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When you’re digging through the mountains of porn available for your viewing pleasure, it’s only natural you’d stop and take notice of a studio called Perv City. With a pair of big juicy lips beckoning from their logo, they’re hard to resist! And just to be clear, in case you’re still not sure, Perv City serves up some seriously spicy, superbly sexy stroke-and-choke material! Case in point, their newest release, Big Boob Anal Babes. This film may only contain four scenes, but I’m willing to put down some money that you won’t make it through even one scene before you make a big sticky mess!

Perv City's Big Boob Anal Babes

With no cumbersome storylines to get in the way, this film flows right from one sex scene to another. The girls do brief interviews at the top of each scene, showing off their huge tits and round booties before getting down to the business of sucking and fucking. Sit back and relax as Angela White, Ivy Lebelle, Alura Jenson, and Mercedes Carrera get all their holes explored by Ramon Nomar and Chris Strokes!

Scene One: Angela White & Ramon Nomar

This is Angela’s first time filming with Perv City, and let me just say, you’re in for quite a treat! Dark hair, big and delicious (all natural!) tits, and an adorable accent make Angela totally fuckable! She shows off her tits and ass first and talks about how she gets horny and wants to take her clothes off in inappropriate places, like the gym. Seriously, I’m about to sign up for a membership where she goes! Once Ramon enters the room, Angela wastes no time dropping to her knees and slobbing all over his stiff cock. She gets it super wet, and then you can watch that dick disappear between her massive mounds! Ramon picks up his fuck doll and drops her down right on his dick, sliding deep inside her hot, eager pussy. It’s not long before she’s riding him cowgirl style while he spreads open her tight ass with his fingers. He also fingers her pussy so good she squirts all over him! I love the camera angles in this scene; watching from below as Angela chokes herself on Ramon’s cock while her tits bounce and sway is one of the highlights of the scene.

Angela White for Perv City Angela White for Perv City
Angela White for Perv City Angela White for Perv City

When Ramon finally buries his dick in her ass, she’s bent over in doggy position, her ass in the air and practically begging to be fucked! He slides in and out quickly, balls-deep every time. He likes to pull out quickly, showing how stretched and gaping her asshole is from his enormous cock. Angela can’t get enough, begging him for more, begging him to fuck her harder, begging for his engorged rod to plunder all her holes. Ramon is keen on dipping in both holes, going back and forth from her pussy to her ass over and over. But once Angela has had that dick in her ass, that’s all she wants! They switch back and forth pretty often between positions: cowgirl, missionary, doggy-style, and spooning, with awesome close-up shots for each. My fave for this scene is when Angela is on her back and Ramon is fucking her missionary style; her tits are squeezed together and bouncing beautifully! When the big moment finally cums (pun intended!), Angela holds her tits up high and Ramon covers them with with his hot load, grunting in satisfaction.

Scene Two: Ivy Lebelle & Chris Strokes

Ivy Lebelle has a sweet face, a big Italian booty, and pair of gorgeous natural tits. She also has a sleeve tattoo – I don’t know about you, but I think tattoos are super sexy on a cute chick! Her fave tats are of Jesus and Mary, each taking up some real estate on the top of her feet. When asked if she grew up religious, she said it was never really her thing, and the cameraman said he’d be willing to pray at the church of Ivy. With a body like that, she deserves being prayed to! Thick thighs, great tits, and a furry little decoration for her pussy make her positively heavenly! When Chris enters the scene, he goes straight for her tits, sucking on her nipples and squeezing them hard. Before long he’s using his tongue on her tight little rosebud, making her moan in pleasure. Ivy sandwiches that dick between her big tits and then gobbles up every inch. Things really start to get messy when Chris starts fucking her face, slamming his cock in and out of her throat, spit hanging down in ribbons from her hot mouth. Ivy smears her face around his crotch, sucking his balls into her mouth and then going back for more of that stiff prick. She gets in another titty-fuck before her other holes are filled.

Ivy Lebelle for Perv City Ivy Lebelle for Perv City
Ivy Lebelle for Perv City Ivy Lebelle for Perv City

When Chris finally buries his dick inside her, it’s in missionary position on the couch. He pops the head of that massive cock into her tight asshole, then out and quickly into her hot cunt. He goes back and forth, ass to pussy, teasing her. Finally, he plunges his dick all the way into her pussy, getting it nice and wet before pulling out and diving into her ass balls deep. He pumps in and out, over and over, the camera getting nice and close so you can see every inch of his dick going inside her ass. At one point Ivy says, “Does it look so good going in and out of my little asshole?” Let me just confirm that yes, dear sweet butt-fucked Ivy, it looks very good! I also love watching her ass get stretched out in cowgirl position; when she slides down his pole and it disappears inch by inch inside her… it’s breathtaking! And then when she leans forward and his dick pops out and he spreads her cheeks to show off that gaping asshole… it’s… fucking perfection! After he’s had his way with her, Chris gifts Ivy with a mouthful of his hot cum. She is beyond grateful!

