The Princess Has Come of Age box cover

In a far away galaxy a princess, as soon as she comes of age has to choose a husband. Five princes coming from nearby planets have gathered together to the princess castle, but only he who will be able to satisfy all her sexual desires will marry her. Five nights of pleasure and lust are awaiting the princess…The challenge begins.

The above quote is the leader that opens surprise porn smash hit The Princess Has Come Of Age. With that in mind, you get the picture, except that at least two of the princes look like princesses, but that’s really not important. Following on from my recent post about the virtues of pixel sex, somebody, I shall mention no names though they could be described as being rather "deviant," somebody thought it would be fun if I were to review one of the most popular movies on the site, that just happens to be animated! With princesses, horny aliens, and robots and stuff, at first glance The Princess could appear a bit weird. Ok, it is weird, but it’s "good weird," trust me!

If you like your porn to include little green men with giant dicks, alien flowers with breasts, and monsters that spit flying dildos, then you wanna be all over this film. This is the story of a rather hot princess (pixels can indeed be found attractive) who seems to really like anal and is searching for a suitable husband through sex. This obviously isn’t your regular porn flick, and, believe it or not, it’s actually better. The great thing about animated porn is that it can afford a certain amount of levity, and this movie has it a-plenty. When the Princess laughs at the little green alien’s shriveled little cock, he gets mad and makes it so big the Princess could saddle up and ride it! The alien, it seems, is a grower not a show-er! That’s just the start, and throughout her sexual escapades we see all kinds of funny shit. The fat, ugly monster that shoots cum from nodules on his head is my personal favorite:

But that’s not to take anything away from the porn side of things. We get some really graphic examples of oral, fellatio, cunnilingus, anal, deep throat, double penetration, lesbianism, double ended penetration-you name it-this movie has it. And rather interestingly, it doesn't seem to matter that it's a big green dick or a flying bat-winged dildo that’s fucking her cartoon pussy-it’s still pretty sexy! The graphics are great, as good as anything you might see on the big screen, and the music and overall production as good if not better than most high end adult flicks.

I’m not entirely sure that this is the kind of movie you’d dim the lights and share a glass of wine with. I think it’s more the type of movie that you’d probably watch alone, if you know what I mean. However, it’s great entertainment and well worth your hard-earned cash if you fancy watching something fun and a little out of the ordinary, while being hot at the same time.

Over a thousand viewer ratings add up to give this movie 4 stars out of 5, and I have to say that I agree - my rating is 4 out of 5.

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