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What do you think of when you hear the term "soccer mom"? Cute little sweater sets? Minivans packed with everything under the sun? Snacks at soccer practice? Yeah, that sounds about right. But these mamas are just a little different! The folks at Perv City thought they’d give you a new perspective on those ball-chasing babes! Bridgette B., Alana Cruise, Sheena Ryder, and Dee Williams star in Anal Soccer Moms 3, proving that you don’t have to be ordinary to be a soccer mom! These horny hotties are changing the game and inviting you to see how well they can play!

Scene One: Bridgette B. and Isiah Maxwell

Bridgette B. is not your ordinary soccer mom! Clad in a skintight purple dress with her tits practically popping out, she’s sure to piss off all the other moms at practice! Luckily for them, she’s showing off her goodies in the comfort of her living room. After a brief interview with the cameraman, Isiah enters the room to give Bridgette exactly what she wants – a big black cock! But first, he spends some time fingering her pussy and ass, getting both her holes ready. Bridgette turns over so Isiah can tongue her asshole while her eyes roll back in her head and she groans in pleasure! But she’s not a selfish lover, so she is quick to get on her knees to suck his cock. Isiah fucks her face hard, trying to cram his entire dick down her throat. Bridgette does her best to take every inch, her throat constricting as his dick gags her and spit hangs from her chin from her stellar dick-sucking skills!

Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Bridgette B. Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Bridgette B.

Isiah’s cock finally gets to sample her asshole when Bridgette climbs on his lap, spreads wide, and lowers herself onto his massive dick. His rigid pole sinks into her ass one inch at a time, stretching her wide open and eliciting tons of encouragement from this anal-loving soccer mom! She likes it nice and slow at first, allowing her tight brown eye to get used to his BBC. They switch to the spoon position next and there are some great close-up shots of his dick being buried in her hungry ass! Isiah also goes back and forth from her ass to her pussy, pummeling both holes like crazy! And then when she begs to taste her ass on his cock… my god, you’ll be lucky not to cum right then! My favorite part of this scene is when he’s fucking her doggy style, digging up in that ass balls-deep! I love seeing his big balls slap against her pretty pink pussy while his cock disappears in her ass! Bridgette rides his cock again, his dick in her pussy and her gaping asshole winking at the camera. It’s a beautiful sight! When Isiah finally cums, it’s in Bridgette’s eager mouth. She slurps up every drop, leaving soft kisses on his cock as a thank you for it’s service.

Scene Two: Alana Cruise and Sean Michaels

Alana is new to Perv City, and she is definitely an amazing new addition! She takes off her panties during her brief interview and shows off the super cute butt plug she’s using to get ready for anal with Sean Michaels! Watching her pull out the jeweled butt plug and show off her rosebud-winking skills is adorable! When Sean finally enters the scene, he walks in slowly, circling Alana and then bending down behind her to whisper in her ear, “So what’s your name?” There’s just something sexy about knowing Sean is about to fuck her in the ass on camera and doesn’t even know her name! He begins to give her orders: bend over, touch your ass, touch that cock… it’s very hot listening to him quietly order her to please him. Alana tries pretty hard to swallow every inch of Sean’s cock, but it’s huge! She chokes and gags herself with the effort. Sean helps her out by taking a handful of her hair and fucking her face. He’s also a foot man, so she gives him a nice footjob before they get down to fucking.

Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Alana Cruise Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Alana Cruise

Sean fucks her in missionary position first, sliding into her pussy slowly. Alana looks shocked by the sensations, not sure if the whole thing will fit inside her! But it isn’t long before Sean goes for that cute ass, slowly pushing his cock into her tight hole. It just doesn’t seem possible that his massive cock will all fit inside her tight ass! But sure enough, he’s fucking her balls deep in no time! He plows her hole like this for a while before having her get back on her knees so he can fuck her face some more. She’s such a cute gagger! But her mouth isn’t what Sean wants, so Alana is on her knees getting her ass stretched doggy style before long. You’ll love the extreme close-up shots here, Alana’s ass gaping huge from Sean’s huge cock! She’s moaning, “Oh yes!” but her face is saying, “Oh no! It’s too big!” The spoon next, Sean behind Alana, burying his cock inside her pretty pussy. When his cock cannot wait another second, Sean pulls out and busts his nut all over Alana’s freshly fucked pussy.

