Kit Parker Films
In 1971 I founded Kit Parker Films as a 16mm non-theatrical motion picture distributor. In the 1980s we expanded into theatrical distribution, and soon represented the classic libraries of major studios and independent producers.In 2000 the film distribution part of our business was phased out as the growing accessibility of DVDs made film distribution technologically outmoded. Today I concentrate fully on my passion, locating and restoring former "orphan films." Throughout the years I noticed that there were films that never appeared on TV, cable or home video. Most hadn't been seen for decades since their theatrical release. In the best tradition of a B-movie detective, I embarked on a mission to search for the owners of these "orphans." Then came the time consuming effort to clear two major hurdles: clearing the copyrights, not easily accomplished when the producers had died many years before, and the needle in a haystack job of locating and restoring the master film elements.

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