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Petra Joy
Petra Joy is a multi award-winning independent erotic film director. Her films show porn from a female perspective and focus on female pleasure. Petra Joy's unique art-core films promote sensual and creative sex - beyond the usual porn clichés.

Petra has an MA in film studies and a background in television production. She has been creating art-core porn for 7 years. Her motto is "Feeling it, not faking it!" and she chooses to work with real life lovers to capture genuine chemistry. Petra's films empower, inspire and liberate women and men. Petra has produced, directed and filmedthree feature films so far.

Her first film "Sexual Sushi" became a cult classic of sensual, creative porn. It features one liberated young couple and follows them on their sexy adventures. Rather than putting on an act infront of the camera the couple gets lost in each other. There is also a hot and passionate female bi scene which puts mainstream porn fake lesbian scenes to shame. Some abstract scenes defined Petra's art-core approach. Porn can be art and art can be porn.

Her second film "Female Fantasies" visualizes female fantasies that women from all over the world have sent to Petra. Some fantasies are Petra's own. There is a huge variety of scenarios featuring for example: a threesome that avoids the "spit roast" cliché, a solo male masturbation (guy candy for the girls), an innovative group play scene and a ground breaking-scene featuring a predatory female cruising bi men. "Female Fantasies" was shown at erotic film festivals world-wide and won the award for the "most erotic movie" at the FICEB festival in 2007. It was nominated for the Venus and Scarlet award in 2007 and won the feminist porn award in 2008 for the" best bi scene".

Petra's latest release "Feeling it!" features a multi ethnic cast enjoying a fascinating variety of sexy Vignettes that bring pleasure to all viewers who enjoy creative and sensual sex.

From "Wings of Desire", a scene where an angel of pleasure satisfies a woman on a rooftop to "Hardback", a scene where a beautiful but stern dom has her way with a hunky slave - This film offers a delicious mixture of vanilla and spice. Another highlight of the film is "Sailors' Bride" a passionate threesome between two sailor girls and a beautiful femme. This title was nominated for best film and best director at the FICEB festival 2008 and received rave reviews.

In recent years Petra has made a name as a curator of the best female-made porn. She released the compilations "Her Porn 1" and "Her Porn 2" which showcase the best porn directed by women from around the world. From the grande dames of the genre such as Candida Royalle to the most cutting-edge new European directors like Emilie Jouvet - these compilations have it all. Petra had the pleasure to meet and interview all participating directors. The interviews that are special features of the DVD's give a fascinating insight into female desires and passion.

Petra is currently working on her fourth feature "The Female Voyeur" which will be available on VOD in September 2011. For more info on Petra: www.petrajoy.com

Petra Joy has 11 videos available to watch now.

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