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Here are some tips to help you maintain your total privacy:

  1. You can prevent HotMovies.com from appearing browser's drop down address menu to insure that someone using your computer will not see that you visited it. To do this, go Google.com. Once there, type HotMovies.com into the Google search box. The results will present a link to our site. By clicking on the link, you will go to HotMovies.com and the site name will not appear in your Browser's drop down menu.
  2. You can remove the address, HotMovies.com from your browser drop down menu. To do this, click on the "Tools" tab along the top of your Internet browser. Click on it, and then click on "Options." Look for the "Clear History" box. When you click on it, it will clear all entries from your Browser's drop down menu.
  3. When making purchases from HotMovies.com, you can have confirmation emails sent to you from an address different from HotMovies.com. To do this, go to VOD.com and purchase minutes there. These minutes also work on HotMovies.com and our other sites. By purchasing your minutes at VOD.com, you will never need to reveal that you were watching movies at HotMovies.com.
  4. At any of our sites, you can delete the history of the movies you watched plus the list of favorites you created. To do this, log in, got "Account Center", and then use the links in the "My History" to see what you have listed.