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Inpulse TV
Inpulse TV licenses titles from Inpulse Pictures and Lennox Films. These studios have been in business for Four (4) years but the owners and producers have been in the Adult and Cable TV business for over 15 years. "There were already so many movies made for men's entertainment and nothing for women. My co-founder, Shirley and I were compelled to create a video-on-demand channel for women." said Kimberly. Our first signature titles, 'VELVET THRUST' and 'ERECTION SERVICES', starring World Famous Sexiest man, Julian, received a nomination at AVN's 2005 Award show. Each and every year thereafter another Inpulse and or Lennox title has received nominations. While our producer Nina Lennox oversees each production, we use a mix of men and women to direct these features. Caid Dakoda was the producer and production manager on each title and then went on to direct some of the titles such as 'AQUA EROTIC' which will be submitted for nomination in the 2008 AVN awards. Sindee Coxxx who is well known in front of the camera directed a couple of features; 'ANTICIPATION' and 'RANCH HOUSE LUST'. Toni English shot one of our High Definition cameras in 'EVAN ESSENCE' (nominated in 2006 AVN Awards) and 'SNAPSHOT'. Nina Lennox wrote and co-directed 'VELVET TENSION Vol 1: Stroke of Genius'(nominated in 2007 AVN Awards), the first of a Special Stimulation Series.

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Release Year: 2004

Julian wants to personally invite you to join him for a special evening of pleasures . . .

65 Ratings
Release Year: 2006

Evan spins the music of the 20's, the 40's, the 50's, the 70's and the new century. . . .

36 Ratings
Release Year: 2003

Made especially for women who love and enjoy men...Women, think about sex as much . . .

46 Ratings
Release Year: 2001

Did you ever have that special feeling of excitement when a certain man walks in . . .

38 Ratings
Release Year: 2006

Ladies... come explore the outdoors, Joey is waiting! Joey wants to show you around . . .

28 Ratings
Release Year: 2005

Julian knows what women want and he knows exactly how to please them! Imagine men . . .

44 Ratings

Michael is a successful investment broker who is confident that he will sell his . . .

91 Ratings
Release Year: 2004

Three women mend their broken hearts by taking a vacation. But it doesn't take long . . .

29 Ratings