Directors Bree Mills and Craven Moorhead have given HotMovies the exclusive for The Last House on the Right, and B-side, Open House, from Pure Taboo. 2018 AVN Best New Starlet nominee Whitney Wright (who plays Nina), stars with Eliza Jane (who plays Ashley), and Chad Alva as an unstable squatter. Bree Mill's script tells the story of two young friends who've just skipped class in time to steal some adorable lingerie from a shop. These overconfident rebels end up trespassing in an abandoned house. They're looking to giggle, model some stolen clothes, and search for a wild time, but Nina and Ashley find something quite unexpected and dangerous. Bree's story (and the wild fucking girl-girl-boy threeway) doesn't quite go where you'd expect. It may sound like a slasher movie scenario (nothing wrong with that), but there's something much more emotionally terrifying in store for viewers then a maniac cutting up young girls.


The B-side is titled Open House, written and directed by Bree Mills, and features quid-pro-quo sex between Codey Steele, and an inexperienced real estate agent desperate for a sale (charmingly played by the stunning Dillon Harper). Like The Last House on the Right, Bree's Open House features sex that is strangely alluring, but does not end in a comfortable place. Safety, emotional or otherwise, is a luxury denied the characters in these two features, adding elements to the intense sex scenes that make for some compelling, if not disturbing, sexual release. Nobody haunts our orgasms like Bree Mills and Pure Taboo.

The Last House on the Right: Who Will Make It Out Alive, and What Will Be Left of Them?

Featuring Whitney Wright, Eliza Jane, and Chad Alva


Whitney Wright and Eliza Jane are seen running out of a clothing store. These two young woman have just stolen some lingerie, and now they're looking to party. Eliza Jane is nervous, and mentions that since both girls have just turned eighteen, these kleptos could get into some serious trouble if caught. The wild Whitney Wright isn't worried, and she has a fantastic idea in mind to find some privacy: an abandoned house down the road. Craving a little fun, these two decide to break in with Whitney Wright's character, Nina, leading the way. Whitney shatters a window, but Eliza Jane is reticent. Whitney teases and coaxes her cute little frame inside, where they begin to explore. For a long-forgotten abandoned house, it's in great shape, and the girls are delighted. They explore the rooms. Whitney even talks about one day owning the house. Whitney and Eliza decide to try on their stolen lingerie. The girls undress, Eliza looks nervous as she sizes up Whitney's nude body and trim black bush. Whitney laughs, stares at her best friends tits, and starts taking pictures from her phone. The girls giggle and retreat further into the house, still naked. What they find waiting unexpectedly for them in the next room changes not only their party plans, but their friendship.

Giddy, eighteen-years-old, naked, and vulnerable, these two stumble into a room with what appears to be a dead man on the floor. On closer inspection, he's just a homeless man apparently squatting. Bree's two young protagonists engaging in pettiness and peccadilloes like stealing should seem like the usual slasher-movie scenario. Believe me, Bree Mill's subverts what most would expect with these beautiful young girls looking to indulge in the wild side. It's much more darker, complex, and emotionally draining than any slasher film. And the girl-girl-boy threesome is an explosion of excellent rough sex, dread, emotional horror... and it's just so goddamn sexy.


The sight of the passed-out homeless man becomes a game to Whitney, a game she's determined to make her friend Eliza participate in. What's the game? Whitney hovers nude over the unconscious man while Eliza reluctantly takes pictures. Whitney pretends to sit down on the man's cock, and pushes her beautiful ass into his face. Eliza whines about what they're getting themselves into, yet continues to snap pictures of it. Then, that creepy-looking fucker stands up with Whitney's heart-shaped mounds still inches away from his lips. The girls scream, and Eliza orders Whitney to go get their clothes from the other room, but strangely, the curious Whitney stays in the room with the hysterical homeless man, now on his feet ranting and raving like an incoherent psycho. This apparent insanity piques the young Whitney's sexual interest. She wants to be bad... and she wants Eliza to be bad too.