Scene Three: Alura Jenson & Chris Strokes

Alura Jenson is a stunning blonde with MASSIVE tits! A self-proclaimed Amazon woman, Alura is one tall chick! She loves to take charge in the bedroom, showing her man how much she cares by doing all the heavy-lifting, so to speak. She pulls no punches either, stating, “There’s a lot of me, and there’s a whole lot of experience, so I know if a man is bullshitting me or not.” Well said, you sexy Amazonian goddess! Alura is a predator, a woman who knows precisely what she wants, and she always gets her man! And she loves a gentleman – open a door for her and your ‘thank you’ may come in the form of a public restroom fuck from Miss Alura! She’s so horny by the time Chris enters the scene, they get right down to business. Her tits are quickly lubed and fucked before she leans in and wraps those DSLs around his rigid meat.

Alura Jensen for Perv City Alura Jensen for Perv City
Alura Jensen for Perv City Alura Jensen for Perv City

“I want you to make me your fucking whore,” she begs as Chris fucks her tits. Is there anything hotter than a woman begging to be your whore?! After gagging on his cock for awhile, Alura finally gets what she really wants when Chris sits down and she slides down on his dick and nestles it deep inside her hot pussy. She rides him hard, bouncing up and down with fervor. But Chris is a giver too, and can’t wait to flip her onto her back and use his tongue to service both her hot holes! It’s in doggy position that Chris finally uses his baseball bat-sized cock to fuck Alura’s ass. He plunges in and out rapidly, slamming deep into her ass with each stroke, his balls slapping against her wet pussy. My fave is when they’re spooning on the couch, Chris pounding her ass while she frantically rubs her pussy; the close-up shots in this position are amazing! Chris ends the scene by giving his seed to Alura; she smiles at the camera while thick cum drips from her mouth and hangs from her chin.

Scene Four: Mercedes Carrera & Chris Strokes

“I love DPs and gangbangs. I’ve never done them on camera, but I love them in my personal life.” Who could resist a women like this?! Big dick sucking lips, gloriously round tits that beg to be fucked, and an ass that I can’t find the proper words to describe. Seriously, she’s one sexy bitch! She’s also got a little bit of a raspy voice and that just puts her over the top for me. Not to mention she has one of the prettiest assholes I’ve ever seen! And once Chris enters the room and she wraps those juicy lips around his cock, she became one of the best cock suckers in my book, too! She gets really messy, spit all over her face, grunting while she fucks her own face on his cock! She takes his entire cock in her mouth, down her throat, with his balls resting on her chin; it’s fucking gorgeous!

Mercedes Carrera for Perv City Mercedes Carrera for Perv City
Mercedes Carrera for Perv City Mercedes Carrera for Perv City

Chris bends her over and buries his face in her ass, licking her from one hole to the next. It’s in this position, Mercedes standing and bent at the waist, her ass in the air, when Chris finally gets his dick wet in her pretty pussy. He bangs in and out of her in long strokes, fucking her hard from behind. And when she finally gets that beautiful asshole stretched with Chris’ big cock, it’s in cowgirl position and she bounces on it like a pro! Chris gives her holes a break and lets her pleasure him with a footjob, her sexy feet sliding up and down his rigid pole. They go from one position to another – doggy, missionary, spooning, and cowgirl – but it’s missionary position that is my absolute fave in this scene! The camera gets super close and Chris uses his cock like a dagger, stabbing first her ass and then her pussy, back and forth, her face giving away the pure pleasure she’s experiencing! Her pleasure intensifies when Chris uses a dildo to fuck her ass while he fucks her pussy, giving her the DP she craves! And when he forces his cock into her ass alongside the dildo, she’s in heaven! And then when he is spooning her and fucking her ass while he fucks her throat with the dildo, that’s when I was in heaven! But nobody can maintain that kind of action forever, so Chris finally unlooses his load right onto her pretty face!

Mercedes Carrera for Perv City

Oh boy, this was one sexy fucking movie! I love anal scenes anyway, but the messier, rougher, dirtier, the better! I’m hard-pressed to choose a favorite because they were all so good! But because I know that most people don’t watch the entire movie, preferring to get off and go, I like to choose a favorite and hope that someone out there will get as much joy (or cum!) out of it as I did. So although I enjoyed every scene, my favorite would have to be the one with Mercedes Carrera and Chris Strokes. I can’t say enough about the oh-so-sexy Mercedes Carrera! She is the perfect fuck toy! She gags so prettily on a cock, her asshole is gorgeous before and especially after it’s been reamed by a hard dick, and her pussy is downright delectable. She’s the showstopper for sure, folks!

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