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  1. Stairway To Paradise
  2. More Big Tits: Peepshow 28
  3. Three Ways 6
  4. Black Angels
  5. Mad Jack Beyond Thunderbone
  6. Lifestyles Of The Black And Famous
  7. Playin' Dirty
  8. Bachelor's Paradise
  9. Afro Erotica 20
  10. Brooke Does College
VCA, an industry leader for 25 years, was founded by Russ Hampshire who early on had Walter Gernert (Walter Dark) as a partner in the company, spawning the infamous and seminal Dark Brothers, with Gregory Dark

Long before VCA was known for adult film classics like The Dark Brothers' New Wave Hookers and Rinse Dream's erotic epitome of a carnal cult film, Cafe Flesh, VCA made its mark as the largest distributor of 8mm films for different releasing companies and later became distributors of 8mm films and feature releases for companies like Caballero and VCX, then the two giants of the porn industry. While VCA made its name licensing video rights and paying royalties to producers, The Devil in Miss Jones 2 was the production that put the company on the map as a major player in the burgeoning adult video business. Not to be overlooked were the video distribution rights on such all-time adult classics as Barbara Broadcast, Naked Came the Stranger, The Opening in Misty Beethoven, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann and dozens of other notable adult films of what is now lovingly referred to as "The Golden Age of Erotica."

From there, VCA became known as a high-end adult entertainment company, hosting a stable of legendary and award-winning directors that included Gerard Damiano, Alex deRenzy, Edwin Durrell, The Dark Brothers, Henri Pachard and later John Leslie, Paul Thomas, John Stagliano, Ben Dover, Michael Ninn, Antonio Passolini, Veronica Hart and Chloe among others.

VCA continued to grow and prosper, always at the cutting edge of technology, delivering high quality, big budget, plot-oriented films and videos. VCA stayed ahead of the curve, becoming the first company in porn to have a state-of-the-art duplication lab for VHS product as well as being the first adult company to install an AVID editing system, something that even major studios had yet to become a staple in mainstream Hollywood.

VCA struggled through the early 1990s when Hampshire served one year in jail for Interstate Transportation of Obscene Materials (ITOM), taking the brunt of the Meese Commission prosecution arm, saving other employees the pain of trial and potential jail time when he agreed to take the fall, serving his time and returning to become a bigger adult production company than ever.

A tireless supporter of free speech and every aspect of First Amendment rights and trade industry organizations, Hampshire continued to lay the groundwork for the ever-growing adult industry, branching off into creating a broadcast quality online system, developing cable programming avenues while continuing to serve the industry by helming Trac-Tech Duplication, the highest quality VHS duplication lab in adult entertainment history.

While many adult companies in the mid to late '90s pursued gonzo porn as a way to deliver cheap and immediate entertainment in mass quantities to a seemingly insatiable adult entertainment audience, VCA never let go of the standards it established when it sold 12,000 units of Insatiable on its first day of release in 1982, making it the highest charted video (not just adult video) that year in America.

To that end, the development of major talents such as Dark, Leslie, Stagliano, Ninn, Dover, Passolini, Hart and others has garnered VCA Pictures enough AVN trophies to fill an office larger than Hampshire's comfy lair in Chatsworth.

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Stairway To Paradise

Video: Stairway To Paradise

9 Ratings
Release Year: 1991
Date Added: 2018-03-15

The story of a woman's regression through the sexual experiences of her previous . . .


More Big Tits: Peepshow 28

Video: More Big Tits: Peepshow 28

8 Ratings
Release Year: 1996
Date Added: 2018-03-11

Studio "VCA" proudly presents "More Big Tits: Peepshow 28," a collection of vintage . . .


Three Ways 6

Video: Three Ways 6

10 Ratings
Release Year: 1995
Date Added: 2018-03-09

These classic beauties are totally cock crazy and willing to take on as many dicks . . .


Black Angels

Video: Black Angels

7 Ratings
Release Year: 1985
Date Added: 2018-03-03

Young aspiring actresses occasionally have to perform acts of mercy on producers . . .


Mad Jack Beyond Thunderbone

Video: Mad Jack Beyond Thunderbone

11 Ratings
Release Year: 1986
Date Added: 2018-02-26

Ah, the future! It's a harsh, barren wasteland populated by horny renegades and scavengers . . .


Lifestyles Of The Black And Famous

Video: Lifestyles Of The Black And Famous

8 Ratings
Release Year: 1986
Date Added: 2018-02-23

Horny girls do whatever it takes to succeed! In "Lifestyles Of The Black And Famous" . . .


Playin' Dirty

Video: Playin' Dirty

14 Ratings
Release Year: 1990
Date Added: 2018-02-20

Sultry newcomer Selena Steele revs her engines in this raucous sex-comedy about bikers . . .


Bachelor's Paradise

Video: Bachelor's Paradise

9 Ratings
Release Year: 1986
Date Added: 2018-02-13

A wining apartment complex - is the scene as two well-endowed hornmasters Herschell . . .


Afro Erotica 20

Video: Afro Erotica 20

8 Ratings
Release Year: 1987
Date Added: 2018-02-11

Watch out! The twentieth installment of Afro Erotica is here. It's another Afro Invasion . . .


Brooke Does College

Video: Brooke Does College

8 Ratings
Release Year: 1984
Date Added: 2018-02-07

Brooke Fields is the world’s most famous model and actress. Her face is known everywhere. . . .

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