Chad Alva's huge cock is probably adult cinema's most-recent, greatest villain. He lets it slide out of his pants in front of both girls, angry at them, and angry at what they caused: an erection that will soon annihilate a close, but broken friendship between Nina and Ashley. Although, as Chad's dirty vagrant cock, slips in and out of the girls, each of whom are now trying to one-up each other through cruelty and coercion, you may find your sympathies change by the end of the film. Whitney Wright takes Chad Alva's meat in her mouth first, while Eliza Jane looks on flabbergasted, but she doesn't leave the premises. She wants to keep her friend safe. That's what Ashley's always done for Nina, or so she believes. Whitney Wright's Nina isn't interested in safety, and soon the life-long friends trade verbal spars while Chad Alva's engorged dick slips in and out of each girl's tight pussy with the speed of sound. He just doesn't fuck their pussies as much as he consumes their humanity for each other, as he stands them against the wall and plows inside them. Whitney looks like she's on the verge of triumph while hate-fucking this vagrant; Eliza looks to be on the verge of tears, and her utter resentment towards her best friends is finally released through her orgasm. Chad Alva pumps and pumps the girls as they continue to hurl taunts before he blows a huge load on both their faces. The final shot is tinged with heartbreak, providing a little more food-for-thought while watching these two beautiful young women emotionally deteriorate with the help of Chad's evil, vagrant cock!

B Side - Open House: Has Helter-Skelter Returned To Buy A New Home?

Featuring Dillon Harper and Codey Steele


Dillion Harper is a gorgeous, twenty-year-old real estate agent desperate to make her big break in the industry. She's presiding over a promising open house, guiding a few guests, including Bree Mills pulling a Hitchcock, and then enters Codey Steele. Cody claims to Dillion he's in want of a new home, but his motivations seem unclear, even to Dillion. Still, she really needs to sell this house.


Codey inquires about the mirrors above the bed in the master bedroom; Codey's impressed. Dillion Harper's eyes light as she may now be able to seal the deal. Then Codey explains the reasons why he enjoys the mirrors above the bed, or any bed. Codey confides to the green real estate agent that he has a collection of girls, a harem if you will (or cult?), and he enjoys watching himself have sex from above. Dillion is ready to get the paperwork, but there is a catch. Codey Steele would like to personally test-drive the bedroom out. Dillion seems a little bemused at first, but he bluntly asks her if he can fuck her under the mirror and to see if it's to his liking. Dillion doesn't appear to be excited by this strange offer from the handsome, Manson-like oddball, but she wants to sell this fucking house, so she reluctantly agrees. She unbuttons her blouse, "Fine, let's do this and get it over with." She's got a home to sell.


Our potential buyer lies back on the bed with a smile as Dillion Harper and her perfect nude body lean down to pull out Codey's still-flaccid member, placing it on her red lips. She uses that pretty real estate agent mouth to suck and deep-throat, getting Codey's big dick stiff and filled with blood. She also wants to get the sex over as quickly as possible. Dillion Harper jumps on top of Codey Steele so they can 69 and Codey can taste that tight pussy himself. Dillion sits on his Helter-Skelter cock and pushes her pussy down balls-deep, desperately trying to milk that cum out of him so she can grab that commish. Despite Dillion ordering Codey to hurry up and cum already, several times, Dillion squirts all over his cock, soaking him and her luscious ass cheeks in a sheen of squirt, saliva, and sweat that makes Dillion Harper's ass glow like the sun. She sucks him off again, and is finally able to get that load on her eager lips. The sex is now over, and Dillion is now ready to go get this sexy creep the papers before she even gets dressed. Dillion is sitting on the bed, back turned, wiping semen from her lips when we see Codey stand to his feet and pull out a very taut, long necktie. The shot is only a few seconds, but so dreadful, because we know what that crazy motherfucker is going to do, and Dillion Harper doesn't. Codey Steele holds the tie high in his hands, and asks the real estate agent to turn around. Basically, we just watched a intense sex scene that served as foreplay for the premeditated murder to come. Bree Mills, you devastate me, you break my hearet, and, my God, your audacious vignettes make me cum... and she does it all with excellent acting, writing, and a cinematic feel that is unmatched by many other directors in the industry.

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