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The Turning box cover

The Turning is a film that combines the reality of tough family dynamics in a modern Los Angeles home, with the lurking desire every bride-to-be has about their family turning into vagina-crazed sex maniacs. The all-star, all-female cast and hot lesbian sex make for an interesting twist on the popular bachelorette party gone wrong scenario. Halle (Adriana Chechik) has always felt very different from her foster family. She was been in and out of foster homes her whole life until the kind and religious Smith family fostered her. Her foster parents, including foster mom Dana Vespoli, accept her and nurture her growth. They are even paying for her college education. Unfortunately for Halle, it is a Christian university, and she really doesn't fit in. The other aspect of her life with the Smiths that is totally confusing and hurtful is her foster sister Sara (Anikka Albrite). Sara hates Halle, and there is no good reason for her hate, except that Halle has very different interests than Sara. Sweet-natured Halle is so excited when Sara asks her to help plan her bachelorette party and weekend, but Halle later overhears Sara on the phone complaining about how her mom asked her to do it. Totally upset, and feeling very alone, Halle runs to her room and calls a mysterious number labeled in her notebook as the Hopewell Hotline. A woman answers the phone and tells Halle that everything will be OK. Suddenly, Halle calms down, breathes deeply, and hangs up the phone.

Scene One-Mercedes Carrera and Adriana Chechik

Mercedes Carrera, as Freedom, is shown setting up a few drops of potion into a tea pot, lighting incense, and creating a magical atmosphere. She is dressed in white, adorned with beads, a yin-yang necklace, and a white scarf around her head. She answers her door where Halle is waiting outside. Soon Freedom and Halle get comfy, and Halle tells Freedom all about the problems she is having with her Sara. Freedom is a healer, and Halle is instantly comfortable with her. They decide that what Halle needs is a healing session to take away some of the pain, discomfort, and sadness of her life. Then Freedom tells Halle to get undressed, get comfortable, and be ready for a new experience.

Freedom begins to place chakra stones on different parts of Halle's body. As the energy flows through the crystals to the different parts of Halle's body, Freedom begins to undress, and facilitate the healing of Halle's spirit, by opening up her root chakra (you know, the vagina), using her tongue, mouth, and fingers. The action between Halle and her healer get incredibly steamy, and Freedom even utilizes facesitting as a holistic healing technique, until they fall asleep after being exhausted from their time together.

When Halle wakes up, she realizes that she has been gone from her house for a really long time, and she is afraid that she will be in trouble. She thanks Freedom over and over again, and accepts a very long hug from the sweet and very inspiring healer. However, when Halle leaves, Freedom removes her beads, headscarf, and necessary yin-yang necklace (the universal symbol for a good witch) and then makes a mysterious phone call stating that “Subject 13 has been infected.”

Scene Two-Dana Vespoli and Adriana Chechik

After rushing back to her house from the Freedom’s place, Halle is really excited to tell her foster sister, Sara, and her mom about the awesome retreat she has planned for the weekend. However, Sara is thoroughly unhappy about the plan, and she begins to yell at Halle, telling her that she is convinced that Halle is trying to ruin her bachelorette weekend because she is jealous. Halle is so confused, hurt, and really taken back by her Sara’s attack. Suddenly, Halle feels ill, and she needs to get some rest as soon as possible. She starts to see visions of her lesbian encounter with Freedom, and every time she has these flashes she gets horrific pains in her head. Mrs. Smith tells her to go upstairs and get some rest. Halle gets in bed, and her mom prays with her to help the feelings of sickness dissipate. Halle sleeps, but is tormented by dreams of Freedom. She tosses and turns and finally awakes. But, she is not herself when she rises. She goes into her foster mother’s room, rubs her pussy juice all over her Mrs. Smith’s face, and infects her with the same carnal desire for vagina.

Scene Three-Adriana Chechik and Jelena Jensen

The next day, Halle wakes up in a perturbed state. Her lesbian flings and fantasies are beginning to confuse and haunt her Christian values. She knows what she’s experienced feels good, but she can’t stop asking herself, “What’s happening to me?” As she shuffles downstairs in her disoriented state, Sara is waiting and judging her intently. The girls get in the car, pick up Blaire and Cassie, the two other bridesmaids, played by fan faves Carter Cruise and Tara Morgan, respectively, and head to Dr. Elixir's Wellness Retreat. Every chance that Halle gets, she realizes she can’t stop staring at her sister’s friends’ crotches in their tight yoga pants. Her lesbian thoughts come to her as if they were someone else's; not to mention, her vision keeps blurring and she’s constantly parched (a key symptom of spiritual possession). When the girls arrive at Dr. Elixir's, they’re told the rules of the weekend: no cellphones, no drinking, and no men. Somehow, I feel like Halle’s lesbian enlightenment will be okay with these restrictions.