Scene Three: Sheena Ryder and LT

I’ve seen lots of porn and lots of asses, but Sheena Ryder just entered my top-ten favorite ass list! It’s just so round and soft and bouncy and delicious! I wanna take a bite out of it! Lucky for us, she likes to show off that gorgeous globe, so enjoy the show! This is one soccer mom that turns heads at practices for sure! And she’s got these perfect little tits that practically beg to be sucked and pinched! She shows off her rockin’ bod during her brief interview, and then drops right to her knees to gobble up every inch of LT’s cock when he enters the scene. She’s a good little cock sucker, slobbering all over his thick meat with spit hanging off her chin as she gags on it!

Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Sheena Ryder Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Sheena Ryder

So an ass as beautiful as hers, it’s no surprise when LT bends Sheena over to fuck her from behind first. He fucks her pussy first, slapping her bouncing ass and exclaiming over how great her tight pussy feels. But he didn’t come here for her kitty cat, he came for that naughty little rosebud! LT keeps her bent over and pushes his dick into her tight ass, Sheena wiggling her butt around to make room for him. She clearly loves to have her ass worked out! Her booty eats that dick like it’s starving! I love ass-to-mouth action too, and Sheena has no problem licking her ass juices off LT’s dick. She licks him clean and then lays back so LT can dig up in her ass missionary style. Oh man, she’s a dirty girl, too! She talks nasty during the entire scene, telling LT to fuck her ass hard and use her ass how he pleases. LT does just that, plowing her asshole with his thick dick, making Sheena’s tight hole look like a tunnel! She rides his cock next, and the view from LT’s perspective is beyond hot! Seriously, that ass is amazing! It bounces and jiggles and gobbles up every inch of LT’s meat! When the grand finale comes, it’s with LT spooning Sheena and banging away at her stretched out ass. He pumps in and out faster and faster before pulling out and painting her pussy with his hot, creamy cum!

Scene Four: Dee Williams and Sean Michaels

Dee Williams looks like the slutty mom at the PTA meetings that all the other moms hate. Short blonde hair, gorgeous tits barely covered with a tiny sweater, and jeans so tight they look painted on! She’s quite a sight to behold, and her wanton sexuality oozes from every pore of her incredible body! Suffice it to say, dads are coming out in droves to see this sexy soccer mom at practice! When Sean enters the room, Dee is laid back, spread wide, with her legs almost behind her head, showing off her flexible body. He drops down to his knees to get up close and personal with her pussy, the lips spread open, the juicy pink inside beckoning Sean. He licks her softly, rubbing her asshole with his thumb while his tongue laps at her cunt. He gets her nice and wet, then uses a couple fingers to stretch has ass and get it ready to be fucked. When Dee finally gets Sean’s cock in her mouth, she spends a long time proving how much she wants that dick! She’s able to get most of it in her mouth; that’s no small feat! But her oral skills don’t end there, she’s a naughty little ass-licker, too! Sean lays back and spreads his legs so Dee can get her tongue in his crack and give his asshole a nice spit bath! Dee loves it, savors it, and tells Sean how musky and sweet and delicious it is. What a naughty mommy!

Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Dee Williams Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Dee Williams

It’s in missionary position that Sean finally buries his giant cock in Dee’s tight little ass. He pumps in and out for less than a minute before Dee cums, squirting all over his dick! They stay in this position for a while, Sean dipping his cock in her pussy, then her ass, and then her mouth. He repeats this combination over and over, plowing all Dee’s holes without reservation. Dee squirts a couple times during this scene, groaning in pleasure as Sean’s huge cock is buried in all her fuck spots. Dee rides Sean’s cock in cowgirl position next, and let me just assure you that the view from behind is perfect! Her now-gaping ass just swallows his dick whole! Toward the end of the scene, Sean bends Dee over to fuck her from behind. This is by far my favorite part of the scene! Her back is arched so beautifully, her ass sticking up, and that sweet hole gaping open… it’s incredibly sexy! So sexy, in fact, that it doesn’t take long for Sean to shoot his wad all over Dee’s fine ass!

Anal Soccer Moms 3 - Dee Williams

Well, if you made it to the end of this movie review without cumming in your pants, then you held out longer than me! So now it’s time to go watch the movie and see how long you can last before you bust a nut! This is also the time where I tell you, dear perverted reader, which scene was my favorite in this film. Sometimes I have a hard time choosing, but not this time! While all the ladies were sexy and cum-worthy, it was Dee Williams who really got my motor running! This experienced mama is a wanton women that can sit on my face any time she wants! Those big eyes and cock-hungry holes are to die for! There’s no faking it with this one, she’s a real sexual dynamo that found her true calling in life! Thank god for super sexy soccer moms!

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