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Forked Cover

It's a rarity to find an original concept or idea in porn these days, so I really liked Kay Brandt and Adam & Eve's tasty "fusion" of reality cooking show meets hardcore pornography.

A few lucky stars are invited to a dinner party to show off their talents in the kitchen and later in the bedroom! Interestingly enough, there is 100% real cooking going on, and each star gets to cook their own dish in the Forked kitchen. Because of that, the movie is about 4 1/2 hours long. And for some reason, if you're not even slightly curious of their culinary abilities, you can just skip ahead to the satiating sex scenes! But why do that? The cooking and flirty, playful banter are fun!

Cristi Ann and Jenavieve Hexxx arrive at the party early, and they just can’t keep their hands off each other. Since nobody else is around, they decide to get in some quality time as they "sample" each other's goods and go down on each other. Dick Chibbles arrives next, but he heads right to the kitchen to get started on his dish. The girls eventually join Dick in the kitchen, where he's already busy on his salmon dish with jalapeno, pineapple salsa, and a side of homemade garlic bread. (Personally, I’d prefer a milder fish, like a mahi-mahi, but whatever). The trio engages in some frisky and sexually spirited banter while Dick attempts to explain his dish to the viewer. Suddenly, Mercedes Carrera (the host of the show) introduces herself and then kicks everyone out of the kitchen.

Group Photo

The douchey, self-righteous, HotMovies Food Critic: "Well, I really liked the inclusion of the jalapeno for some heat, and I think the sweetness and acidity from the pineapple and tomato really brings some much-needed brightness to the dish. However, I'm not sure the garlic bread pairs very well with salmon. Also, Dick has terrible knife-skills... did you see the way he butchered that pineapple?"

More guests (Alison Rey, Marcus London, Tony De Sergio ) arrive for the party and each guest gets a chance to explain and cook their dishes. Jenavieve starts belly dancing in the living room and the kitchen is buzzing with activity.

Cristi gets her chance in the Forked kitchen next and she cooks up a goddamn storm. Besides the mojo-marinated pork shoulder, she also cooked rice, black beans, plantains, chicken burrito bowls, and a gorgeous-looking bread pudding dessert.

It looks like Dick Chibbles wants some dessert after doing all that cooking. He chats up the cute Alison Rey and eventually they take the convo to the bedroom! There's some good, obvious chemistry between these two and the scene serves as a nice “fuck palette cleanser” in between all the impressive cooking!

The douchey, self-righteous, HotMovies Food Critic: "Alison's prepared 2 types of flour-less, gluten-free cupcakes. The presentation was excellent, with great-looking icing that you can tell was piped perfectly. And the cupcakes themselves looked soft and inviting -- like a sweet little hug!"

"Marcus and Tony were equally very impressive. The English duo prepares a chicken casseur dish with lentils and hasselback potatoes. I really liked how in-tune and passionate these guys are with food. I noticed the mushrooms, onions and tomatoes were expertly diced, and the chicken looked especially tender, juicy, and full of flavor."

Mercedes was obviously taken by Marcus and Tony's sensational cooking skills, so she decides to reward the guys by fucking their brains out. This is one of my stand-out scenes of the movie. Tony and Marcus are staying in porn for now, but in the future, they might be able to give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money! Marcus and Tony have made a career out of knowing their way around a vagina -- but it's pretty clear these guys know their way around the kitchen too!

Mercedes isn't just a beautiful-looking host; she's got some cooking chops too! It's Mercedes turn in the kitchen and she impressively cooks a delicious-looking frittata!

The douchey, self-righteous, HotMovies Food Critic: "I think a frittata was a smart idea here. Egg dishes can actually be deceptively challenging, but Mercedes nailed her frittata. Look at that golden brown baked top, the airy fluffiness and texture of the egg, and the even mixture of the mushrooms and cheese.This is a very composed and professional-looking dish!"

Damon Dice, Mia Li and Mercedes are up next and Damon's prepared his "power breakfast scramble," which consists of ground turkey, diced potatoes, peppers, onions, and turkey bacon on a toasted English muffin. Dice comes from a culinary background and food is obviously one of his passions.

Mercedes and Lia have worked themselves into a horny tizzy over Damon’s cooking, so the multi-ethnic trio head to the living room for a blazing hot threesome. Damon's power breakfast is supposed to be great for energy... and they're all going to need plenty of energy for that piping hot threesome! I guess another way to a woman's pussy is through her stomach!

Mia and Mercedes are back in the kitchen and Mia's up next with a berry and crumble dish prepared 3 ways. Mia's prepared a sweet, buttery, and yummy dish, while also showing off great technique and ingenuity for a non-professional chef.

It's Leya Falcon's turn in the kitchen -- but she isn't here to cook a light, dainty meal. Hell no, Leya is going to cook some honey-drizzled corn bread, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken... some real comfort food-type stuff. Damon's impressed with Leya’s no-frills approach in the kitchen, and he probably got a boner eating her delicious-looking fried chicken, too. So naturally, Damon has no problems slinging some dick Leya's way after the cooking. Honestly, that’s probably the smartest way to burn off the calories from that delicious-looking meal!

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