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Couples Seeking Teens 16 box cover

I just watched Couples Seeking Teens 16 and it certainly didn’t fail to get me hot! There’s no lack of sweaty, writhing bodies and rock and roll fun! But the premise of couples seeking teens is a bit thin in this edition of the popular series, only playing out that way in two out of the four scenes. Nonetheless, each scene delivers smokin’ hot action.

The scenes are scripted, so you’ll get a new scenario for each one. And the acting isn’t bad, but it’s not what you’re really here for, and knowing that, they get to the action pretty quickly after a short plot setup. It’s a beautiful movie, shot in HD and full of all the close-ups and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from director Mike Quasar. Also on par with Quasar’s previous work is the soundtrack; the movie is augmented with nondescript music that perfectly fits into the background without getting in the way of the dialogue.

After an opening sequence that starts your mouth watering, scene one falls a little short of the mark. The couple, Derrick Pierce and Kaylynn, doesn’t strike me as a real couple and scripted or not, I want to believe it’s real while I’m watching. They are the conquest in this scene because it’s the flirty teen, Scarlet Red, who makes the first move. She’s quite the aggressor and really the best part of this scene. Kaylynn seems bored at times, but Scarlet’s enthusiasm is genuinely engaging.

Tommy Pistol and Jezebelle Bond have amazing chemistry in scene two; they make you believe they’re a real couple bringing in a young girl for both their pleasure. This is by far my favorite scene in the movie; the obvious attraction between husband and wife is palpable and the addition of sweet young Sara Luv is just icing on the cake. Young Sara is interviewing to become housekeeper to rock star Tommy Pistol and generous Jezebelle cannot wait to share her rocker husband with the teen tart! Ridiculously hot and over far too soon for my liking, this scene warrants a second (and third!) watch.

When husband Erik Everhard is caught by his wife, Sovereign Syre, watching the teen live-in (Rose Red) sunbathing by the pool, he tries to explain it away. Rose is late on rent and Sovereign has an idea for how young Rose can work it off. It’s your typical “girl late on rent so she fucks to work it off” premise, but you’ll hear no complaints from me! The chemistry is good in this threesome, with Sovereign and Rose spending ample time pleasuring one another.

Next up is the horny and ignored wife, Gracie Glam, complaining about husband Mark Wood’s lack of sex drive. Her personal trainer is young newcomer Bailey Bae, a cute blonde with a great idea to spice things up in her friend’s marriage. The two put on quite a show for husband Mark, finally getting him excited. The chemistry between Glam and Bae is electric! Barely able to keep their hands off one another, the ladies have Mark panting for attention in no time!

All in all, I really liked this movie. It’s great quality and delivers the goods in style. Director Mike Quasar has a good thing going with the Couples Seeking Teens series and knows how to pair actors and actresses for sizzling chemistry that heats up the big screen. And really, who can turn down a FFM threesome? I’m looking forward to the next addition to the series!

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