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From Severe Sex comes the anticipated sequel to the fetish studio's 50 Shades of Grey semi-parody with the return of the fantastic Ms. Grey, played by Lily Cade. The bawdy, breathy Domme we've come to know and love in the first installment of the series is back in Ms. Grey 2: Darker with her faithful sub, Anabelle Irons (Dolly Leigh). Where we last left off, Anabelle and Kristin were having problems relating to Kristin's infidelities. Now, their kinky relationship is coming into even more new challenges. Anabelle no longer wants to serve Kristin Grey as much as she wants to be on equal footing with her dominant girlfriend, and Ms. Grey doesn't quite know how to handle the couple's new dynamic.

Scene One: Dolly Leigh & Loni Legend

Having finally broken up with Kristin Grey, Anabelle Irons is ready to get back out into the dating world. Anabelle has her artist friend Loni over for a few drinks, and the ladies' discussion quickly turns to talk of Anabelle's recent ex. Anabelle says, "most lesbians bring a Uhaul on the second date, Kristin Grey brings a slave contract," and gets wide eyes from Loni. After explaining the level of kink she was accustomed to in her relationship with Grey, Anabelle suggests a pillow fight with Loni to lighten the mood, and of course things between the two ladies heat up quickly.

Scene Two: Dolly Leigh & Lily Cade

It was bound to happen sooner or later: Kristin Grey and Anabelle Irons are reunited. Grey pulls up in a Porsche to pick up Anabelle for a date and the two fall right back into their old, comfortable habits. The reconciled couple head to Anabelle's friend (and recent former fling) Loni's gallery show for a date. While Grey is no longer Anabelle's Domme, we see her grip Anabelle rather closely and protectively throughout the night as though Anabelle is still her submissive property. When Grey notices that many of Loni's paintings look an awful lot like Anabelle, she doesn't hestitate to flaunt her wealth and buy them all right on the spot too, clearly in an effort to make Loni back off. When Anabelle and Grey get home, Anabelle decides to switch things up with her girlfriend. Instead of the rough BDSM that they're used to having, Anabelle goes the more sultry, seductive route. Luckily, Grey is receptive to it this time.

Scene Three: Charlotte Sartre & Lily Cade

Maybe I'm biased because I love Charlotte Sartre, but this is probably one of the best scenes of the movie. When Kristin Grey gets word that one of her old submissives has escaped from the mental hospital, she's immediately panicked. Grey orders Anabelle to stay with a bodyguard at all times in case she's in any danger. While Anabelle wants to balk at Grey's orders, she realizes she's right and acquiesces. When Anabelle arrives back at her apartment, however, she isn't prepared for the knife-wielding guest, Grey's former sub, awaiting her behind her door. Charlotte attempts to attack Anabelle, but thankfully Grey is able to mysteriously appear and break things up before anyone gets hurt. Grey then takes Charlotte, properly degrades her, and then punishes her just for old time's sake. If you like breath play and anal, this scene is a must-watch!

Scene Four: Dolly Leigh & Lily Cade

Having literally saved Anabelle's life, Grey is owed a little "red room" time. While it may seem like Grey has fully resorted back to her dominating ways, however, it's evident from this scene that Grey intends to honor Anabelle's wishes for a more equal-footing relationship. I wouldn't call this "vanilla" necessarily – there's still some good spanking and groping – but it's not the hard sex we're accustomed to from Kristin Grey. And for good reason, because after they're done, Grey pulls out a ring and proposes to her!

Scene Five: Dana Vespoli & Lily Cade

Still reeling from Grey's proposal, Anabelle returns to work feeling flustered about her boss' former fling with her prospective fiancée. Yes, that's right: Grey used to sleep with Anabelle's boss, long before the couple met. Not being able to stand the awkwardness, Anabelle finally looks her boss in the eye and asks her about Kristin's past. Anabelle stands to learn a thing or two about Ms. Grey...

Scene Six: Dana Vespoli & Lily Cade

Ms. Grey wasn't always the wealthy and confident Domme she is today. In fact, Anabelle's boss trained Grey up to be everything she is today by being her sugar mama and teaching her the ins-and-outs of lesbian BDSM. While both scenes between Dana Vespoli and Lily Cade are smoking hot, if you're looking for a distinctly kinky scene, this should be the one you watch.

Scene Seven: Jillian Janson & Lily Cade

Ms. Grey seems like a changed woman by the end of the film. She's not as controlling as she used to be, she's not claiming Anabelle as her submissive anymore, and she proposed... it's weird, almost too weird. In the final scene, Grey is driving her car along a steep cliff with an extremely attractive business associate and they get into an accident. In typical Ms. Grey fashion, it isn't long before Grey puts the moves on her conveniently in-distress damsel. Meanwhile, when Anabelle is given news of Grey's accident, she's instantly grief-stricken. Little does she know that Ms. Grey is, in a sense, back to her old ways...

I'm not positive, but I sense a third installment of the Ms. Grey series in the future. Something tells me this story isn't quite over yet...

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