Severe Sex brings you Mind Fucked, a kinky satire on how religion (and money) corrupts and corrodes the soul of a healthy sexual being. Directors Dee Severe & Bella Bathory are here to tell your messiah to go straight to hell! Five scenes of fetish-infused vignettes featuring mad prophets, sadistic wealth vultures (besides our sitting Congress), and creepy polygamists who are on a quest to gain power and the lead the cult of their darkest dreams! HotMovies takes a closer look:

Scene No. 1 - The Good Wife

Jimmy Broadway with Kiki D'Aire & Alison Rey


Jesus Christ, get OFF that cross, because Jimmy Broadway needs the WOOD! Alison Rey is Jimmy Broadway's new wife slash just-turned-legal teenaged prized bride. She's as pure as the driven snow, but fortunately fellow polygamist cult member Kiki D'Aire is here to guide her as she sucks on Jimmy's cock like a babe in the deep, dark woods. Alison is still reticent as she slides her mouth over Jimmy's hard dick, but Kiki encourages her and tells Alison he REALLY likes it when you take it ALL THE WAY in. Alison is terrified as she sucks her husband's cock. "It's okay to get spit on it," Kiki says. Alison's darling little mouth does such a good job for her first time on a dick, husband Jimmy tells her it's time for her reward! Jimmy wants to ready her virgin pussy for his wood, so Kiki leaves the room and he pulls out a huge dildo. Jimmy fucks Alison Rey briefly with the huge sex toy, but Alison sees her chance now that Kiki is gone and grabs the sex toy from Jimmy's hand and uses it to clobber across his fucking head and escape the cult. Alison retreats in tears into the street and is picked up by a friendly kindred spirit, Kira Noir. Kira tells Alison her own escape tale. Once upon a time...


Scene No. 2 - Pay Your Debts or Suck The Toes

Kira Noir with Mistress Maia McQueen


Kira Noir is in a jam. She's in a cult that's more of a pyramid-scheme than a path to salvation, and she lacks the funds to properly level up. This does not please the Mistress Maia McQueen. Kira wants to say fuck it all and just leave now, but Mistress Maia won't allow that. Mistress Maia McQueen decides that Kira will indeed pay, and she will pay through pain and some lesbian domination. Kira is terrified of the Mistress, but feels obligated to take her punishment and please her tormentor. Kira strips for Mistress Maia McQueen and gets flogged, spanked, and spat upon for being a broke little bitch with no money and no prospects. Mistress Maia McQueen takes out her special pink racket, which delivers a devastating shock of hot electricity to Kira's trembling, naked skin. Kira screams in pain and ecstasy for her Mistress. Mistress Maia's beautiful toes soon end up in Kira's hungry, no-good mouth.

She sucks her tormentor's feet and does as she's told, hoping for acceptance and forgiveness for her debt. However, Mistress Maia McQueen runs a credit check and finds that Kira REALLY doesn't have any money left. So, what good is she? Mistress Maia McQueen pulls back her wet toes and orders Kira to get the fuck out... which Kira does, and she never looks back.


Scene No. 3 - Tommy Pistol's "Helter Shelter"

Tommy Pistol with Della Dane, Lily Lane, & Andi Rye


Good wife Alison and delinquent debtor Kika Noir make it to a safe haven for cult survivors. They meet fellow survivor Andi Rye, a child from happy-go-lucky hippie parents. Andi shares her horror story of an encounter with a cult-like Manson figure named Sage, manically and beautifully played by an unhinged Tommy Pistol (the best kind of Tommy Pistol). Andi meets Sage in a park and the two discuss an admiration for nature, which causes Sage to wax poetic about sexual freedom and the environment, clearly getting Andi Rye's pussy wet. When Sage has Andi right where he wants her, he brings her home to introduce her to his girls and his "special place." The other girls simply love Andi Rye, so Sage is ready to give her a gift. He pops a tab in her mouth and Andi begins to hallucinate as she gets horny. Lily Lane, Della Dane, and Tommy surround Andi and grope her and convince her to undress for them, and the introduction quickly turns into one lucky guy three-girl orgy of hippie cult sex. "I can feel the love!" Andi proclaims as she's groped. She feels like she's finally found a home.


The girls begin by sharing Sage's erect cock in their mouths. Andi Rye turns to let Della, Lily, and Tommy Pistol spread her ass cheeks for a great view of all her hippie holes. Tommy Pistol sticks his finger in Andi's snatch and sticks his wet tongue in her ass. "You're one of US now!" Tommy gloats as he gets his spit all over Andi's holes. Andi swallows Tommy Pistol's wood while he fingers his two proteges. Andi then sits on Tommy Pistol's dick and rides her savior. Della Dane then sits and takes a turn as cowgirl on Tommy Pistol's big meat. Before Lily Lane takes her own turn on Tommy, all three girls clean his cock off, allowing Lily Lane to slide down on his shaft and ride him. Tommy finishes by fucking Andi Rye doggy-style while she eats Della Dane's soaking wet cunt. Tommy Pistol pulls his dick out and CUMS all over Andi Rye's tits. The three girls end up in an embrace with their savior, but things quickly go downhill when Tommy Pistol's Sage claims to have a revelation. He begins to rant about how we are destroying the earth (no shit). As Sage becomes more unhinged in front of poor Andi, he gathers his girls to go on an adventure. Everyone gathers for a ride in the car, but Andi Rye is now scared shitless and too smart to fall for this now that she's no longer high. When Sage stops at a red light, Andi jumps out of the car and high-tails it out of there and to safety far away from Tommy Pistol's death-cult shenanigans.


Scene No. 4 - The Aliens Are Cumming (But You Can't!)

