Just in time for planting season, B. Skow’s newest release, Gardener, takes you out of the busy, bustling world of humans and into an Eden-like paradise of pleasure. Or so it would seem. The unique, dramatic release features a star-studded cast including Jessie Andrews, Kurt Lockwood, Alec Knight, AJ Applegate, and Karla Kush.

The movie opens with a woman, played by Darla Crane, explaining the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of her daughter Amanda. One day her little girl left the house with her pink backpack and never returned home. You can tell by the way she’s talking that she’s just about lost hope of finding her daughter and it’s pretty sad. Enter Jessie Andrews as Rose, a girl held captive by “the gardener” (Kurt Lockwood). The gardener convinces Rose that she is a flower, and we see in the first scene exactly how he likes to fertilize his plants…by giving them a mouthful of his seed! Utilizing a weird piece of gardening hose, the gardener manages to get his fertilizer in Rose’s planter-box. I couldn’t help laughing at this part, but Kurt takes his calling as the eerie gardener very seriously! Rose looks like she’s ready to fly the coop at any minute, but somehow the gardener’s soothing words and huge dick manage to keep her rooted in her spot. Soon after, Rose finds out she’s pregnant with the gardener’s baby. Now she’s really stuck!

AJ Applegate and Karla Kush are introduced as Piper and Sally, respectively, aka “the weeds,” who act as the gardener’s recruiters to find more flower-women for his garden. Have I lost you yet? This is probably the strangest plot I’ve ever seen in porn, but it’s pretty captivating and I have to give credit to the performers–the acting is really great. Anyway, AJ and Karla's characters essentially find girls for the gardener to keep in his garden. There’s a flashback scene to when they find Rose with her pink backpack and it all starts to come together…Rose is Amanda, Darla Crane's missing daughter! Maddy O’Reilly, as Flower, enters the scene to try to warn Rose about the dangers of the garden but it’s too late…the weeds have taken her away. The scene then cuts to Piper and Sally seducing Flower and making her a part of the garden forever with a super-hot lesbian threesome! While Piper and Sally alternate bossing Flower around in the bedroom, the sex escalates to some really awesome girl-on-girl action that culminates in Piper squirting all over Flower’s face. Now that Flower has been watered, she isn’t going anywhere–which is exactly the devious weeds’ objective.

Meanwhile, the gardener has arranged a little party for his mother-to-be, Rose. She looks extremely uncomfortable surrounded by all the horny plant-people, so the gardener encourages her to have sex with a couple random guys to loosen up. I found this part a little weird considering how protective the gardener seems to be over Rose, but I let it slide because Jessie Andrews is so hot, who needs an excuse to watch her fuck?!

Alec Knight plays the gardener’s brother and business partner, and like everyone else, he wants a piece of Rose now after seeing her at the party. He sneaks into her tent the next morning to find her lying there apathetically. He asks if he can fuck her, to which she says yes, but “in the ass so you don’t hurt the baby.” It’s Jessie Andrew’s first anal scene, people! After getting her nice and warmed up, Alec makes his anal entrance and Jessie takes it like a pro. Because she is.

The gardener and his brother recruit another poor flower-woman to their garden with a hardcore threeway, and now the gorgeous Nadia Styles as Magnolia, is the newest addition to this fucked-up place. One day Magnolia sees Rose out by the pool and the two girls get to talking. They’re both afraid of what the gardener will do if they leave, but they both want to escape. As Rose’s pregnancy progresses, the gardener is getting crazier and crazier and she can’t take it anymore. Finally, she confronts her captor, and I have to say that Kurt Lockwood’s acting in this scene is perfectly psychotic. I was actually scared while watching him scream in Rose’s face. Rose sees this outburst as the last straw and her opportunity to run for it…but not without grabbing Magnolia first! We see the film end with Rose standing at her mom’s back door and after her horrible ordeal in the garden all is finally right in the world.

Overall, this movie felt more like a feature film than a porn production. The acting was surprisingly great, the plot was compelling and interesting, and there is real character development here. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is still some of the hottest I’ve seen (that lesbian threesome is a must-see!). All in all, the Gardener is really a multi-faceted movie – it consummates drama, porn, and eerie humor into one of the coolest movies I’ve had the privilege to see here at HotMovies.

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