All-girl studio Sweetheart Video and director Ricky Greenwood have teamed up once again to explore nascent sexuality in Becoming Elsa, Ricky's sophomore feature after his phenomenal debut, Confessions of a Sinful Nun, his grindhouse-inspired lesbian love letter and throwback to nunsploitation films starring Ricky's "good luck charm" Charlotte Stokely, alongside the lovely Elsa Jean, the oh-so-retro Ana Foxxx, Cherie DeVille, and India Summer.

Becoming Elsa is a lesbian coming-of-age story, a unique look at the giddiness bubbling below the surface during the loss of sexual innocence. After inexperienced nineteen year-old Elsa Jean arrives in Los Angeles for school, she becomes intrigued by her gorgeous, slightly more experienced landlord India Summer. She also has two lusty roommates in the house, played by Abella Danger and Jade Kush. Soon after arriving, Elsa is pushed (or does she jump?) into a wild path of sexual discovery with the help of a very beautiful and very elusive sidekick/roommate, Charlotte Stokely. Charlotte is Elsa Jean's Obi-Wan throughout the film as she starts to open up and explore that blossoming sexuality.

Ricky Greenwood has crafted a 70s influenced coming-of-age tale with a heavy focus on script, character, and setup that gives the sex scenes an emotional stake that really makes them... pop. Elsa Jean and India Summer are perfectly cast, and Charlotte Stokely seems to be having the time of her life onscreen; it shows in her performance.

Let's dive into Elsa Jean's journey as we tag along for the ride as we watch her Becoming Elsa in front of our eyes.

Scene One - Meeting Elsa

Abella Danger, Jade Kush & Elsa Jean

We open on Elsa Jean in the throes of sexual ecstasy, moaning and topless, ostensibly alone, but her slender arms are thrown above her head as she moans. In voiceover she describes what seems to be her first orgasm and the catalyst for her sexual awakening. Elsa is only nineteen years old and is a college newbie arriving in Los Angeles from Arkansas.

Elsa has rented a room from older woman India. Elsa very much wants to fit in with some new friends in the City of Angels. She's greeted with a warm welcome from the "old-fashioned" India Summer as soon as she arrives. India shows the waifish Elsa around the house and introduces her to her roommate/daughter Kylie, played by Abella Danger (downright beautiful and dashing in those bookworm glasses). Jade Kush plays Cassidy, fellow roommate and "constant companion" to Abella Danger's Kylie. "Is Kylie your daughter?" Elsa asks India. "Oh no," India replies. "She just likes to call me mom." Because why not? India shows Elsa to her room, but before she exits, she makes sure that Elsa knows that India's room is "right" next-door, leaving the door ajar as she exits.

Elsa soon hears her new roommates mocking her. "She's so weird!" Abella Danger whispers to Jade Kush. Elsa drops her eyes and shuts the door to shut out the world. A few weeks pass by, and Elsa puts all of her energy into her studies, never far from the maternal gaze of India Summer.

India Summer wastes no time in putting herself into a mentor position over studious and lonely Elsa Jean.

After Abella Danger and Jade Kush come home from a night of partying, a sleepless Elsa Jean is stirred from her bed. India is in Abella's room with Jade Kush. "Come play with us," India asks Elsa as Abella rolls her eyes behind those glasses. The trio has been playing a very "innocent" game of Truth-or-Dare, something else Elsa has yet to experience. Jade Kush and Abella Danger are a bit frustrated at Elsa's inexperience in slumber party games, but India's eyes light up as she explains the rules to Elsa. Elsa Jean chooses truth when the bottle inevitably spins towards her, and we learn that she's a virgin. The game continues, and it's not long before the devious Abella Danger dares India Summer to kiss Elsa. This is their first kiss in the film, and we enjoy it just as much as Elsa does.

But it's Jade Kush and Abella Danger who are having the most fun in this scene. They passionately make out as India and Elsa share a lustful-but-terse little kiss. India motions to Elsa that it's time to leave the room.

