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When I saw the box cover for Jessica Drake Is Wicked I thought to myself, "no shit Sherlock, of course she’s wicked!" Look through Wicked's studio page and you’ll find her everywhere. Along with hubby Brad Armstrong, Jessica is a major part of Wicked Pictures. When I read that this movie was Jessica exploring her sexuality in ways we’ve never seen before, I rolled my eyes. She’s been in the industry since before I could tie my shoes (to be fair I liked lace free sneakers until I was about 8, so don’t judge me!), so what the hell could Jessica do that I’ve never seen her do before!? Apparently, a whole lot. But even then, I wasn’t impressed with the claims. Okay, so it’s her first interracial blowbang, but I’ve seen her banged by a gang before. She’s fucking in the Garden of Eden, but it’s still a set (the voice of God could have been a fun touch). She gets up close and personal with lots of assholes in an all-girl orgy, but nothing sounds exciting or new.

As usual I was wrong. The exploring aspect is made evident from the very beginning with Jessica and Ryan Driller playing out her Garden of Eden fantasy, and goes even deeper with her circus-themed all-girl orgy. It doesn’t stop there though. The blowbang was a really good scene with new talent like Ricky Johnson working with vets like Dirk Huge, and the white background really illustrated the beautiful complexions of all the men and tuned your eyes into the action. The schoolgirl orgy was just all-out fun with energy bursting from everyone. That scene convinced me that it was a good day on set during filming, because the chemistry was on point! The ending is what really pushed me over the edge though, and that’s when I had my moment of enlightenment. It took the last scene for me to understand what Jessica was giving her audience, and after watching the entire flick three times, I must say it’s my favorite scene and one of her best!

Scene Five: Jessica Drake, Aubrey Kate, Venus Lux & Domino Presley

Jessica Drake is WickedJessica Drake is Wicked
Jessica Drake is WickedJessica Drake is Wicked

Glamorous. If I had to use one word to describe this scene from beginning to end that would be it. From the first second this scene is glam, gorgeous, and a turn-on. Jessica, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, and Venus Lux stunt hard as fuck for the cameras for the first few minutes, and it’s totally worth watching the whole thing. It almost feels like a fashion show. Jessica and Venus are paired up initially while Aubrey and Domino admire each other with soft brushes against one another’s skin. They all begin grinding and fondling each other, and while it does take awhile before they strip down, taking your time feels right in this one. It's evident Jessica is going for a very sexy and enchanting feel. Everything from the photoshoot set, to the wardrobe, and the actresses themselves screams high-end, and you can’t rush high-end.

The foursome makes their way to a couch where the real action slowly begins to take place. Domino begins feeling on Jessica’s already wet pussy before Aubrey dives in for a faceful while Jessica strokes Venus to an erection. The group breaks off with Venus and Jessica kissing and fondling while Aubrey and Domino jerk off and blow each other. The intensity is high from the jump in this scene. Jessica moans in preparation while Domino slaps her ass, and you can tell she wants nothing more than to be devoured. There’s lots of oral action as Jessica makes her way to every cock in the room, and normally I fast-forward through blowjobs, but the buildup of anticipation felt too good to let go. The eagerness oozing out of Jessica really pushes this scene over the edge. When she bent over, revealing a butt plug, I almost screamed with joy!

Jessica Drake is WickedJessica Drake is Wicked

Aubrey gets first dibs as Jessica sits on her condom-covered cock and rides like she’s getting ready for a rodeo. Domino and Venus lick their chops in the background while teasing each other with blow- and handjobs. Aubrey flips Jessica over to fuck doggy-style, and I swear her mouth never closes. Now, we all know that feeling you get when you’re in some amazing pussy and that shit is so good you start making "beat the pussy up" faces. That’s Aubrey in this scene and it’s fucking hot! Not only is she knocking that thing out just the way Jessica likes it, she’s absolutely stunning to look at. Her tits and tats did it for me the minute she undressed. The fact that she made Jessica cum all over her dick is a bonus! Next, Jessica is laid on her back with her mouth covered while the trio plays with her pussy. Domino long-strokes in the missionary position while Aubrey face-fucks Venus in the background. Domino makes sure to get all she can before tagging Venus into the action. She fucks Jessica doggy-style until she pulls out and cums all over her ass with the other two looking on in horny amazement. Then, just like that, the scene ends.

Initially I was disappointed. I would have liked to see Aubrey and Domino cum, and I would have loved some double-penetration. I thought the butt plug was setting us up for that, but the fact that it didn’t happen left something to be desired. That being the case, I didn’t feel cheated after this scene. I wanted more but I got plenty, and that’s where this scene sets itself apart. In today’s social climate, and within the adult entertainment industry itself, there’s a lot going on in terms of respecting and acknowledging each other as human beings regardless of our similarities and differences, and I think Jessica had that in mind when designing and shooting this scene. Right away all four women were placed in positions of glam and power that would bring RuPaul to tears. The playing field is equal and Jessica (you too Brad) does an excellent job bringing that to light. The aggressiveness fits perfectly and the chemistry is spot on for the camera. To throw in a little food for thought, Jessica monologues at the end about sexuality being fluid and ever-changing, while floating in a beautiful pool. She speaks about exploring the shallow end first, but allowing herself to be pulled down into the deep dark unknown, where things can appear scary until you embrace them as opposed to fighting them. We’re all changing constantly whether we want to or not, and today, right now, it’s time to stop fighting what we think is wrong because it’s different, and just let go. Roll with the tide and it’ll probably wash you up to the most beautiful island you never knew existed.

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