Daddy's Boy is now available for streaming on GayHotMovies from Pride Studios and director Anthony Duran. These four sexy vignettes feature boys finally becoming men with the help of experienced, thirsty daddies. Young poolboys get plowed by their employer; an older, inked trainer puts a lot of work into his young client's tight glutes; a step-dad gives his handsome step-son an impromptu (or inappropriate!) lesson on the birds and the bees in a fluid-filled bonding experience, while a muscular daddy-bear fucks his younger roommate! Pride Studios has been killing it with their gay daddy videos and daddy issues in general. How does this next slice of gay daddy porn taste on the palate? Let's examine four throbbing existential questions to ponder while watching Daddy's Boy. To be clear, these are not the ethics of Kant or Plato, but the teachings of Al Parker, Joe Gage, and Adam Russo. Let's take a closer look:


Scene One - Michael Roman TOPS Ryan Kroger

Can The Pool Boy Have Gay Sex With His Daddy?


Michael Roman barks some orders at his bare-chested pool boy. Michael's having a party and he needs the pool spotless. Ryan sits back on a lounge chair, taut chest bathed in warm sunlight while thirsting over naked pictures of his hunky employer on his phone. Ryan Kroger grabs the pulsing bulge in his short-shorts and squeezes. Then the daydreamin' begins...


Michael Roman and Ryan Kroger are making out in Michael's bedroom. Ryan falls back on the bed, with the amorous Michael getting some tight grinding in. Michael plants kisses on Ryan's chest and soon his lips snake their way down to Ryan's growing bulge. Ryan peels off his underwear and Michael immediately swallows his cock, taking deep gulps, releasing it from his wet mouth to slowly stroke it, before swallowing it again. Michael Roman loves that meat, squeezing his own bulge while sucking off Ryan. Michael's junk hangs to the floor with the weight of a swinging bowling ball behind his tight underwear. Michael's thick cock is a ballistic missile just waiting to be deployed, so Ryan sits up to pull off Michael's underwear and devours his big dick in several gulps. Michael encourages his pool boy to engage in some deeper sword swallowing, so Ryan deep-throats Michael's cock, getting his nose down into Michael's nut sack and furry thighs. Now Michael wants to taste that ass before he plows it.

Ryan hops up on the bed and Michael shoves his face between Ryan's cheeks, savoring, smelling, and eating that ass. Michael Roman loves that hairy fucking hole. Michael slips a condom on and pushes into Ryan DEEP as fuck in a "furry" satisfying doggy style penetration shot. Ryan then sits on Michael's wood, pulling his own fleshy globes apart so we can see the penetrating action, before lying back on the bed with his legs thrown over Michael's inked shoulders aching for that warm load. Michael pumps Ryan's asshole before pulling out and causing Ryan to nut all over his own belly. Michael Roman pumps his meat, shooting a huge stream of cum all over Ryan Kroger's beautiful and Bardolphian ball sack. Poor Ryan is suddenly jolted awake immediately after both cum shots. Sorry Ryan, it was all just a dream! Michael Roman is now standing over his lazy pool boy, fully-clothed and barking orders (and still looking sexy as fuck).

Scene Two - Josh Andrews And Brandon Wilde FLIP FUCK

Can I Still Fuck My Daddy Even If He's My Stepdad?


Josh Andrews is bare-chested and pissed off as he frantically packs his belongings in his bedroom. His massive inked chest is heaving as he tosses clothes into a bag. He is interrupted by his stepson Brandon Wilde. Josh tells his stepson that he doesn't love his mother anymore and he's leaving for good, but his step-boy Brandon BEGS for his daddy to stay. For those viewers with delicate emotional sensibilities, fret not, this broken family will end with two broken holes!