"That was an... interesting evening," India tells Elsa as they retire for the night. Meanwhile, Abella and Jade are now both lost in deep, slow kisses. Elsa Jean decides to tiptoe back and spy on her roommates as they engage in some fiercely passionate sex. Abella and Jade leisurely eat each other out with long, slow, wet strokes of their tongues. Abella is soon engaging in some very methodical finger-fucking and plays Jade Kush's pussy like a violin. What sweet music these two mean girls make. The scene ends with them both tribbing, Abella proudly on top as Jade Kush is brought to orgasm.

Scene Two - Meeting Charlotte

Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely, Cherie Deville & India Summer

Elsa is bathing and beaming about her first kiss with landlord India Summer. She describes to us (and herself) the taste, the way the inside of her mouth felt against her lips; whatever has started stirring in Elsa is maybe intensifying into sexual obsession. "It was everything I thought it would be," Elsa thinks as she waits in her bathwater. "I can't ask for a better first kiss," Elsa coos to herself before she submerges herself under the water.

"What's the point of living if no one touches you?" Elsa's voiceover continues later as she examines her milky, petite body in her bedroom mirror. She slides her fingers over her slender frame as if there is something that is trying to break out.

Later, India Summer lies in bed with the sexy Cherie DeVille, who has stopped by for a very special visit. India gushes about her interesting week and the "new girl" in the house. Elsa Jean is clearly sparking an obsession in India as well. Elsa is in her bedroom and can hear the duo whispering and giggling. She presses her ear against her bedroom wall to get a better listen as Cherie and India move closer to each other. Elsa is giddy with excitement as she listens to the pair's passionate sexual bonding.

Then, out of nowhere, enter Charlotte Stokely with a big beautiful grin. "Are they having sex yet?" the sexy blonde phantom asks. "Are they fucking?" Right out of the gate, the care-free and sweetly foul-mouthed Charlotte is the polar opposite of the timid Elsa.

But where did she come from? At first, Charlotte seems to be another roommate, because she seems to know an awful lot about the cummings and goings of India Summer's sexual history with Cherie DeVille. "She's married to a man!" Charlotte scowls, before grinning again and removing her jacket to lie comfortably back on Elsa's bed. "I can hear them getting started!" Charlotte chirps. Elsa leans back with Charlotte and they listen to India have sex.

"Leave a mark for me," India lustily whispers to her hungry partner.

Charlotte slides her hand down her panties. She looks to Elsa Jean and asks her to join her. Charlotte moans and touches her body, but Elsa hesitates as she watches. Charlotte encourages her to have some fun. India Summer and Cherie DeVille are still partially clothed but grinding against each other tightly.

Elsa is getting more comfortable because she is now licking her fingers and putting her hands down deep within her panties. Cherie DeVille has pulled up India's tank top and suckles on her tits and then moves her hungry mouth down to her toes. Now, with the help of Charlotte, Elsa Jean is really enjoying herself as she fantasizes about India Summer. Cherie is rubbing her panties against India's toes. "India knows how to take charge!" Charlotte tells a horny Elsa. Charlotte's nipples are fully erect, and Elsa Jean is now naked and furiously rubbing her blossoming pink pussy.

India brings Cherie close to orgasm just by fingering her through her panties. India Summer's mouth is soon on Cherie DeVille's shaved pussy. They are getting more boisterous and louder; they can both no longer contain themselves. In the next room, Elsa Jean and Charlotte Stokely are also getting very close... to losing themselves.

Cherie now has her tongue right below India's landing strip, sucking and lapping at her pussy. Cherie turns around to arch her back and put to get her ass and wet pussy close to India. Her fingers explore and probe, and bringing Cherie DeVille to lose all control. India pulls Cherie in to lay on top of her, while Charlotte and Elsa bring themselves to orgasm in the next room.

The look on Elsa Jean's face is really something. "That's how I met Charlotte," Elsa Jean tells us.