As the bride and bridesmaids are assigned to their individual rooms, Dr. Elixir, played by Jelena Jensen, whisks Halle away for some closer inspection. Upon arrival, the gorgeous Dr. Elixir notes Halle’s “Sapphic hallucinations, extreme wetness, and recent contact with female secretions.” These progressions in Halle’s “turning” excite the doctor, and she removes her lab coat to reveal her fully naked body. When Halle protests and asks for a drink, Dr. Elixir assures her, “Oh, you will drink,” and promptly sits on her face. Halle begins eating the doctor’s pussy as if truly possessed. After the Dr. Elixir receives an earth-shattering orgasm, she happily returns the favor by alternating stimulation with her mouth and fingers until Halle squirts all over the patient bed. After they’ve each had their fair share of making each other cum, the girls masturbate next to each other for a turn until they can’t keep their hands off of each other again. Halle is so wildly lost in the moment that she doesn’t even realize she’s going against all of the tenets of her Christian upbringing. With the amount of orgasms she’s having, who would have time to care? After this steamy encounter, the doctor instructs Halle that it’s time to turn the other girls. The doctor’s creepy assistant, played by director Bree Mills, prepares a mysterious potion for the bridesmaids, and Halle is whisked away from the crowd.

Scene Four-Adriana Chechik, Carter Cruise, and Tara Morgan

As the doctor’s assistant is taking care of Halle and concocting the potion for the remaining girls, bridesmaids Blaire and Cassie, still clad in their yoga gear, find themselves (along with their mats) in a large study, which has been mysteriously locked from the outside. As they debate their plight and what to do next, the door slowly creaks open and the doctor’s assistant shuffles through the door holding an iPad. The two begin begging for their freedom, but to no avail. Without a word, the assistant suddenly begins playing a video with instructions from the doctor, who begins by telling them that “the doors are locked for your own beneficial advancement of your awakening female spirit.” Confused, the girls continue listening as the doctor begins giving them instructions for a yoga workout. Shrugging their shoulders in bewilderment, the girls go along with it until the doctor’s assistant once again returns to the room holding a large tray filled with a mysterious blue potion. To the girls’ surprise, Halle trails into the room behind the assistant looking as though she’s had a recent make-over. Halle explains in a dull and monotonous tone that this is the potion that “cured” her problem and encourages the other bridesmaids to drink it too. Blaire angrily refuses, but the more curious Cassie is game and takes a sip. Clearly thrilled with the taste of the potion, she throws caution to the wind and begins to chug it! As Cassie drinks, her thirst becomes stronger, and she can’t seem to get enough, and almost desperately drinks it all. Blaire sees Cassie's reaction and changes her mind, deciding to partake as well - with the same result. Beginning hesitantly, Blaire is quickly consumed by the same thirst and chugs the potion until it’s spilling down her face.

Feeling no different, the pair return to their workout until Cassie begins feeling a little strange and starts having flashes of herself eating her friend’s pussies, while hallucinating Halle fingering herself. Halle notices the sudden “turn” in Cassie and beckons to her, “I know what you can drink,” and pulls her in for a deep and passionate kiss. Blaire, who has not begun feeling the potion’s effects, is startled and frightened, and runs for the door screaming, “What are you doing??!” Halle and Cassie move to console her, and begin dragging her back to the middle of the room where they begin undressing and kissing her. As the potion begins to take hold, Blaire feels her defenses weakening and can no longer resist her sudden and unexpected desire.The three then work themselves into a frenzy, kissing, licking, and hungrily kissing one another. They fall into a pile on the floor and drink every drop of juice from each other’s pussies to quench their wild thirst. After Halle is satisfied from grinding and scissoring her pussy against Blaire’s, she notices the thirst and desire in Blaire’s eyes and stands over her while Blaire and Cassie finger and eat her. To quench Blaire’s thirst, Halle positions her soaked pussy over her mouth and unleashes a torrent of liquid. Pussy juice squirts everywhere, and Halle showers Blaire with her juice. Open-mouthed, Blaire drinks from her like a marathon runner from a water fountain after a long race.The three continue fucking each other greedily until all of their bodies are glistening from head to toe, and once more Halle shows her pleasure with a waterfall of pussy juice while the other two girls cup their hands underneath to get as much as they possibly can. Only mildly satisfied, they’re suddenly interrupted when the doctor’s assistant returns to the room once more with further instructions.