Josh Andrews and Brandon Wilde kiss deeply with hungry, wanting lips. Brandon peels off his shirt while his stepfather falls back on the bed. Brandon pounces on top of his daddy and presses his bulging crotch closer to his stepfather's growing bulge. Brandon Wilde's lips move along Josh's chest,, lingering on Josh's swollen nipple, before Brandon pulls off his daddy's shorts to swallow his swollen cock. Brandon's mouth is like the vacuum of space. He takes Josh Andrews' cock to the balls, gagging and slurping, spitting back thick ropes of saliva and precum all over Josh Andrews' cock thick and engorged with blood. Brandon sucks, and Josh coos and moans and whispers that it feels so warm, so good. Brandon gets back to his feet and slips off his shorts so his step-daddy can scrape his throat with Brandon's stiff cock. Brandon face fucks his stepdad; his nuts are wrapped tightly in his sack as Josh's mouth is clamped on Brandon's meat like a vice. Brandon Wilde then hops up on the bed to let Josh lick his hairless asshole. That stepson hole and taint are as clean as a whistle after several long tongue swattings from Josh's greedy daddy mouth. Josh is ready to fuck that boy hole.

Brandon gets on his knees and lifts his ass so Josh can slip his condomed dick inside and fuck him. Josh's big balls slap against his naughty stepson's spread cheeks as he probes him doggy style. Brandon Wilde's cheeks ripple as Josh plows, and suddenly, Josh is on his daddy knees getting his colon scraped by his stepson.


Yes folks, we have a FLIP FUCK! Brandon stretches his dad's hole while daddy holds his big ass up high to get probed and violated by that big boy cock. Brandon Wilde slips his cock out and strokes to blow a long rope of load crowning Josh Andrews' sweaty ass cheeks. A few piles of cum run into the muscled crevices of Josh's back, which his stepson greedily licks up and shares with his daddy as Josh opens wide and lets Brandon's salty cum slide into his mouth and coat his throat. Josh gets on his back and strokes his cock. Brandon opens his mouth wide and helps pull on his daddy's dick, milking out a huge load which this greedy boy quickly swallows like a pig. Daddy and stepson embrace and kiss with cum-covered lips, and guess what? Daddy's going to stay!

Scene Three - Brad Kalvo TOPS Nick Fitt

Can I Fuck a Thirsty Daddy-Bear Even If He's My Landlord?


Adorable twunk Nick Fitt is a new tenant and has a sexy daddy of a beast for a landlord. Nick tells his friend on the phone that he isn't sure if this bear daddy beast is interested, but awkward good fortune has arrived for Nick today as his landlord Brad Kalvo has been listening in on the conversation. Brad asks if there's anything his new tenant may need. Nick pulls off his shirt, revealing tiny perky pink nipples on a smooth, taut body. Daddy bear slash landlord Brad Kalvo knows what Nick needs and is defiantly interested.


Brad and Nick share a sloppy kiss as Brad reaches down to get a palm-full of Nick's ass cheek to squeeze through his jeans. Brad Kalvo is a tankful of fur, muscle, and cock. Nick pulls down Brad's shorts and sucks his thick dick like a good boy. Brad Kalvo's daddy dick gets hard in Nick's wet mouth. Nick Fitt savors that daddy dick while Brad pinches his hairy nipples in anticipation. Brad's already dreaming about that boy butt. Nick's moist lips linger on Brad's swollen cock head. Nick stands up to peel off those man panties. He bends down to give Brad Kalvo easy access to tongue his hole. Daddy bear Brad grunts and moans while opening Nick up with his lips and mouth. Brad uses that beautiful beard to tickle Nick's cheeks as he eats and digs his way into that boy hole.