Scene Three - Meet Ana Foxxx, Charlotte's Date

Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely, and Ana Foxxx

India Summer finally reveals to Elsa Jean (post-bathing) her first lesbian love.

After Elsa shares this tender moment with India (in a towel, that falls off), stealthy Charlotte Stokely shows up in the bedroom unannounced and undiscovered by India. A naked Elsa pushes India out of the room before she can see the smiling, beanie-capped Charlotte. Charlotte suggests that Elsa should accompany her to the tennis court.

Elsa's eyes drop and she mumbles something about school, but soon relents and follows the perky blonde doppelganger to the tennis court. Here, she tells Elsa she's late for a study date. The study date is with the bombshell that is Ana Foxxx.

Ana Foxxx, with her beautiful bush and retro short-shorts, simply looks (and fucks) amazing in this scene.

Elsa Jean watches as Charlotte and Ana lean closer to each other as they study. Soon their deep kisses are done, and the clothes are off. Charlotte fingers and devours Ana Foxxx's beautiful pussy, causing the lovely Ana to clench her fingers to her sheets. Charlotte's skin is just as creamy as Elsa Jean's; as we watch Ana Foxxx gets fucked, Elsa Jean watches hungrily, but it's so easy to mistake Charlotte Stokely and Elsa Jean that at times we're not really sure who is eating Ana's pussy and who is spectating.

After a 69 session, Charlotte turns and lays back down on top of Ana Foxxx, kissing her softly and deeply. Elsa Jean has stayed fully clothed, but she has a smile on her face that is finally as big as Charlotte's.

Scene Four - Becoming Elsa

Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely & India Summer

Is Charlotte really just an elusive, wild roommate? And why does Charlotte take such an interest in the lovely Elsa, when mean girls Jade Kush and Abella Danger do nothing but roll their eyes at her? (And their tongues over each others' pussies.)

"If you just be yourself, everything will be okay," Charlotte says, with a grin that implies there's more to her than meets the eye. She has just caught Elsa Jean with her hands down her jeans while watching India sunbathing naked. Elsa goes back to shame and tells Charlotte that she's not like her, can't be like her, but Charlotte continues to grin like a mad Chesire cat and tells Elsa that they have much more in common than she realizes.

Charlotte eventually convinces Elsa Jean to go after what she really wants. And it all begins with moisturizer.

India begins by rubbing some lotion on Elsa's creamy legs, slowly. This is it. Elsa leans in for a kiss. "Sorry," she says. But there's no reason to apologize to India.

Their kisses linger on both their lips, taking their time. Elsa really does love the taste of the inside of India's mouth.

And then enter Charlotte.

Charlotte appears behind India, kissing her back and shoulder; India doesn't seem to notice or care about her in the presence of Elsa Jean. The romantic, slow kisses intensify quickly, and the clothes come off. India helps Charlotte remove her tiny tank top (the first time she acknowledges her presence in the scene). India's kisses move back to Elsa's legs and edge closer to her red panties. Elsa leaves them on for a bit while India's tongue explores. Charlotte keeps her face close to India's beautiful ass. It turns into a wet pussy train as India eats Elsa out, with Charlotte working on India from the foot of the bed. Soon, both Charlotte and Elsa have their mouths all over India's sun-kissed body.

Charlotte and India hop into a 69 and Elsa puts her lips into India's ass. But then India pulls away and begins to eat Elsa Jean out, and Charlotte Stokely is gone... just like that. Elsa Jean begins to orgasm, the same orgasm we open the film with...

As Elsa Jean orgasms into bliss and self-discovery, we realize just who Charlotte Stokely really is.

Director Ricky Greenwood is all about the build-up and the characterization as much as he is about the erotica and the sexual pairings.

The final shots are quite beautiful, and despite Elsa Jean's newfound confidence and epiphany, are tinged with a bit of sadness; just examine the look on India's face as she sees the new Elsa Jean off into a new adventure, a new journey.

It's a journey that doesn't include India.

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