Charlotte Cross with Kate Kennedy


Now it's Kate Kennedy's turn to share her own close-call with the group. Cute little Kate's blonde ass was lured into a UFO cult called The Astral Wonders. Kate had a wish to communicate with aliens, but her devotion to her cult comes at a price. There are rules that CANNOT be broken, and one of those rules is NO orgasms. One starry night, the group is gazing up at the sky, but Kate's eyes find another stargazer in Charlotte Cross. Charlotte lures Kate to a empty pool for a nighttime swim, and the rules are about to be broken with some wet and wild lesbian sex, which is where all true and pure orgasms come from! Kate confides to Charlotte that she really joined the cult because she felt a deep need to belong to somewhere. Charlotte not-so-kindly lets Kate know that now she belongs to her. Charlotte Cross can taste the wet orgasm that is waiting to be released from Kate Kennedy's pussy (she confides it's been three months since she's last cum). Charlotte and Kate share a long, WET kiss before Charlotte pulls off Kate's bathing suit bottom to eat her pussy. Charlotte tells Kate that she needs someone to protect her because the alien cult is clearly breaking her down. Charlotte promises to protect Kate if she allows Charlotte to perform a baptism or two, which means Charlotte dunks Kate repeatedly under the water. "Do you trust me?" Charlotte asks, a bit sinisterly. Charlotte then commands Kate to blow some bubbles in her pussy. Charlotte then spits in Kate's face and asks her "Who do you belong to?" Then, the strap-on comes out. Kate sucks on it, gagging, struggling, but needing it in her mouth. "Don't neglect the balls!" Charlotte commands. The girls climb out of the pool and Charlotte fucks poolside, opening her eyes even wider to the stars and turning her pussy into a black hole. Kate Kennedy CUMS while being plowed by Charlotte Cross and then cleans the strap-on off with her mouth. Unfortunately, the two are caught in the act, and Kate and Charlotte must leave the grounds. Kate Kennedy loses touch with her sexual muse Charlotte Cross until...


Scene No. 5 - Women Rule! Hail Satan!

Bella Bathory w/ Karla Lane, Mistress Synful Pleasure, Sheena Ryder, Mo Reese & The Circle of Satan


Kate Kennedy finishes her story and shares with the survivor's group that her old friend Charlotte Cross has invited her to a very special meeting. Kate is having none of it, but Andi Rye, Kira Noir, and Alison Rey have all had a tough week, with all the escaping from cults they've been up to, so they need some levity and a night of relaxation. So Kate declines, but the rest decide to attend and are met by a robed Bella Bathory surrounded by Karla Lane, Mistress Synful Pleasure, and a naked Marcelo who waits on top an altar underneath a pentacle like a roasted stuck pig. Andi Rye, Kira Noir, and a timid Alison Rey are hesitant, but the dark beauty Bella Bathory gives a speech mixing girl power with just a touch of Satan, and Marcelo's pale naked ass is waiting for a ramming. Bella tells the newcomers that this is not a cult but a gathering that is a celebration of women, and men like Marcelo, Jimmy Broadway, and Mo Reese are pieces of meat for the beast! Creatures of the night. What music they make! The girls are quickly convinced. Isn't this kind of a cult too? Fuck that, who cares: Marcelo's hole needs to be destroyed by every single girl in the room! The ladies all join hands in a sacred prayer to Satan and the Vagina. The Vagina is Satan's God. The Vagina is the ONLY God that matters. "Do not FUCK the patriarchy!" Bella Bathory commands like a Goddess. "Do NOT fuck men unless you're getting paid or using them for your own pleasure." Marcelo makes for a mediocre sacrifice, obviously, but Bella fluffs his balls anyway by beating them with her palms before she lays back on him to smother his worthless face, while the other members watch and get wet.

Karla Lane cannot help herself and piles on top of Marcelo as well to eat Bella Bathory's pussy. Bella grabs some lipstick and marks Marcelo with the message FUCK MY HOLES and then the free-for-all begins. The girls all put on strap-ons and the good wife Alison Rey is up first. Marcelo sucks her cock while Kira Noir puts on a glove to finger Marcelo's huge asshole to prepare it for a massive strap-on. Bella Bathory commands the timid Alison Rey to spit in Marcelo's face. The girls take turns slapping Marcelo's ass while Kira Noir warms him up with some lube before sliding into his insides and doing some damage girl-power style. Bella pulls out her riding crop and slaps Marcelo while he gets fucked. Bella Bathory explains to the green Alison Rey that a riding crop is meant for horses but around these parts, they breed men the same way.

Kira Noir has finally gotten Marcelo's poor hole nice and loose. Bella Bathory orders Alison to fuck Marcelo's face until he cries. Now, his asshole is ready for Andi Rye, who is donning a huge black strap-on the size of a 2x4. Andi OPENS him wider while she fucks him with Alison Rey's condom-covered strap-on still scraping his weaselly little throat and making him gag. "Make him rock on it!" Bella Bathory commands as Alison Rey and Andi Rye have created a Chinese finger trap from hell under the watchful eyes of Satan. Kira Noir reaches for Marcelo's face and forces him to GAG on Alison Rey's cock. The girls soon descend upon each other in kinky madness, while they humiliate Jimmy Broadway and Mo Reese with some milking, ass-slapping, and some good old-fashioned CBT. BBW beauty Karla Lane tortures poor Mo Reese as she MILKS his cock, teasing him for cumming way too fast, while Jimmy Broadway's face gets smothered by pussy. Bella pulls out some more ass-spanking implements, but when she CANES Marcelo's sweaty ass, his ear-shattering shrieks will tell you one thing: Satan is a fucking woman, and thank GOD for that!


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