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In the mid 1960's the morals of the country were beginning to change. People were beginning to change, people were becoming more open about sex. The bra burnings and see-through look had just followed streaking as a national pastime. The suburbs were siphoning-off population from the cities, downtown parking was a problem and smaller theaters were opening in suburbia.

The old Main Street theaters were not suited for many uses other than showing movies but with greater frequency Hollywood was abandoning the big road show distributors to the ubiquitous area break; more smaller theaters rather than a few large ones. Things were changing and these two events set the stage for the adult film boom that was going to happen. The MPAA rating system was adopted in 1968 and paved the way for self-rated X films and the XXX films, but before this time producers either called their movies 'adults only' or 'for adults only'. In this environment a company was born, the year was 1965 and the company was Distribpix, Inc.

Distribpix Started as a company to distribute films for many producers rather than for just one producer. Distribpix, Inc. had a unique advantage over most other distributors in that it had a varied and more frequent group of releases. Main street provided the demand, Distribpix provided the supply, starting out with sync sound black and white features and going both up and down the spectrum of technical quality while constantly moving up to meet competition and the demands of the marketplace.

Distribpix, Inc. maintained a stable of producers who were profitable enough to have some long-term continuity while keeping well-maintained lines of distribution all in 35mm. Over the years Distribpix acquired over 300 films. It is now a pleasure to present the first group of historic releases from this historic company, now available on VOD for the first time.

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