Scene Five-Adriana Chechik, Carter Cruise, Tara Morgan, and Jelena Jensen

After Halle and the bridesmaids’ hot threesome, they return to Dr. Elixir to have their progress checked. The doctor presents them with a picture of a muscular, attractive man and the women cower in disgust. Next, when the doctor pulls out a dripping pair of panties, the girls visibly salivate and reach for them like rabid lesbians. It’s clear that they’ve all been successfully turned. The girls are thirsty (in more ways than one), and ask the doctor for a drink. She begins to slip off her lab coat and the girls don’t waste a minute in devouring her pussy and anywhere else on her body they can lick and tease with their tongues.

As the foursome is underway, Halle, Blaire, and Cassie moan and groan like crazed lunatics. Whatever spell they’re under has them hungering for vagina like it’s their last meal on earth. The doctor assists in their Sapphic compulsion by helping to hold Halle’s legs open to better facilitate pleasuring her. Adriana Chechik momentarily seems to break character as Tara Morgan goes down on her to insist that she continue rubbing her clit, and not long after she’s squirting directly into Carter Cruise’s open mouth. I could’ve done without the subsequent spit-swapping that happens, but this scene’s momentum is so continuous that I don’t even bother to scroll through it. As each girl takes her turn being the center of attention, both the set and performers are evidently covered in each other’s juices. For anyone who loves really messy lesbian sex, this will probably be your favorite scene. Spit-swapping, sweating, and squirting: this scene has it all.

Scene Six-Adriana Chechik, Anikka Albrite, and Dana Vespoli

Back in the bridal suite, Sara is getting frustrated that she can’t find her friends and that her doors and windows are all locked. She can’t get out, and the freaky bachelorette resort is starting to get old. Dr. Elixir is on the television, and keeps telling her to be calm, but Sara can’t be calm if she can’t get out of her room. Finally, the message on the television stops playing and she calms herself down. She realizes that her friends will probably find her soon, and at least she can try on her wedding dress. Sara takes off her clothes and starts to put on her wedding gear, but her zipper gets stuck. She is super relieved when Cassie and Blaire open the door from the outside patio. The least they can do is help her put on her wedding dress. As soon as her bridesmaids come over she realizes that something is very wrong with them. They are grabbing her breasts and smelling her like she is a big steak they can’t wait to devour.

“What is wrong with you two?” Sara asks.

“Didn’t you drink the drink?” her bridesmaids ask in unison.

Sara finally realizes that she is in a bad situation, and she runs to the bedroom door and is finally able to break free. She runs through the house, out into the garden, and finds a car unlocked with (lucky for her) button ignition. She starts the car and begins to relax after she gets a bit farther from the creepy retreat. As she rounds the corner to her house, her anxiety seems to disappear. Comforted by the normalcy of her house, Sara runs inside and finds her step-mom sitting on the couch in a daze. At first Sara was relieved, but as she looks around she realizes that her house is filled with odd objects. Dildos, strap-on harnesses, and lesbian porn DVDs are everywhere, and Sara noticed that her Dad is passed out on the ground.

“Why is Dad on the floor?” Sara asked.

“He just didn’t taste that good,” Mrs. Smith answers.

Suddenly, Halle appears dressed beautifully with a healthy glow. Sara doesn’t understand what is happening when Halle and her mom both grab her and start touching her all over, trying to spread her legs apart. Halle rubs her fingers in her own crotch and then stuffs her pussy juice covered fingers into Sara’s mouth, smearing secretions all over her bitchy foster sister's face. Almost instantly, Sara begins to have mental flashes of all the hot and steamy sex that has happened between her friends and family, and she is overcome with a ravenous desire for pussy. The three women begin to dive into every orifice, nook, and crevice of one another until they are happily exhausted after each cumming over and over again. A family that prays together stays together, but is this the end for the Smith family, or is there more to come?

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