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From acclaimed director Stormy Daniels and Wicked Pictures, From the First Moment is a romantic drama about a beautiful woman who is about to marry the man of her dreams, but in a drastic change of events her world shatters. Alix Lynx (the woman who is famous for leaving a lucrative marketing job for a career in porn) stars as Kira, the faithful and excited bride-to-be, soon to marry her long-term boyfriend, James (Robby Echo). In the seven years since Kira and James have been together, James has become quite a famous actor, and Kira has helped support him from the beginning of his career. Tomorrow will be long-awaited and happy for Kira, but James seems a bit out of sorts recently. The couple spend the night before the wedding at Kira's parents' house. As tradition warrants, the two are separated the night before in different bedrooms, but Alix can't sleep. She sneaks herself into James' room, but finds he is apprehensive to see her. Trying to calm his pre-wedding nerves, Kira suggests they fool around, but James seems unconvinced. Something big is on his mind, but Kira refuses to relent. With a stroke of her hand and a few kisses, James' resolve melts, and he and Kira find themselves in a few familiar positions.

Kira's best friend, Alexa Grace is helping her get ready for her big day, when all of a sudden, Kira's sister comes into the room with a worried look. There is a note in her hand. Kira takes the note and begins to tremble. It seems that James has left her. The ceremony is about to begin, and there is press outside the house hoping to get pictures of the newly wed couple. Alexa suggests that the only thing to do is escape. She calls her husband, Lucas Frost to help them escape without being noticed. With press helicopters surrounding the house and the paparazzi waiting outside the door, Kira is able to disguise herself as a delivery person and drive all the way to Colorado where Alexa and Lucas live on a ranch. It's just the thing that Kira needs to get over her sudden heartache. Once home, Alexa and Lucas realize that they have a really good thing going between them, and there's no better way to celebrate that then making love in their own bed, especially after the eleven hour drive from Los Angeles.

The next morning, Kira meets Lucas' brother, Gabe (Damon Dice). He's really good-looking, but he is also a bit of an insensitive prick. Without understanding the situation, Gabe asks Kira if she got left at the alter, to which Kira is completely mortified. She came to the ranch to get away from prying eyes, and Gabe seems to be completely unsympathetic. But, Gabe has been dealing with his own demons, and he leaves the ranch to get a little perspective on all of his confusing feelings. Gabe goes to his friend-with-benefits house, Alana Cruise. While Alana would love to have a relationship with Gabe, Gabe isn't ready to make that commitment.

It's obvious to everyone that there is something between Gabe and Kira, but there is also a lot more to the story. Gabe's past my come back to haunt him, and Alexa isn't happy about Gabe and Kira's relationship. Also, maybe James isn't really out of the picture. Definitely don't miss the conclusion to From the First Moment to find out what happens to Gabe and Kira.