Nick lifts his ass and spreads his legs while Brad pulls out a condom and places it over his swollen cock. Brad pushes his cock in slowly from behind, while Nick Fitt adjusts his breathing so his body can swallow Brad's manhood. Brad slaps Nick's butt and pumps a little faster. We see that boy butt up-close as it's probed from behind by Brad's engorged cock. Nick's big, red balls hang low as his asshole gets methodically reamed by daddy's dick. Nick Fitt's balls are FILLED with CUM, filling up more by the second with every stroke penetrating deeper from Brad's dick. Brad pumps and pushes that furry and beautiful belly up against Nick Fitt's butt to get that dick inside deeper. Nick's losing control, so Brad suggests a different position. Nick hops onto Brad, to sit on his hard cock. Nick milks that dick with his asshole, riding slowly at daddy Brad's request. Nick will ride that cock anyway daddy wants it. Brad Kalvo is really making Nick's boy butt squirm with that cock cramped up inside. Nick ends up on his back with his legs held high as Brad Kalvo fucks that beautiful hole missionary style. Brad squeezes his nipples and pushes his hips into Nick faster. Nick's tight belly contracts as Brad Kalvo's wood drills its way deeper and deeper into his insides. Daddy bear moans and growls for mating season; the cum rumbling in his ball sack needs to be released. Brad is on the couch, while Nick lies outstretched with his face positioned above Brad's erect cock. Nick lets his tongue tickle the head, swirling it around the flesh and the shaft. Brad Kalvo takes a long breath, a blows a very small, quiet load. A glob of warm, white cum slides off Brad's cock head, most of which his boy quickly sucks up. Looks like Nick Fitt will be able to skip paying rent this month!

Scene Four - Dolf Dietrich TOPS Robbie Caruso

Is It Okay To Let My Trainer-Daddy Face Fuck Me?

Inked trainer and walking brick shit-house Dolf Dietrich orders his client Robbie Caruso to drop and give him ten push-ups. Dolf also wants that ass tightened, like we all do. Now, this is a fucking trainer! Robbie jumps back on his feet and thanks his trainer/daddy for the workout, but Daddy Dolf isn't finished with their session yet. Dolf pulls out his huge, tough-guy cock and commands his client to go up and down "on this!"


Sexy twink Robbie Caruso does what his daddy tells him to and chows down on that gargantuan dick with a sloppy blowjob. Dolf pulls up his shirt, exposing that tan, taut belly while he pushes Robbie's head down on his erection, slick from precum and Robbie's spit. Robbie's dirty trainer rips off his shirt and wraps it around Robbie's neck, forcing that daddy cock further down his throat. Dolf Dietrich then shoves that big dick deep against Robbie's cheek, imprinting his big cock head onto Robbie's face while Dolf's red nipples swell up as sweat begins to glisten on his hard belly. Robbie throws off his shirt revealing a furry chest to go along with that cock greedy mouth he sports. Daddy Dolf scours Robbie's pretty-boy face with his fat daddy cock before pushing the shaft deep down inside his throat. But Robbie is still wearing clothes. Dolf orders his client to take them off and show him that hole. Daddy Dolf wants to work on that ass! Robbie climbs on top of a piece of gym equipment to brace his body while Daddy Dolf is easily able to slip his mouth underneath Robbie's pink hole. Daddy Dolf chows down on Robbie's boy butt like a pig at a trough of cum. This is Dolf's hole now, fuckers! Dolf chews on that pink meat before quickly popping his fat thumb into Robbie's hole, loosening it up for what's coming.

Robbie hops off the machine as Dolf eagerly slips a condom onto his cock which leads to a fucking fantastic penetration shot as Daddy Dolf's FAT dick gets pushed DEEP between Robbie's poor little twink cheeks. That dick could make a grown man cry. Dolf gets on his back so Robbie can ride his condomed cock balls deep while tightly clutching daddy's inked pecs for support. Dolf orders his client to get on his feet and squat over his dick while he rides. This is how Daddy Dolf likes it fuckers, and Robbie's hole is loving it. Dolf pumps his hips deep into Robbie's ass, searching for the sweet spot tucked away deep in Robbie's insides. Robbie gets on his back so Daddy Dolf can plow him missionary style. Dolf holds up Robbie's legs and literally MURDERS this hot little fucker's boy hole with that gargantuan cock. Daddy Dolf looks like he's about to blow as Robbie looks like he's about to be split in two. This daddy sex video could turn daddy snuff film quick, but instead Daddy Dolf removes his murder weapon from Robbie's hole and peels off the condom. Robbie strokes his own cock while he and Daddy Dolf cum in unison like proper pigs should. Robbie Caruso gets his lower body coated in a glaze of warm semen from both his own cock and Daddy Dolf's throbbing arsenal. You can bet your ass from the look on Robbie Caruso's face that he's looking forward to his next session with Daddy Dolf. And so are we!


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