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All World Novelties is the most diverse, versatile and detailed fetish/fantasy site and theatre on the internet today. Here you'll find wrestling, both girl and mixed, female domination over the male, fantasy and theme matches and scenarios. Not to mention the best of and compilation series, where we pick an exact fetish and give you nothing but that. For example-----face sitting, smothering, head scissors, straddle pins, facial pins and fanny presses, shoes, heels, boots, ballbusting, cbt, extreme, nude and even with clothes on. From raised skirts to white panties to cheerleaders or schoolgirls or those hot and wild teens in skirts and bikinis, we have it all. G, R, X, XXX and specialties----chicks using strap-ons, atm action and some of the best verbal, potty and gutter mouths you will ever hear. You would swear you were watching a "Springer Uncensored."

You will also see some of the girls and the types of wrestling/catfighting/catwrestling/sex fighting, its all here. We believe firmly in the three EQUAL components of a fantasy---what you say, what you do and what you WEAR. Don't you just get bored to death with all these other wrestling sites that have bathing suits, bare feet, bikinis and bare feet, g-strings or thongs, lingerie and any degrees of nudity and bare feet? 99% of our material is NOT bare feet. Ever see a barefoot cheerleader or schoolgirl, for example????? But you will find that on the net. Flesh is always fresh and skin is always in, that is our motto. Our girls do not cover up with pants, tights or sweats or judo suits and never will you see them in bare feet, well almost never. There is that one percent that slipped in. We offer the total package fantasy.

In a nutshell, we are old school, old ways, and just plain gonzo video. If you are looking for Pam and Tommy Lee, you won't find them here, nor Paris Hilton, unless we can intoxicate her to have a catfight with Christina or Brittney. No frills, just full-length action, just as if you were peeping in the window and watching the proceedings through your own little portal.


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The "best of" series returns with a fervor. Truth be told, at the time of the actual . . .

20 Ratings

Oh, and can a sequel be better than the first?? You betcha. What a collection of . . .

26 Ratings

A short, divided into three shorter shorts. And what a display of skin tones and . . .

29 Ratings

A.K.A. the sequel to Girls Bathing Suit Brawls but this one just had so much junk . . .

15 Ratings

From the standpoint of girls wrestling, catfighting, mudwrestling and the like, the . . .

10 Ratings

Another experimental entry, hopefully making the second or third of this titled series. . . .

60 Ratings

Ahhhh, the era of color films, sound was just around the corner, but not here. The . . .

16 Ratings

Per chance, "Cousin Itt" drank a tad too much henbane for this one but we do close . . .

4 Ratings
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And will ya check out those postcard, one piece, granny swimsuits. But it was bare . . .

4 Ratings
Limited Time Offer, 0.05 Per Minute

Perms hit the mainstream. Curling irons and blow dryers replaced steam irons and . . .

5 Ratings

This is an experimental entry in more ways than one. Here we have several, barely . . .

13 Ratings

The final leg of this trilogy gets back to where things should be, sort of. The . . .

7 Ratings
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