries to tell her she doesn’t need to do that, but she insists, telling him she wants it more than anything. Desperate to give her everything she wants, and unable to resist his desire for her, Daddy gives into Anne. Once she knows he is hers, she becomes frantic. Their kisses are feverish, Anne’s hands roaming Daddy’s body and pulling at his clothes. He puts her on her back and dives between her legs, making little orphan Anne feel good so she can forget how bad she felt just moments before.

Scene 6 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

As their passionate encounter continues, other people start to enter the room. Sally is helped down the stairs and onto the couch next to Daddy and Anne. The maid has come back for an encore performance, the limo driver is here to get in on the action, and of course Daddy’s #1, Ms. Farling, is present and accounted for. Daddy tried to send the staff away but Anne wants them to stay and join in the fun. They’re all one big family now and they love each other. It really doesn’t take much prompting to get everyone involved. Before you know it, the maid is fucking the limo driver and Farling is caressing Sally. Anne gets on top of Daddy and rides him cowgirl style while she buries her face in Sally’s pussy. Daddy eats Sally’s pussy next while Anne tells him how much she wants to see him fuck Sally. Hopping on the bandwagon early, Sally begs Daddy to fuck her, too.

Scene 6 from 'Anne - A Taboo Parody

Their orgy continues for a long time! Everyone shares in the giving and taking of pleasure. It’s intense and passionate, one of the best orgy scenes I’ve seen in a long time. But when it ends, it wraps up just as it should, with the attention on Daddy and Anne. He’s fucking her missionary-style when she begs him to fuck her ass. Happy to oblige, Daddy pushes his cock slowly into Anne’s tight ass, stretching her hole for the very first time. She cries out in pleasure as he begins to slide his cock in and out of her tight asshole. Meanwhile, the limo driver is shooting his load into Sally’s open mouth. Now with everyone focused solely on Daddy as he fucks Anne’s ass, it’s time for Daddy to cum too! He pounds Anne’s ass hard, his dick gliding in and out rapidly. But he’s unable to take that tight ass for long and he pulls out and shoots his load all over Anne’s freshly fucked pussy. The ladies all share loving kisses as they bask in the afterglow of their experience.

Daddy addresses Farling briefly after the orgy, telling her they need to call the cops about what’s going on at the orphanage. But Sally and Anne have other plans; they want to take care of it themselves. The scene fades to black and next we see those mean girls from the orphanage, Wright and Adams. But instead of taunting and terrorizing the girls, they're bound and gagged, and finally put in their place! The movie ends with Hands in his office, looking at a porn magazine. He looks up as several of the other orphans enter the room; they’re carrying socks with something inside… and they use those weighted socks to beat the shit out of the abusive, disgusting Mr. Hands.

Oh man, I loved this movie! It took forever to review because it’s so damn long, but it’s well worth watching in its entirety. I was seriously surprised by how good the acting was, too. Solid storyline, great acting, and red-hot sex scenes. What more could a girl ask for?! And now, my friends, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for. My favorite scene is not always easy to choose, and this movie really offered some amazing scenes to choose from. And while I enjoyed them all, I mean genuinely enjoyed every minute of the movie, there was one clear winner for me. Scene one was by far my favorite scene in the movie. It’s just so perfect… we’ve just been introduced to the awful Mr. Hands, we’ve met the sad orphans, and we’ve discovered that some of those orphans are bitches that make trouble for everyone. The whole scene is sordid and uncomfortable, and at the same time deviant and delicious. The malicious taunting and teasing by Wright and Adams really sets a dark tone for this scene, and it’s just dark enough to make you feel a little dirty when you get off watching it. But only a little.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! If you haven’t yet watched the movie, check it out HERE!

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