Angelo DeStefano is a professional guitar player and teacher based out of the Philadelphia area with 20+yrs. of experience. He was born and raised in South Philadelphia, a neighborhood that produced three legends of jazz guitar.. Dennis Sandole, Eddie Lang, and Pat Martino. In 1998, Angelo was blessed to begin studying intensely with one of those legends.. Dennis Sandole (teacher of jazz icon, John Coltrane). Since Dennis’ passing in 2001, Angelo has been studying and teaching with a strong emphasis on Sandole’s world renown literature. As a teacher, Angelo has worked with an innumerable amount of students in the Philadelphia area. As a player, he has worked and performed with countless musicians, producers, d.j.’s and artists. Angelo currently spends most of his time teaching privately in the downtown Philadelphia area and is now making his guitar lessons available worldwide to students of all skill levels and economic backgrounds on a voluntary donation basis.

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