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Boss Fantasies from New Sensations

I just watched the New Sensations' film Boss Fantasies, a movie that portrays illicit office sex from award-winning writer and director Jacky St. James. It’s the second title in the Tales from the Edge series, a series meant to explore sexual ideas and situations that are often taken to the extreme-like the boss/employee relationship, for example. It’s a fantasy that many possess, but few follow through with. James shows us what can happen when you allow yourself to be bad.

“There’s something inherently exciting about the forbidden territory of sex with one’s boss,” Jacky St. James said. “There’s all this baggage that comes with that…what your coworkers might say if they find out, if you’ll get fired, promoted, etc. The risks are what make it exciting. If a sexual attraction already exists, it can be dangerous and explosive. This movie captures the very essence of sex with one’s boss and the different dynamics at play within it.”

The movie features four individually themed scenes that manage to fit together nicely into one sordid tale of office politics and underhanded tactics. From cheating executives with sexy assistants to a power hungry boss that uses her employee’s job to lure him into bed, this movie depicts the extreme end of sexual office adventures. Appearing in the movie for your viewing pleasure are Skin Diamond, Chanel Preston, A.J. Applegate, and rising star Karla Kush.

The movie is beautifully shot in glorious HD and has plenty of up-close camera angles that highlight each thrust in full detail. There is no soundtrack to speak of, unless you count the moans of delight that punctuate each scene. The couplings are mostly realistic and sizzling with passion that is obvious in the performer’s grunts of pleasure, making music unnecessary altogether. I’ll take that wet slapping sound (you know precisely what I’m talking about!) over a musical soundtrack any day!

The first inappropriate and deliciously hot scene is by far my favorite. It features A.J. Applegate as the employee of boss man Richie Calhoun. She witnesses a tryst between two employees at a company party, enters a bathroom to mull it over, and runs into her super sexy boss. Sexual tension in this scene is great and when they finally get their hands on each other it’s raw, animalistic, and totally satisfying. Complete with dirty talk and a gushing squirt from Applegate, this scene is a must see!

Next up is Skin Diamond and Steven St. Croix, depicting the two naughty employees who were seen making out at the company party. It seems kissing wasn’t enough for intern Diamond so she proceeds to seduce her married boss right in the office, removing her panties and locking the door. Her deep throat skills are superb and their chemistry is undeniable. This is a close runner up for favorite scene.

The office saga continues with Karla Kush and Otto Bauer–she is a mailroom M.B.A. looking to climb the ladder, and he is an unhappy manager that requires incentive to hire Kush. She provides the incentive via a scorching blowjob before bending over the desk to take Bauer’s angry pounding. Of course, nobody can stay mad while they’re fucking, and Bauer soon begins to enjoy his naughty would-be assistant. With a hot facial and a promise not to say a word, the scene fades out on Kush’s sticky smile of satisfaction.

The final scene features the oft talked about head boss, played by Chanel Preston. Her doting assistant, Anthony Rosano, will do anything to keep his job, including tattling about co-workers sexcapades. It’s his oral skills that Preston truly appreciates, but it has nothing to do with speaking. This domineering boss encourages her assistant to keep his job by pushing his face into her pussy and telling him to get busy. His reticence is of no concern to Preston as she forcefully takes what she wants. After all, what good is an assistant if he doesn’t follow orders?

Overall, I really liked this movie and would definitely recommend it. The pairing of actors is perfect and replete with all the sexual tension and sparks you’d expect in taboo relationships. It’s great that each scene can stand alone as a vignette, but can also work together to lend to the overall theme of the movie, moving along the plot nicely.

If you’ve been carrying around a secret office crush and need an outlet for your erotic fantasies, or you’re just totally into taboo situations, go watch Boss Fantasies!